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As you begin planning your amazing vacation to the Smith Mountain Lake area, you may already be compiling a list of activities to participate in, even if your vacation won’t take place until the summer months. Your excitement is well founded, and we at Premier Vacation Rentals Smith Mountain Lake think we have something to add to your list, something unique, unusual, and probably something you never would have dreamed possible: a ski trip to Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre, where the most popular winter sport in the world can take place during every season under the sun thanks to an engineering miracle created by Britton Engineering. This guide to the fun you can have at Liberty Mountain will make your getaway shine even brighter!


What Is Snowflex?


Located at Candlers Mountain Road in nearby Lynchburg, Liberty Mountain offers an artificially designed snow that can simulate the snow that falls gently to the ground in the winter, and as it pads the surface beneath your skis, it allows you to shoosh down the slope, wearing your favorite tee instead of being all bundled up in your winter’s warmest. A padded cushion helps protect your areas that may not be as nicely padded during falls! Perfect for snowboarding or skiing, Liberty Mountain offers even more ways to play, including trampolines, equestrian rides, climbing walls, and even a bowling alley; the fun never ends during your visit to Liberty Mountain! Also offering special events that take place regularly over the year, including stargazing, mountain biking, and hiking events, all destined to add to your vacation fun, you may find yourself wishing you had a place like this near your own hometown. But don’t be sad that you don’t; it just means you get to come back to Smith Mountain Lake more frequently and enjoy all the comforts and warmth of our Premier Vacation Rentals Smith Mountain Lake vacation sanctuaries!


Find Your Joy


The good times don’t end with the taking off of your skis when you choose Premier Vacation Rentals Smith Mountain Lake for your vacation home away from home! Spend your days exploring the adventures offered by Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre and your evenings and nights enjoying all the comforts our exciting vacation rentals offer. Reserve your favorite today and discover the difference a vacation property designed to meet all the needs of today’s travelers can make in your vacation experience!

As the hustle and bustle of the holidays reaches its crescendo, otherwise known as New Year’s Eve, you may be ready for a break. 2021, while better than 2020, was not all that we hoped it could be, and as you rush from store to store, trying to retain a sense of normalcy at Christmas, you can feel deep in your bones the need to rest, relax, and prepare for the new year. This is not the year to rush to New York City and watch the crystal ball drop live in Times Square. This is not the year to dress up in your holiday finest and party with the beautiful people until the wee hours of the new year. This is the year to seek peace and quiet, and our Smith Mountain Lake homes promise to give you all that you need. This guide to a quieter, more profound New Year’s 2022 in Smith Mountain Lake will help you achieve holiday perfection!


Make Your Resolutions in Style


The comfort of our holiday hideaways ensure that your New Year’s Eve will be one you remember and when it is time to start making resolutions, there are many spots where you can sit and reflect on what you wish for the new year. Resolve to rest more as you take a nap on comfortable sofas, promise to notice the little things in life as you watch the sun set on the last day of the year from your perch on the deck, and remember that chocolate adds balance to a busy life as you snack on fresh baked chocolate chip cookies you prepared in our fully equipped kitchens!


Food for the Soul


You can’t subsist on chocolate alone, and The Landing Restaurant at 1217 Graves Harbor Trail in Huddleston is offering a special New Year’s Eve dinner that includes a celebratory cocktail, the New Year’s Sparkler! Serving a combination of surf, turf, and Italian specialties, it won’t be difficult to remember to add “eating better” to your list of resolutions! Don’t forget your vaccine card, as Smith Mountain Lake restaurants require them for entry.


The Tranquility of the Lake


New Year’s Eve isn’t just a time for celebrating, it is a time for reflecting on the past memories and future dreams and when you carve out some time for a quiet walk by Smith Mountain Lake, you can do exactly that! Dream about future vacations, that new house you have been contemplating purchasing, and all the amazing things you KNOW your children will be doing as the sky starts to darken, the temperature drops, and night begins to fall on Smith Mountain Lake. 2022 is destined to be the best year because you made the best decision to say goodbye to 2021 right here at the most tranquil spot in the nation!


Reserve Your Holiday Escape Today


Your Smith Mountain Lake vacation dream home come true is waiting to celebrate with you and your family. Reserve your favorite today!

