As everything has seemed to change in this topsy turvy world we live in, it is only natural that schooling changes as well! The traditional carpool in your jammies, drop off and pick up in front of the school is a distant memory, as many of us have been forced into alternative methods that include online education and homeschooling. As we wrap our brains around this new normal, we also begin to think outside the box and realize one very important fact: Homeschooling does not have to be done from your own home! Traveling offers as many educational benefits as schoolroom learning does, and when your journey leads you to the Smith Mountain Lake area, you will be able to see new worlds open up for your inquisitive children!

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Science and Smith Mountain Lake

Start your curriculum with a lesson in the importance of keeping the lake clean, and as you explain to your students why water pollution is so harmful, you can take a field trip around the lake picking up garbage that careless people have left behind. Combining charitable work with environmental awareness is just one of many ways homeschooling offers so much more than the traditional classroom, and as you learn how chemicals and pesticides can cause harm to you and your family, your education will continue as well!

Recess is Important

Even if your child isn’t “chained” to his desk, it is still important to get away for a while and play, and if your recess includes wading in the waters you just cleaned, all the better! Let him get rid of the wiggles as he runs along shore’s edge, whooping it up on a beautiful fall day in Virginia. Expect that he will “accidentally” fall into the water at least once and have some dry clothes on hand just to be safe; it can get cool in Virginia in the fall!

Lunch is Vital

Our comfortable and homey rental properties offer fully equipped kitchens that make lunch prep so much more fun and we can promise that your child will adore his new lunch lady! However, if you want to get away for a minute or two and let someone cook for the teacher, there are plenty of diners and restaurants in the area eager to do so! Vinnie’s Italian Grill & Pizzeria, found at 16547 Moneta Road in Moneta, is one of our personal favorites, but feel free to check out any café, diner, or restaurant that catches your eye!

Learning Isn’t So Bad

Whatever subjects you are covering in your online curriculum, your stay in our vacation homes away from home will be both fun and educational! Contact us today to book your Smith Mountain Lake getaway.