Let’s all raise a toast to the solo travelers in the world, the brave souls that face dinners in public without their plus ones, who explore all the corners of the world and dare to do the unusual. It shouldn’t be a big deal to hear that someone close to you is traveling to new places alone, and although we know that being alone doesn’t have to mean you’re lonely, if your first solo adventure brings you to Smith Mountain Lake, this guide to activities in Smith Mountain Lake geared towards your solitude are guaranteed to help ease your journey!

Nature Calls

As you step outside your cozy rental, the first adventure will be all natural as you explore the beauty of the landscape that makes our lakeside spot a popular vacation destination. Whether you are merely walking to the dock outside your abode for a few minutes of quiet contemplation or you are planning a full scale hike inside the borders of Smith Mountain Lake Park (located in Huddleston), the only companion you will need is that of your camera. The pictures you take on this part of your journey will serve as a reminder of that time you dared to try something new for years to come.

Talk to the Animals

In this case, the phrase should be talk to the alpacas—Smith Mountain Lake Farm alpacas, that is! Located on Morewood Road in nearby Hardy, you can take advantage of their $5 tours and enjoy a hands-on experience petting the alpacas as you learn about their place in our lives. The farm store sells a selection of capes, sweaters, and vests in a variety of colors. Soft and durable, these items will be a perfect addition to your winter wardrobe!

Sip Some Wine

All journeys are made a bit smoother with a sip or two of your favorite wine, and a visit to the Ramulose Ridge Vineyards at 3061 Hendrick’s Store Road in Moneta will smooth the way to a vacation filled with happy memories and delicious wines! Discover your new favorite chardonnay or learn which cigar goes best with their Vidal Blanc; this is your getaway and you can do anything you want!

The Best Part of Your Journey – Activities in Smith Mountain Lake

As you make your way through hiking trails and shopping centers, coming home each day to your comfortable and stylish rental property promises to be the best part of your solo journey to Virginia. Reserve yours today!