For many, the promise of an incredibly fun summer vacation is the light at the end of a 9-to-5 workday tunnel.  Deciding on the location, picking the dates, and finalizing accommodations soon become all night research projects likened to senior year thesis preparations. Exhausted and embattled, you may decide to book that generic beach vacation just for the sake of sleep. But before you do, check out this list of “5 Reasons Why A Smith Mountain Lake Vacation is Best” and you may just discover your new favorite vacation destination.

  1. Smith Mountain Lake is Absolutely Gorgeous. If you’re craving a landscape that’s different from your typical beachfront resort, then you will fall in love with Smith Mountain Lake’s postcard worthy setting no matter the season. Crisp waters nestled against the Blue Ridge Mountains give way to incredible sunrises, sunsets, and photo opportunities sure to make your Instagram feed insanely jealous.
  2. It’s Not Crowded. Located in rural southwestern Virginia, Smith Mountain Lake caters to those who prefer a casual, laid-back atmosphere over tourist traps and high-dollar seafood buffets. You’ll seldom wait in line for a table, or have to fight for a spot at the bar.
  3. Everyone is Incredibly Nice. Maybe it’s the relaxed pace of life, or being surrounded by sparkling waters and mountaintops, but Smith Mountain Lake residents are about the nicest people you’ll ever meet. And they love sharing how special the area is to anyone who asks. From the shop owners to the restaurateurs, to the girl ringing up your groceries at the Westlake Kroger, Smith Mountain Lake welcomes you home every time you say hello.
  4. It’s Affordable. Smith Mountain Lake is home to quite a few attractions that are free to visit. The Smith Mountain Lake State Park has a public beach, hiking and biking trails, picnic areas, and boat rentals. There’s also the Smith Mountain Lake Community Park that has two public beaches, walking trails, playgrounds, and covered docks. Historical landmarks, including the Booker T. Washington National Monument and the National D-Day Memorial, are open for visitors with living history demonstrations, exhibits, and scheduled events.
  5. Once You’ve Stayed in a Private Cabin, You’ll Never Be The Same. Face it, nobody likes getting up at dawn to put their beach towel on the lounge chair that’s closest to the pool just so that lady from the hotel room down the hall won’t grab it. You’d rather sleep in a comfortable bed (in your own room), have a home-cooked breakfast from your modern kitchen (no thank you, microwave Pop-Tart), and relax in your private hot tub without having to wait for a spot to open up beside that guy who won’t stop asking, “So, what brings you here?”Browse available Smith Mountain Lake rental properties by going to You can choose how many rooms you need, which amenities you absolutely cannot live without (unlimited high speed internet and a fire pit, please!), and see photos and descriptions of each property. You can book directly from the site from your desktop, laptop, or mobile device and you can request dog-friendly rentals so you don’t have to leave your furry guy at home.

If you’re ready for a vacation that’s different from the same boring beach alternative, then head over to and start planning your summertime getaway.