The end of the year is drawing near, and as you rush from store to store searching out the perfect gifts for your friends and families, in the back of your mind looms the question of the day: What am I going to do for New Year’s Eve? In previous years you knew exactly where all the hottest events were taking place and probably had it planned out in June where you would be on December 31st, but this year is slightly different. This year, you are exploring a neighborhood that only became yours rather recently. This year you are celebrating in your brand-new Smith Mountain Lake home! And because we at Smith Mountain Lake Properties do not believe in stopping, even after the keys are in your hand and those final papers have been signed, this guide to New Year’s 2022 activities in Smith Mountain Lake has been created to help you navigate your new life in the area.


Enjoy a Special Dinner


The holidays have thus far been about doing for everyone else, but tonight is all about taking care of you! Starting the new year out on the right foot is easy when you enjoy the special meal offered by the Landing Restaurant, located at 1217 Graves Harbor Trail in Huddleston. Serving a special menu, their surf and turf dinner featuring Wagyu Flank Steak and Crispy Shrimp is definitely a conversation ender—no one will want to talk when this delicious dish is in front of them! Also offering a special New Year’s Eve cocktail called the New Year’s Sparkler made with Absolut Mandarin, pomegranate, and Prosecco, The Landing promises to offer the first of many great New Year’s Eve memories. Don’t forget your vaccine card, as Smith Mountain Lake restaurants require them for entry.


Some Quiet Contemplation Time


2021 has been an interesting year, to say the least, filled with uncertainty, relief, and every emotion in between, and you are probably more than ready for the new year to arrive. A quiet walk around Smith Mountain Lake will give you some time to contemplate 2021 and concentrate on what you hope 2022 will bring. The feel of the cool night air kissing your cheeks, the sounds of the lake as it splashes against the shoreline, and the quiet of the night, interrupted occasionally by outbursts of distant laughter. This walk may not be the most exciting thing you have ever done on New Year’s Eve, but it will definitely be the most soul fulfilling.


Home for the Holiday


Your home offers all the things on your wish list, so why not stay home and appreciate its wonders? Watch the ball drop in Times Square, sit in front of a roaring fire sharing your dreams for the future with the ones you love most, and step out onto the porch at the stroke of midnight, cheering the new year with all your new neighbors. If you haven’t purchased your new home yet, give us a call today and let’s get you into your new house for the new year!

The Ultimate Smith Mountain Lake Guide For Winter & Spring


If you’re looking for a break that includes lakeside calm and four-seasons beauty, consider  our Smith Mountain Lake guide for winter and spring in Virginia for your next getaway. You’ll enjoy cozying up in your rental on snowy winter days, enjoying springtime mountain air or having fun experiencing the many winter and spring activities Smith Mountain Lake and the surrounding area have to offer. You may even find yourself packing up the rental vehicle to go further afield for some of the best winter and spring activities Virginia has to offer.


Winter Sports


Smith Mountain Lake and the surrounding area offer several ways to enjoy winter weather. Cross country skiing, snow tubing, or just building a snowman next to your rental are all things you can do when the white stuff blankets the area.


Smith Mountain Lake Guide to Water Activities


Believe it or not, the water of Smith Mountain Lake doesn’t freeze in the winter! That means you can enjoy water activities like boating and fishing, even when there’s snow on the mountaintops. You’ll want to stay away from in-water activities like swimming, skiing, or tubing as the water will still be cold. Take a guided fishing tour or wrap up in your warm clothes and head out for a cruise on your own rented vessel. In spring, when the snow thaws and the temperatures rise, you might dip your toes in, along with the boating and fishing – but don’t stay in the water too long!


Southwest Virginia Boat Show


Even if you’re not planning to buy a boat, the Southwest Virginia Boat Dealers Association puts on a massive boat show annually in February. The Roanoke Boat Show features all sorts of watercraft including speed boats, jet skis, and pontoons. You may not be hitching one to take home with you, but you can always dream or plan your next purchase for when you get to the shores of your home waters. Details for the 2021 boat show are to be announced.


