Big life moments for an adult include, but aren’t limited to graduation from college, marriage, children, buying a home, purchasing an investment property, grandchildren and then retirement. Obviously, we simplified things more than a little, but if you happen to fall on the part of the line that involves buying a home or purchasing an investment property, we have the perfect spot for you right here in Smith Mountain Lake! You’ve fallen in love with the area on earlier visits, but did you know that your money goes a little further than it would in larger communities? When it’s time to buy, these three reasons Smith Mountain Lake real estate is a good investment will help you make the final decision as to where you should buy!

Home Values are Going Up

In the hustle and bustle of real life, everyone needs to take a minute to breathe, and the best way to do so is with a vacation. The big cities tend to be impersonal and frightening, but small towns offer peace of mind; people looking for that peace can easily find it in the Smith Mountain Lake area. The more popular we become, the higher the home values rise, giving your property an equity boost that will boost your mood as well!

Lakefront Property is Desirable

Vacationers look to the water for a vacation filled with fun and excitement, and if your Smith Mountain Lake property is on the waterfront, you can expect to garner higher rental income. Tourists willingly pay extra for those views you may take for granted, and if you can afford the initial cost, it won’t take long before your sweet lakefront cottage has more full nights than empty beds; the only downside is that renting it out gives you less chance of spending time in it yourself!

Supply is Low, Demand is High

When inventory declines, prices skyrocket, and although there are new homes being built in the area every day, supply is not meeting demand, and it’s only going to get worse as the economy improves! Buying an investment property today may take a bit of a chunk out of your investment budget, but patient souls will soon discover that initial purchase will reap benefits greater than they believed could be possible!

Today’s the Day – Smith Mountain Lake Real Estate

The longer you wait, the more it could cost you. Give one of our Smith Mountain Lake Properties agents a call today and let’s start the process of purchasing your investment unit!