As you start planning your visit to Smith Mountain Lake in November, you may be wondering what there is to do in the area during this time. Cooler temperatures rule out many water-based activities, but that’s ok. Sometimes all you need for a great vacation is beautiful scenery and a glass of wine. Or lots of glasses of the wine, as the case may be when you attend one of our favorite festivals, the Thomas Jefferson Wine Festival! Held on November 16th and taking place in our former President’s favorite retreat, Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest at 1542 Bateman Bridge Road in nearby Forest, Virginia, the wine will be flowing freely, adding to the perfection of your Virginia getaway!

The Father of Virginia Wine

Thomas Jefferson claims many titles: writer of the Declaration of Independence, the 3rd President of the United States, and even father of Virginia wine! His “wine cellar tinkerings” led to the dominance of wineries in Virginia today, and this festival is just our way of honoring all that he contributed. Featuring the products of 14 different Virginia wineries, each sample you taste will be better than the one before. Strong, silky, and full bodied, these bottles bring us pleasure, and when you find your favorite, you can purchase one or more to bring back to your vacation rental!

Also offering a variety of food trucks and craft vendors, the only thing that can make this festival better is the music that will accompany your strolls amongst the vendors. Rendezvous and Wylder are the two local bands playing for your enjoyment, and we dare you to not sing along to the Black Crowes or Janis Joplin cover songs they play so well! And although the weather in November can be a bit temperamental, the heated tents inside which the festival is held will keep you warm, safe and dry!

Purchase Tickets Online

Simply visit the Poplar Forest website with credit card in hand to purchase your tickets! Prices are reasonable, starting at $10 for non-wine tasters admittance and topping out at $225 for a Couple Wine Tasting VIP admission. VIP tickets will get you access to a private tent on the rooftop of the Wing of Offices. Also serving substantial hors d’oeuvres and featuring a private audience with the President himself (that should be interesting as he passed nearly 200 years ago!), we’re sure that you will consider the extra dollars well worth the price!

The Warm Fuzzies

When the last sip of wine has been tasted and the festival is over, the warm and fuzzy feeling you have inside could be from the wine, or it could be from knowing you are headed back to the cozy comfort of your cozy and comfortable vacation rental on Smith Mountain Lake! Contact us to reserve yours today!

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