Virginia Dare


See Smith Mountain Lake without having to captain the boat yourself. The Virginia Dare offers narrated sightseeing cruises around the lake. The double-decker paddlewheel boat puts around the lake for views of places like the house on a private island, Smith Mountain Dam, a Nantucket-style housing development, Sail Boating Club, three islands, an antique carousel and more! Make sure to bring your camera to capture all the breathtaking views.




Our Smith Mountain Lake guide to the surrounding area has plenty of restaurants to keep your belly full when you don’t want to cook for yourself. From breakfast to dinner to all the snacks in between, there’s an area restaurant to satisfy your hunger. Grab a slice at Lago Pizza, enjoy all your Italian favorites at Vinny’s, or pull up your vessel to the dock outside of Drifter’s for delicious seafood, barbecue, or new American foods. Head into nearby Roanoke for Asian cuisine, Cajun and Creole flavors, or Latin, Spanish, Cuban, and Caribbean flavors.


Mini Golf


Like the game that takes place on larger course, mini golf is a game you’ll want to play when there’s no snow on the ground. During your springtime getaway to Smith Mountain Lake, grab a putter and a golf ball and putt your way through 18 holes of twists, turns, and obstacles at one of the area’s two mini golf courses. Harbortown Mini Golf at Bridgewater Plaza is an 18-hole course that is built right on top of boat docks – providing plenty of challenging fun as well as an unmatched view of Smith Mountain Lake. The course is open daily from 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.


Smith Mountain Lake Dam


Smith Mountain Lake is a reservoir formed by a dam at the natural gap of Smith Mountain along the Roanoke River. You’ll learn about this and more when you visit the dam’s visitors center, which overlooks the dam. There are exhibits that tell the history of the dam, how power is generated, and the two-lake complex of Smith Mountain Lake and Leesville Lake. There is also a picnic area located below the Smith Mountain Dam on Leesville Lake that is open to the public every day. Ask about Covid-19 restrictions at the visitor’s center before planning your trip.


Blue Ridge Institute & Museum


Head to Ferrum to learn more about the Blue Ridge Mountains and the surrounding area. There are several permanent exhibits as well as a rotation of temporary exhibits for you to enjoy and learn more about the area. There are several virtual/online exhibits as well. Step back in time at the institute’s farm museum, which takes visitors back to how life on a Blue Ridge farm used to be in the 1800s. The BRIM also hosts the Blue Ridge Music Trails of Virginia, the Southwest Virginia Heritage Guide, and the Crooked Road: Virginia’s Heritage Music Trail, three pathways through the area that give you a taste of Virginia’s folk heritage.




Lace up your hiking boots and grab your water, camera, and sun gear. The Blue Ridge Mountains hold plenty of hiking trails where you can stretch your legs and get a breath of fresh mountain air. Paths like the Roanoke River Greenway, Mill Mountain, McAfee Knob, and Triple Crown are some great hikes to see springtime in the area. You’ll go further afield to find many of these trails, but there are plenty that keep you close to the shores of Smith Mountain Lake, too.




There are plenty of places in Smith Mountain Lake and the surrounding area where you can pick up some essentials for your trip as well as some souvenirs to remember the fun and exciting time you had while relaxing lakeside. Head to Bridgewater Plaza where you’ll find Gifts Ahoy, Smith Mountain Lake Gifts, and other boutiques and local shops. Head into nearby Roanoke for venues like Valley View Mall, the Roanoke Antique Mall, galleries, bookstores, and more. You’re bound to find something fun to take home.


Birds and Wildlife


When the snow and ice thaw from the caps of the Blue Ridge Mountains, local birds and wildlife awaken from their winter slumber. When out hiking or biking the many trails the area has to offer, you’ll want to keep your camera and binoculars handy to catch glimpses of deer, red-tailed hawks, bears, eagles, and other wildlife.




Our Smith Mountain Lake guide would not be complete without mentioning the biking trails. There are over 300 miles of singletrack for breathtaking mountain biking excursions along the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail. You can also opt for a more casual road biking ride and head out on the Roanoke Valley Greenway system for some exercise while enjoying springtime in the Blue Ridge Mountains around Smith Mountain Lake.




