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Plan a Smith Mountain Lake Getaway in the Winter

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As we move deeper into the coldest season of the year, many of us begin to feel a restlessness, a sense of needing something but not understanding what that vague need is all about. And then the answer dawns clear: Their itchy feet are telling them it’s time to travel! For those who understand the romance involved in a stormy lake under a gloomy sky, or the sight of their breath fogging the air, to Smith Mountain Lake getaway in the winter is the solution they’ve been waiting for all […]


2019 Thomas Jefferson Wine Festival

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As you start planning your visit to Smith Mountain Lake in November, you may be wondering what there is to do in the area during this time. Cooler temperatures rule out many water-based activities, but that’s ok. Sometimes all you need for a great vacation is beautiful scenery and a glass of wine. Or lots of glasses of the wine, as the case may be when you attend one of our favorite festivals, the Thomas Jefferson Wine Festival! Held on November 16th and taking place in our former President’s favorite […]


How to Find the Most Scenic Smith Mountain Lake Attractions

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When you vacation in Smith Mountain Lake, you won’t ever forget the beauty and tranquility that accompanies the scenic spots. And because pretty much every spot in the area is scenic, we have created this special guide designed to help you find the MOST scenic Smith Mountain Lake attractions. You can choose to visit them all or devote all your time to just one. It’s your vacation and your rules; we’re just here to make your trip be the one you dream about for years to come! Smith Mountain Lake […]


Plan a Smith Mountain Lake Getaway for Thanksgiving 2019

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As the months fly by at rates of speed generally only reached by rockets shooting into space, we tend to get a little afraid to look at the calendar. No one is ever ready for the big holidays to take place, and that includes Thanksgiving! Stressful, busy, and expensive, the holiday designated for being thankful often leaves us anything but—the good news is we think we have a solution. We would like to invite you to the tranquil and peaceful landscape of Smith Mountain Lake for your 2019 Thanksgiving celebration, […]


Outdoor Smith Mountain Lake Activities

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We get it, you don’t come to Smith Mountain Lake for the museums, the nightlife, or even the shopping. You visit our piece of paradise for the flamboyant sunsets, the serene water views, and the beauty of our natural landscape! Outdoors is best in this area, and these outdoor Smith Mountain Lake activities are designed to ensure you get to enjoy every second of your getaway! Charter a Fishing Expedition There’s no better way to worship the great outdoors in Smith Mountain Lake than with a pole in hand, and […]


Smith Mountain Lake Wine Festival

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Every day spent in Smith Mountain Lake is guaranteed to be one filled with fun and excitement, but there are some times that are better to visit than others: holidays, special occasions, and our favorite salute to the end of summer, the weekend the Smith Mountain Lake Wine Festival comes to town! Occurring the weekend of September 28th & 29th and bringing with it the first cooler days of fall and the start of the changing of the color of leaves, this fun festival offers something wonderful for everyone that […]


Smith Mountain Lake Rated a Top 100 Lake by Bassmaster

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Fishing just does not get much better than what it is at Smith Mountain Lake. Each year Smith Mountain Lake is frequented by amateur and professional anglers looking to make their biggest catch yet. Smith Mountain Lake is so popular with fishing due to its location and incredible fishing conditions year round. However, having Smith Mountain Lake ranked as one of the top 100 lakes in the country for fishing by Bassmaster Magazine does not hurt either! The Best Fishing Ranking to Have We are not tooting our own horn […]


Your Labor Day Weekend Vacation to Smith Mountain Lake

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As the final days of summer begin to fly by, many people begin to feel depressed that these carefree hours will be gone. We live for summer and the joys that accompany it, but we just don’t have enough free time to fully experience the season. Fortunately, Labor Day Weekend is just around the corner, and if you’re looking for the perfect way to end your summer on high note, our Smith Mountain Lake Labor Day escapes are available and ready to give you a vacation experience you will never […]


Cool Treats to Beat the Summer Heat in Smith Mountain Lake

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We can’t help it, just saying the words “summer vacation” causes us to break out in happy giggles as we remember those fantastic carefree days of our youth. They were long days spent exploring, sleeping in late, and enjoying everything that is wonderful about the season without a thought to the heat and humidity that accompanies it! If you’re like us, your upcoming Smith Mountain Lake getaway is probably very much on your mind, and these cool treats to beat the summer heat in Virginia are designed to make sure […]


Plan an Unforgettable Luxury Getaway to Smith Mountain Lake

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Generally, a lake getaway is not considered a luxurious experience, but as anyone who has ever visited Smith Mountain Lake before knows, luxury is in the eye of the beholder! It doesn’t always have to mean time spent swaddled in furs and dining on caviar and champagne; sometimes luxury can be found in the simple moments in life, such as watching the sunrise over the lake with a pole in the water, not really caring if you get a bite or not, or spending the day on water skis, feeling […]