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Science Museum Of West Virginia

One of the characteristics of a developed nation is how much science is respected among the general populace. One way to raise a generation that has high regard for science is to show them that science can be fun, entertaining, and also accessible, which is exactly the mission of the Science Museum of West Virginia. They use different approaches to achieve these goals, such as creating interactive exhibits and innovative programs both inside the museum and out in the community and showcasing their valuable collection to enhance the learning experience of the public. This creates a nurturing atmosphere that makes people of all ages more open to the idea of learning.

Galleries and Exhibits

If there’s one thing that distinguishes the Science Museum of West Virginia, it’s the different galleries that take whole floors of the sprawling building. The 4th floor has galleries such as the Healthy Earth Gallery, which focuses on the environment and the geological specimens of Virginia. The gallery also allows you to investigate a tornado and create mountains. You can also make the rain fall in its augmented reality section. The Healthy Body Gallery on the same floor pays more attention to our bodies and how they work.

Bower Center of the Arts

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Fun with Hidden Gardens

The fun doesn’t stop with making rain or exploring the arteries in the human body. Other galleries like Hidden Gardens on the 5th floor have a lot to teach you about insects, plants and the role insects play as pollinators. You will learn about the plants you can grow in your garden to encourage insect pollinators like butterflies and moths. Toy Joy is a gallery that has larger than life popular toys that people of all ages can play with. And while you’re there, check out the How It Works Gallery; it is both entertaining and informative with its paper planes and foam blocks. You can visit the museum at One Market Square SE, 4th Floor, Roanoke, VA  24011. Call them at 540-342-5710 or email them at frontdesk@smwv.org.

Enjoy the Fun of the Surrounding Area

An afternoon or day at the Science Museum of West Virginia is bound to be a delight whether you’re one for engaging exhibits or are traveling through with little ones looking for hands-on fun and excitement. While this stop promises to be as educational as it is entertaining, the area surrounding the Science Museum of West Virginia is packed with further potential for fun when you’re ready to expand on your itinerary. Here are just a few of many places in the area to enjoy time exploring, experiencing, and discovering the best of the greater Smith Mountain Lake area alongside those you love most.

Deschutes Brewery Tasting Room

When time discovering and exploring the Science Museum of West Virginia has left you with a craving for a palate-pleasing moment, be sure to set aside time to enjoy the nearby Deschutes Brewery Tasting Room. Situated at 315 Market Street SE, the Deschutes Brewery Tasting Room brings the flavors of Oregon to the heart of Virginia with options to sample the fare and ask questions about the production process as well. Complete with options to enjoy a guided tour of the facilities, the Deschutes Brewery Tasting Room is truly a destination designed to bring people together in the name of flavor and fun.

Taubman Museum of Art

Accessible at 110 Salem Avenue SE, the Taubman Museum of Art is a fantastic stop just down the road from the Science Museum of Western Virginia where guests can find their artistic inspiration or just enjoy a moment of elevated tranquility. The museum houses a collection of inspiring permanent works that range from sculpture and folk art to one of a kind paintings and ceramics. Artists on display are a combination of well-known professionals and up and coming talent from the area and around the globe. With every visit, guests will enjoy the fact that there is a new revolving or traveling exhibit ready to be enjoyed. This destination is also popular amongst those visitors looking to participate in artistic workshops as well as those that are interested in attending talks, demonstrations and one-day classes on-site.

Elmwood Park

Located at 706 S Jefferson Street, Elmwood Park is a great stop when visitors have spent the day immersed in indoor education and are craving some time in the fresh air surrounded by lush green spaces. This sprawling and inviting park is a family-friendly destination that includes access to playgrounds, fountains, and a large amphitheater. It’s common to find that festivals and events are being hosted at Elmwood Park and can make a journey this way as entertaining as it is refreshing.

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