Do you know someone who is considered an expert packer? The type that can pack everything they need for a one-month getaway in a single backpack or piece of carry-on luggage? That feat is definitely something to be admired, but it’s not a trait we all share. Sometimes it’s just easier to wait until the last minute and then throw everything we own in the suitcase, sitting on it to make sure it closes after. If you’re tired of being that person sitting on the floor of the airport with suitcases open, trying desperately to make 75 pounds of stuff miraculously turn into the permitted 50 pounds, this guide to light traveling during your Smith Mountain Lake getaway can be the miracle you’ve been looking for your entire life!

You Really Don’t Need All Those Clothes

One of the many awesome parts of choosing a vacation home over a sterile hotel room is the laundry room that allows you to just pack the necessities! Wear some of your clothing twice, wash what’s needed, and if your visit in the summer, spend as much time as possible in your bathing suit; that tiny piece of material takes up very little space in your luggage! Also, pack the bare minimum in jewelry. It’s pretty casual around here!

Leave the Shoes Behind

We’re not advocating going barefoot during your entire stay, but trust us, shoes take up a LOT of space and the reality is you’ll probably only wear one decent pair of walking shoes and maybe a pair of flip flops! Leave out the stilettos that make your calves look amazing but kill your toes and the Italian leather loafers your hubby bought and has never worn behind and travel light. The sights and sounds of Smith Mountain Lake are better enjoyed in comfortable walking shoes!

We Provide Many of Necessities

It may be difficult to believe in this day and age, but we do provide a lot of the necessities that you may be tempted to toss in your suitcase. Coffee filters for the include coffee maker can be found in the kitchen, as can dish soap and paper towels. In the bathrooms of most properties you will find soaps, hair dryers, lotions, and shampoos, but if you require something extra special, there are more than a few bath and body stores that can be found in the area. Propane for the grills and firewood for the wood burning fireplaces are also included, meaning you can get right to enjoying your stay!

Packing Light is Easy – Traveling in Smith Mountain Lake

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