Smith Mountain Lake celebrates winter and spring holidays in style. Christmas light shows and events, live music, Christmas craft fairs, and more dominate the winter season. In spring, be on the lookout for fun events celebrating Easter or everything else “spring” in the Blue Ridge Mountains.


Smith Mountain Lake Guide: Racing Events


Each spring, Smith Mountain Lake hosts the Smith Mountain Lake Sprint Triathlon (individual), the Smith Mountain Lake Spring Triathlon Relay, and the Smith Mountain Lake Sprint Aquabike (individual). The triathlons consist of a 750-meter swim of the lake, a 20K bike ride, and 5K run. The aquabike event features a 750-meter swim of the lake and a 20K bike ride. You can register online for each race.


Smith Mountain Lake Fishing Tournament


The Mercury Marine Blue Ridge Big Bass Classic occurs every year on the waters of Smith Mountain Lake. Anglers as young as 12 can cast a line into the water in pursuit of their next big fish story. The three-day event takes place on a Friday-Sunday in April. All races have the same start time. Prizes include cash, fishing gear, and even a new fishing boat! Anglers under 18 must be accompanied by a part or another adult with written parental permission to be provided to event staff prior to the start of the event.


Virginia Museum of Transportation


Head to Roanoke and learn about Virginia’s place in transportation history. Marvel at antique automobiles and trucks, vintage steam, electric, and diesel locomotives, and more all located in a historic freight station. Get to know more about early and developing aviation including ballooning, passenger travel, air mail, and even flight attendant uniforms from the 1940s to today. Set sail with the small naval exhibit that features models of many types of ships from the early modern era to the mid-20th century, including several named Roanoke throughout history, as well as the luxury cruise ship SS United States.




There are several breweries and vineyards serving up the best craft beers and local wines Smith Mountain Lake and the surrounding area have to offer. Visit Hickory Hill Vineyards and Valhalla Vineyard, and Ramulose Ridge Vineyards for a tasting and take some back to your rental to enjoy later.




Also on our Smith Mountain Lake guide, there are many breweries serving up great craft beers. You can’t go wrong stopping in at Hammer & Forge, Bick Lick, Beale’s, Sunken City Brewery, or one of the many other establishments. Some offer a delicious meal to accompany your brew. You’ll want to check out some of their regular offerings, as well as any special seasonal brews on tap.


Spring Valley Farms & Cabins


Make the drive to Moneta and the Spring Valley Farm. Meet the horses, or head over to the petting zoo for a chance to meet Richard – a female llama – and her many petting zoo friends. You can also book a trail ride on horseback. Riders must be at least eight years old. There is no riding double with children unless you are riding your own horse. Riders of larger stature are asked to inform the farm before arriving so they may pair you with a horse that can handle the larger size. Trail rides are available Monday-Saturday in two-hour increments from 8 a.m.-6 p.m. Advanced reservations are required.


Harvester Performance Center


Head over to Rocky Mount for some live entertainment. There are live shows throughout each month, and some past performances have included big names like Boz Scaggs, David Grisman, Don Felder (formerly of the Eagles), Lee Greenwood, Charlie Daniels, and more. Upcoming shows are featured on their website. Most shows are from 8-10 p.m.


Bridgewater Plaza


Bridgewater Plaza is known for its amazing shopping, dining, and attractions. Rent a boat at the marina, spend some time at the Lucky Duck rock wall, bungee trampoline, or other attraction, cool down with a treat from Ice Cream Cottage, or have a slice at the Pizza Pub. Don’t forget to stop by and see the carp. The fish range in size from 24-36” long! Bring your camera and some popcorn – they’ll eat it out of your fingers!


Hot Shots Family Entertainment Center


The venue provides mini golf and a whole lot more. The mini golf course features 18 challenging holes where you can putt your way around ponds, streams, and even a 200-ton waterfall. Hot Shots Hideaway is an indoor venue where you can watch your favorite sporting events on one of seven big screen HD TVs. There’s a full-service bar for the adults, and something for the kids’ bellies, too. The Hideaway even has the special baseball and football viewing packages so you won’t have to miss your team’s next game.


