Whenever you think about the Smith Mountain Lake area of Virginia, chances are you probably think about all the wonderful outdoor activities that can be enjoyed here: skiing in the winter, fishing or hiking in the warmer months, or simply sitting on the deck of your Smith Mountain Lake vacation home enjoying the breathtaking scenery that surrounds you. This is what most visitors expect, but we’re here to tell you there’s so much more! From fine dining restaurants to high end shopping boutiques to a night at the theater, Mill Mountain Theater to be more precise, the arts and culture activities you can find here will often compare to those found in the larger cities!

A Night at the Theater

For over 50 years, Mill Mountain Theater has been the home of some of the most talented performers in the country, and in a world where longevity has become almost extinct, you have to admire the tenacity of the people who run this theater. Offering Broadway standards such as West Side Story and The Glass Menagerie, new staples such as Mama Mia, and children’s favorites that entertain and engage the youngest members of your traveling group, your night at the theater promises to be a memorable one.

And because a night at the theater doesn’t have to always mean a dramatic performance, their musical shows will have you singing along to all the songs you don’t want to forget the words to; next summer’s “Let’s Go to the Movies” extravaganza actually celebrates the song tracks from over 100 years of movies and is something we have been looking forward to since we first read about the show! Tickets go on sale December 1st, so if you’re thinking about an August vacation to Smith Mountain Lake, this exciting show would make an excellent stocking stuffer for the movie lover in your family!

So Much More

One of the many reasons Mill Mountain Theater has survived for so long is their commitment to the arts. Offering writers’ workshops and training programs for budding actors and musicians, we hope to see them around for at least another 100 years. Ticket pricing ranges from about $20 to $38 depending on your seats, which makes a night at the theater during your fabulous Smith Mountain Lake vacation something that fits nicely into any vacation budget!

The Magic Continues

The only thing better than losing yourself in the magic of the show onstage is coming home to the comforts found in your Smith Mountain Lake magical vacation escape! Charming, stylish, and designed for families, our houses are homes searching for families to love them—reserve yours today!

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