The state of Virginia has a few large cities but is mostly comprised of a series of all-American towns that people just love to call home. The lifestyle is about family and friends, and the landscape makes people just want to stay outside and barbecue with the neighbors. School events, church on Sundays, and just being all around good people—this is what the small towns of Virginia are like, and Huddleston, VA is a perfect example of all that is good about our state. And because you may never have heard about our idyllic hometown, when you’re planning on spending some time in one of our Premier Vacation Rentals homes, we think you would be interesting in learning these five things that make our town special!

We Know How to Pour the Perfect Guinness

You may think a small town wouldn’t be a great place to enjoy your favorite Irish beverage, but Kings Point Irish Pub, located at 15844 Smith Mountain Lake Parkway, would love to prove you wrong! Featuring tasty Irish food, the occasional live entertainment, and a large outside patio for communing with your new friends, it’s the perfect spot to kill a few hours on a random Tuesday!

Being Outside at Smith Mountain Lake State Park is Our Favorite Thing

How can you ever want to stay cooped up inside when you have all that beautiful scenery and crisp fresh air outside? Smith Mountain Lake State Park is a huge part of what makes Huddleston the premium vacation destination that it is, offering visitors and locals the opportunity to hike, fish, and explore.

The Blue Ridge Mountains are Unlike Anything You Have Ever Seen Before

If you have never visited a mountain state, this is the best way to introduce yourself to their charm and grandeur. Falling asleep each night in the shadow of these majestic peaks will make you feel safe and protected; it’s almost as if they are guardians of our peace.

Photo Opportunities Abound

With the advent of camera phones, we pretty much have ceased carrying a camera with us, but that is all about to change. When you step out on your patio each morning, the sight before you will encourage you to use “the good stuff,” your very expensive high mega pixel camera that you have previously left stashed in the cabinet. The pictures you take here will make you feel like you’re a professional, and EVERY one should be printed and hung on the wall.

Huddleston is About Family and Friends

No, you’re probably not going to come to our town for the clubbing opportunities, and you’re not going to find a lot of haute cuisine experiences anywhere near Huddleston, but if you’re looking for a quiet vacation filled with magical family moments, THIS is the only place you should look. And because the perfect vacation can be made even better with the perfect vacation accommodations, we invite you to spend your time with us. Our homes are designed for family, with spacious living areas, large dining room tables that have room for everyone in your group, and sweet back porches with views of our spectacular Virginia sunsets. Contact us to reserve yours today!