Booker T. Washington Birthplace


The birthplace of Booker T. Washington is a national park that’s not far from Smith Mountain Lake. He was born a slave in April of 1856 on the Burroughs family plantation. As an adult, Washington was an educator, author, and African American civil rights leader. You can wander through exhibits in the visitor’s center, enjoy a picnic in the picnic area, learn about the role of livestock on a 19th century tobacco farm, and learn about gardening techniques. You can also wander the ¼-mile Plantation Trail that passes by reconstructions of 19th century farm buildings. Explore open buildings and read from the park brochure about the activities inside each building. You can also choose a longer walk along the 1.5-mile Jack-O-Lantern Branch Heritage Trail that takes you through the surrounding fields and forests.


Elmwood on Ice


Enjoy some wintertime fun in Roanoke at Elmwood Park. The ice skating rink there has become a fun favorite winter activity for visitors and locals alike. Not far from Historic Roanoke City Market, as well as other shopping and dining hot spots, it’s the perfect way to spend a winter day.


Roanoke Rail Yard Dawgs


While catching an NHL game will have you driving further afield than you may like, you can still catch your favorite winter sport. The Roanoke Rail Yard Dawgs are part of the Southern Professional Hockey League and games are packed full of fun and excitement. The team plays their home games at the nearby Berglund Center in Roanoke.


International Wine Festival


This adults-only event happens every winter in Roanoke. The Taubman Museum of Art features wines from around the world at its International Wine Festival. Enjoy tastings, pairings, tips from wine experts, and even a souvenir wine glass to take with you and enjoy your favorite back at your rental. You’ll also be able to stroll the museum and take in its art collection.


Mill Mountain Zoo


Walk on the wild side of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Visit Mill Mountain Zoo for a glimpse of birds like vultures, magpie, and cranes. Wander your way through the zoo to find Asian small-clawed otters, red pandas, snow leopards, and other mammals, turtles, tortoises, snakes, and other reptiles. There are also unique events like Night Howls each third Thursday of the month from October-March, or the film festival in February where you can see short films related to animals, conservation, and nature.


Roanoke Pinball Museum


Visit a museum that doesn’t feel like a museum! You’ll see and be able to challenge friends and family to games on machines like “Beach Queens” – a machine dating back to 1960, to The Munsters Premium Edition and Black Knight: Sword of Rage Premium, both from 2019. Come enjoy the museum Tuesday-Saturday 11 a.m.-7:45 p.m. and Sunday 1-5:45 p.m. Two-hour “play sessions” are available from open to close each day, with a 15-minute break between sessions. Total occupancy is currently limited to 35 people per two-hour session.


Smith Mountain Lake Guide to Crowds


While the small lake community of Smith Mountain Lake isn’t exactly known for its crowds, northern Virginia in the wintertime isn’t the first place people think to go. The summer season is busiest, with lake activities like swimming, boating, and more in full swing, so having the lake “to yourself” without the increased tourist traffic of the spring and summer seasons is a major bonus when planning a winter getaway to Smith Mountain Lake. Crowds still won’t be a major problem in spring, as the area is more of a summer getaway. With the snow gone, you can enjoy hiking trails through the mountains, and seeing nature bloom as it wakes from its winter nap.


Smith Mountain Lake Guide to a Wild Winter and Sensational Spring


You came to Smith Mountain Lake to explore and experience a new place on a fun, relaxing getaway with loved ones packed full of winter or springtime fun. Make sure you enjoy a stress-free, worry-free stay and book a vacation rental provided by Premier Vacation Rentals. Your small family or sweetheart getaway calls for a cozy two-bedroom unit surrounded by a Blue Ridge spring or winter landscape or plan a break or family reunion for your larger group with a four-bedroom unit. No matter your vacation style or needs, there’s a Smith Mountain Lake rental for you, whenever you need a break – winter or spring. Take in a fresh breath of mountain air crisp with snow from a private outdoor space like a balcony or patio. Bundle up and head out on the lake, hike a path just blooming with springtime flowers, or stay cozy and warm inside your rental on a brisk day. Many units include flat screen TVs, cozy and stylish furnishings, and beautiful master suites. Make your favorite warm winter meal in the fully equipped kitchen, then spread out in an open living area for some winter relaxation with a book or your favorite TV show. Retreat to a private bedroom for a good night’s sleep before another day of Smith Mountain Lake fun. For a luxury stay like no other, choose a premium unit to include perks like stainless steel appliances, wood floors, and more to make your stay comfortable and memorable for years to come.


