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History buffs with a passion for politics and a desire to step back in time will love every moment spent at Winter Weekends at Poplar Forest in 2020. Poplar Forest is a landmark brimming over with meaningful history and is easy to locate sitting at 1542 Bateman Bridge Road in Forest, Virginia. Built by Thomas Jefferson, Poplar Forest was once the prime retreat location of this historic figure. Here, Jefferson could find solitude and tranquility within a life otherwise bustling with public inquiries. Poplar Forest plantation was a place where Thomas Jefferson would come to simply relax, unwind, read and stroll along the extraordinary lawns that make up this residence. Today, Poplar Forest is maintained as a site for visitors to come and enjoy spending time in the very place Jefferson called his own. If you happen to find yourself here in the winter months, make the most of Winter Weekends: At Home with Mr. Jefferson.

Weekend Fun for All

Winter Weekends: At Home with Mr. Jefferson are hosted at Poplar Forest every Saturday and Sunday between January 18th and March 14, 2020. Admittance begins at 10:00 am each day of the event and lasts until 4:00 pm with the last group shown through at 3:00 pm. Admission to Winter Weekends is $18 for adults, $16 for Seniors and $6 for children ages 6 through 11. Those college students visiting with a valid school I.D. will be admitted for $10. Once your ticket is purchased, guests to Winter Weekends at Poplar Forest are invited to come on in and explore the home and grounds Jefferson once enjoyed. Time spent in the parlor overlooking the South Lawn of this residence is usually a highlight for visitors, particularly when paired with a complimentary cup of coffee or tea. Guests who take time to explore the lower level of the house will find a collection of exhibits and displays waiting to be browsed which feature a variety of aspects of Jefferson’s life both at Poplar Forest and beyond.

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Parlor Talks

Saturdays of Winter Weekends are particularly special for guests as they have the option to enjoy participating in Parlor Talks. These talk topics in the home vary, but all are presented by subject experts looking to bring a particular piece of Jefferson’s legacy, era and influence to life for the audience. Talks are hosted in the parlor of the home and topics may include everything from hearth cooking and trail hiking to what it would have been like to grow up at Poplar Forest.

Savor Time in Your Nearby Surroundings

There’s nothing quite as exciting as stepping back in time and quite literally following in the footsteps of some of the most significant historical figures in the country. A trip to Poplar Forest during Winter Weekends offers up this incredible opportunity while also keeping guests close to some nearby attractions and activities that are just as fun to explore! When you’re the type of traveler that enjoys making the most of every moment of your travels, be sure to add the following stops to your list and expand on your experiences while you’re visiting the Poplar Forest!

TY Thai Cuisine

When you’re time spent enjoying Poplar Forest Plantation has left you with quite the appetite to curb and you’re in the mood for cuisine inspired by Thailand, head over to nearby Lynchburg where you can enjoy a savory selection of far at TY Thai Cuisine. Situated at 112 Tradewynd Drive, TY Thai Cuisine is a colorful and friendly destination where the service is efficient and flavorful and the doors are open for business every day of the week. Whether you go with the Bangkok duck or the Thai mango curry, your taste buds will thank you for making this delightful selection.

Ivy Creek Park

For those visitors to the Poplar Forest Plantation that are excited to continue their immersive experience in nature, time spent at Ivy Creek Park is sure to please. Easily accessed at 118 Clemmons Lake Place in Lynchburg, Ivy Creek Park hosts a 6-acre lake and lush green surroundings ready to be explored. Come and enjoy time paddling your way through an afternoon by canoe or pack a picnic lunch and make the most of the scenery alongside family and friends. Ivy Creek Park is popular amongst bird watchers and wildlife spotters and is a great place to come when you like to lace up the boots and hit the hiking trails too. The park is open between 7:00 am and 8:00 pm daily making it a convenient stop no matter when you’re in the mood to connect with the great outdoors.

Bean Tree Café

Sitting at 105 Cornerstone Street, Bean Tree Café is a must-stop destination for those coffee lovers looking for a place to enjoy a cup of something hot or iced that’s bound to re-energize you for fun moments ahead. As charming as it is savory, Bean Tree Café offers up everything from quick bite sandwiches and mouthwatering desserts to cold brews, hot brews and a variety of wraps that hit the spot.

Enjoy Smith Mountain Lake – Poplar Forest Plantation

No matter when you make your way to Smith Mountain Lake, let our team handle your accommodation details so you can focus on the fun and exploration. Contact us today for more information and to start planning.

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