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Carl’s Place in Penhook, VA

At 15800 Old Franklin Turnpike in Penhook, Virginia, this little convenience store is about as cute as they come. It reminds one of the 1960s when convenience stores were full of friendly people and prices were still reasonable. That’s precisely what this store is—one that never changed from those old ideals of quality service, good products, and fair prices. Besides a convenience store, Carl’s Place in Penhook, VA also has a large and delicious selection of breakfast foods, pizzas, and dinners, along with desserts, milkshakes, homemade pies, and drinks.

What’s for Breakfast?

A better question might be, what isn’t up for breakfast? Breakfast plates of eggs and toast, bacon and eggs, baked ham and eggs, sausage and eggs, and more are just the beginning. They also offer a large selection of omelets with various toppings and cheeses.

One of the favorites of travelers is their biscuit menu. Sausage biscuits, steak biscuits, and baked ham biscuits start of the list of a whopping ten different kinds of biscuit plates. All of these choices are reminiscent of casual southern charm.

Mmmm—homemade French toast! Who can resist that, covered with butter, powdered sugar, syrup, or all three? And if you need pancakes, you can order one or two, whatever you need to complete your southern-style breakfast.

Other Options

From burgers to baked ham and bologna sandwiches to hot dogs, there is something for everyone—of every age—on this sandwich menu! There are also delicious sides to add to them.

Their pizzas are easy—just a few choices and original or thin crust. Pepperoni, sausage, bacon, bell pepper, black olives, mushrooms, mild peppers, and beef make it easy to decide. The best thing about the pizzas is that you can get a 12″ with all the toppings for only $9.99!

If you need some comfort food, Carl’s Place in Penhook, VA is the place to go. Fried or grilled pork tenderloin, chuckwagon steak, chicken tenders, flounder, butterfly shrimp, and country ham make the restaurant smell like mom’s kitchen. There are so many side order choices that you should do a quick internet search to find their online menu and read about them there. You’ll be glad you did!


One of the best things about this menu is the pricing. You have not seen menu prices like these since the 1970s! A baked ham sandwich for $2.99. A corn dog for $1.59. Eggs and toast for $2.99. At those rates, you can’t afford to eat at home anymore—just go to Carl’s Place in Penhook, Virginia!

Be sure to book one of our amazing vacation rentals on Smith Mountain Lake so you can enjoy Carl’s Place and other great local eateries. Contact us today to book your rental property on the water!

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