Call us today to start planning a fun-filled Smith Mountain Lake visit for winter or spring!

When you can’t take another Thanksgiving working your fingers to the bone shopping, cleaning, and cooking, and you suspect that if cranky Uncle Harold complains that your pumpkin pies aren’t as sweet as your grandmother’s was one more time you will snap, it may be time to celebrate a bit differently this year. Can you imagine not having to clean, being able to sleep late, and having someone else due the heavy lifting when it comes time to make the traditional feast? If you are seeing clouds dissipate and hearing angels sing at the thought, now is the time to start planning a visit to the Smith Mountain Lake region of Virginia! This guide to the fun, excitement and all the things you will have to be thankful will help you start a new Thanksgiving tradition right here with us every year.

Virginia Dare Lighted Boat Parade Cruise, November 6 from 6-9 PM in Moneta

If you’re not quite ready to fully commit to Thanksgiving in Smith Mountain Lake, how about a practice run a few weekends before the big date? The Virginia Dare Lighted Boat Parade Cruise celebrate the season with a charity parade of boats, guaranteed to put you in the holiday spirit! Collecting donations for “Food for Kids” the parade may be a little early in the season, but the donations ensure that the kids will have something to eat when the holidays arrive.

Let Someone Else Do the Cooking

This holiday will be about rest and relaxation and because many restaurants will be open for dinner, you can still enjoy all the traditional foods you love to eat! The Old Liberty Station in Bedford offers all-American food that will make your stomach as happy as your brain is, knowing that you won’t have to do the cooking. Things change in these turbulent times we are living in, so be sure to double check with the restaurant as it gets closer to the holiday to make sure they will still be open!

Thanksgiving on Your Terms

Of course, if you want a meal just like your mama’s, the best way to get it is to prepare it yourself, and our Smith Mountain Lake homes make it easy to do so! Prepare a modified version of your normal feast in fully equipped kitchens, and as you gather around our dining room tables, you can smile to yourself knowing that this year, the kids will be doing the cleaning up. Reserve your favorite home on the lake today!

Perfection is rarely achieved in life, but sometimes you can get mighty close, and we think that our Smith Mountain Lake vacation home with 3-bedroom and 2-bath known as Jewel Box Cottage comes very close to being the ideal place to spend your Smith Mountain Lake vacation! Located on the lake and offering a flat landscape that can be easily navigated, your time spent with us in this cottage will make the happiest of memories. This guide to the charms of Jewel Box Cottage is guaranteed to entice you to click the Book Now button, well, NOW!

Comfortably Charming

Some vacation homes manage to be totally charming, and others mange to be completely comfortable, but it takes a special place to manage to do both, and we think that our Jewel Box is the rarest of properties! Open the door to wonderful and follow the wood floors into rooms that are functional and charming. The living room is open to the rest of the home, featuring a large and plush sectional placed across from a stone fireplace and state-of-the-art television, allowing guests to nap, chat, or simply lose themselves in the stories being told on the screen anytime they choose. Come together as a family for big meals, fun games, or excited conversations in the dining space, tucked away in the corner by the fireplace, or choose to snack on something yummy at the extended wood breakfast bar that divides the open concept dining room from the sweet country kitchen. Butcher block countertops provide a farm style contrast to the warm green cabinets accessorized with shiny gold handles and hinges, and high-end appliances help bring back the joy of cooking! A screened-in porch keeps the creepy crawlies out while letting you relish the views of the lake, and a fire pit surrounded by vibrant red Adirondack chairs and a wood swing allow guests to get even closer to the wonderful lake that makes this home so special.

Reserve Jewel Box Cottage Today

At night, when the sun sinks over the horizon, climbing between the sheets of premium mattresses promises to bring the best night’s sleep you have enjoyed in so very long, and as the children giggle and whisper in bunk beds and you and your favorite traveling partner do some whispering of your own in your country bedroom, you will know that choosing this wonderful Jewel Box Cottage on the lake was the best decision you could have made this year!

