Slocum’s Appaloosa Ranch is a full ranch located near Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia that offers guests the best experience in horseback riding that you can find in the area. Slocum’s offers guests a variety of different disciplines and leaves you with a familiar, home-like feel. Take a break from the stresses of daily life and mount a trusty steed with this amazing ranch that will leave you with memories for years to come.

About the Ranch

Slocum’s Appaloosa Ranch is nestled near Smith Mountain Lake and offers guests the best experience in anything ranch related. From trail riding, lessons, and camps to just a great overall experience, Slocum’s is the perfect place to learn more about horses. The staff at Slocum’s are all experts at everything horses and will provide you with a fun and informative time at the ranch.

Horseback Riding Lessons

Horseback riding lessons at Slocum’s Appaloosa Ranch are the best value around. Children’s lessons are $25, adults are $30, and private lessons are $35, and include everything from the basics of riding to more advanced techniques. They accept riders of all ages and will help you quickly become a master.

Every year, Slocum’s hosts the Summer Horse Camp that takes riders of all skill levels and teaches them every aspect about owning and riding a horse. Campers are assigned their own horse for the week and learn the basics of horse anatomy and terms for riding and care. Campers will be riding their horse daily and will participate in games, trail rides, and lessons to hone their skills. This opportunity gives campers hands on experience that includes grooming, tacking, feeding, and horse handling skills. Camp is offered weekly during summer vacation for $150 per week, and kids can register for as many weeks as they please. This is by far the best value for what you get!

Other Options

Slocum’s not only offers lessons, but they offer their expert services as caretakers as well. Slocum’s offers many services, like pasture boarding, breaking and training horses, and horses for sale.

Visit Slocum’s Appaloosa Ranch

If you have ever had an interest in horses, Slocum’s is a must visit for you. If you would like to visit their facility they are located at:

1674 Private Hills Lane

Moneta, VA 24121

If you have any questions, the staff would be happy to help you, just give them a call at 540-312-0617 or e-mail them at Their staff is available to answer any and all questions that you may have about Slocum’s Appaloosa Ranch