The thrill of Halloween can only be enhanced when you choose to spend the holiday in any of our Smith Mountain Lake towns while staying in one of our holiday hideaways! Offering comfort, style, and a spooky vibe that will make this day special, the only thing better than the candy you will enjoy is the happiness you will feel coming home to us at the end of every day. This guide to the top things to do at Halloween during your Virginia vacation will ensure that every minute of your stay will be exciting and fun!

Ghost Walk 2021 at the Salem Museum, October 1 & 2, 801 E Main Street in Salem

Haunted houses are fun, but a real live (dead?) ghost tour through a cemetery is definitely a spooktacular way to enjoy the holiday! Take a weekend drive through the Virginia countryside, enjoying the fiery colors of fall and end the journey with a genuine ghost walk through a historic graveyard, learning a bit about the inhabitants who reside there. Wear comfortable walking shoes and keep your head on a swivel, as you remain on the lookout for visitors from the spirit world!

Stone Country Halloween Party, October 30 from 5-8 at Crazy Horse Marina in Moneta

Our second favorite part of the holiday (after the candy!) is creating elaborate costumes that allow us to be someone else for a few hours and the Stone Country Halloween Party held at the Crazy Horse Marina in Moneta allows us to win prizes for being the most creative! Featuring a costume contest, live music, and yummy treats, this party promises to be the highlight of your Virginia vacation!

One Take Is Going to Be Spooktacular, October 30th, Moose Lodge in Bedford

Spend an evening doing the monster mash at this fun Halloween dance in Bedford and be sure to show up wearing your most spine tingling costume! Offering live music, delicious treats, and a night of holiday happiness, this is the best way we can think of to celebrate All Hallows Eve!

Horror Film Binge Fest in Your Vacation Rental

Wear your comfy pants and eat all the candy you want when you spend at least one of your evenings staying home and binge watching horror films on our state of the art televisions! Proving that a good time doesn’t require a group of strangers, our properties offer all the comforts of home and the promise of an excellent night in. Reserve yours today!

The undeniable beauty of lake life is realized in our charming Heron’s Rest property, located on the shores of Smith Mountain Lake. This fantastic Smith Mountain Lake vacation rental features 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and the laid-back vibe that goes along with lakeside living, and your entire family will immediately feel at home! And when we say entire family, we include your precious fur children, as Heron’s Rest allows up to four dogs to join in the vacation fun. This guide to the charms of one of our favorite properties will help you make the easiest decision of your life: choosing Premier Vacation Rentals Smith Mountain Lake for your getaway accommodations!

Choose Lake Life

The simple pleasures of vacation life are enhanced by the location of Heron’s Rest. Offering an open floor plan that includes a living area filled with plush leather furnishings in lake appropriate shades of brown and blue, a dining room that offers the perfect place to devour the meals prepared in our fully equipped kitchens located just steps away! Start a fire in the gas fireplace on a cool Virginia day and turn on the big game, shown at its best on the state-of-the-art television! Pull out some boardgames to play at the heavy farm style table surrounded by windows and show your children the joys of living life unplugged. Make memories while your children help you bake a batch of cookies with the use of updated appliances in the kitchen filled with charm and style. These moments are destined to be the ones you hold close in your heart years after your babies have had their own babies, and as you lie awake each night, lingering on the precipice of sleep, you will relive each special moment in beds that are designed to give you the best sleep of your lives!

Hours of Entertainment

A game room with a full-size pool table at its center is not the only way to have fun in Heron’s Rest. Simmer in a bubbling hot tub under the stars, gather around the fire pit with s’more makings as you tell your favorite ghost stories, or spend your days zipping around Smith Mountain Lake in the boat you rented, tied to the dock for easy access. Your time on the lake is guaranteed to bring you fun, laughter, and memories when you choose Heron’s Rest for your vacation sanctuary—reserve it today!

Vacationing in Smith Mountain Lake can be filled with surprises, as you spend your days fishing, swimming, or just enjoying views of the lake from the deck of your vacation sanctuary and spend your nights exploring the restaurants and nightlife. We are a quiet community, and although you won’t find Broadway shows or charity soirees, the entertainment you seek can be easily found, especially when you stop by Bottles and Bites, a one-stop entertainment, dining, and shopping spot located at Mariner’s Landing!

Located at 2641 Lake Retreat Road in Huddleston

Wine isn’t just a drink, it is a way of life, and Bottles and Bites truly understands that we don’t always want to sit around with our pinky out, sipping expensive beverages and discussing its legs or lack of them. Sometimes, we just want a glass to enjoy while munching on nachos and listening to a talented piano man play the tunes we grew up with. Bottles and Bites doesn’t believe in pretensions, and they also don’t believe in following all the rules. They know not everyone enjoys a glass of the grape, and when your beer drinking wife wants a beer as she sits out on the patio with Fido at her feet, (yes, Bottles and Bites invites your fur children to join in the fun out on the patio!) she can sip her favorite brew while you sip yours! Bruno’s Lake Lager is the latest summer beer on tap right now and every sip tastes like your favorite season!

Also offering trivia nights, (where are all our Jeopardy fans?) the fun that will be had at Bottles and Bites is ever changing, but the sense of camaraderie and companionship never falters. Looking to sample a new wine but aren’t sure where to start? Friday night wine tastings have been a success, offering local wines and, of course, nights filled with laughter that you will never forget! Also featuring grab and go foods to be enjoyed at a picnic by the lake or in the dining room of your vacation escape, plus an intimate selection of wine related gifts, this one shop stop offers a perfect way to enjoy the laid-back lifestyle of the lake.

Lake Life Perfected

Even if your home away from home for the week isn’t located on the lake, our Smith Mountain Lake getaways all offer that lake life vibe. Reserve yours today!

When planning a vacation on the lake, the second most important part of that getaway is the home that you will be sleeping in every night of your stay. If it is too far from the lake, you will miss out on the night noises that help lull you to sleep, and if it is on the lake, but doesn’t offer a dock to tie your boat to, hammocks to relax in, and a fire pit to gather around on a cool summer night, can you really consider that you are living your best life? The Lodge at Smith Mountain Lake has all the above listed amenities, plus so many more, and this guide will give you a quick peek as to how wonderful your Smith Mountain Lake vacation can be!

Tons of Space & Great Views

The open concept floor plan of the Lodge gives you your first hint that this getaway will be different, offering room to spread out and play while still managing to keep you included in everyone’s activities. Bookshelves filled with books and games line the walls of the space, leading you to the living room with its plush gray sectional, stone fireplace, and television, as well as floor-to-ceiling views of the lake outside. Here is where you will nap on a quiet Thursday afternoon, watch the big game on a Saturday night with the fire crackling merrily, and sit and read by those windows on a rainy Monday, not minding at all that the weather has put a damper on your lake activities. The dining room and its focal point, the large picnic table-esque located in its center, is another multipurpose space where games will be played, meals will be devoured, and coffee will be sipped with the rising sun. The kitchen, located just steps beyond, offers glass-fronted cabinets, a generously sized breakfast bar, and updated appliances that will help keep your vacation budget in line as you toss together meals that are quick, healthy, and delicious! A second living area offers more seating, another stone fireplace, and a full-sized pool table for hours of entertainment, and each of the bedrooms are comfortable, tranquil spaces designed to make you fall asleep easily and stay asleep the whole night through.

Lake Life for the Win

It is the outside areas that will burrow into your heart, as you sip wine with the setting sun on the deck that takes up the entire back of the house. Follow the concrete path to a secondary sitting area offering wood Adirondack chairs surrounding a fire pit and spend your evenings telling stories as you roast marshmallows over the flames. Continue your way down to the supersized deck where more seating can be found, including hammocks that are even more conducive to a good nap when the breeze off the lake hits you just right! Keeping the boat you rented tied to the dock will lead to impromptu forays on Smith Mountain Lake, zipping across the water, waiting for new views to open up around every bend.

Your Time with Us

Your time on Smith Mountain Lake will be brief but will leave an indelible impression on your heart when you choose the Lodge at Smith Mountain Lake for your vacation sanctuary—reserve it today!