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Chances are you haven’t done much traveling this year and your travel journal offers page after page of blankness. The pandemic has affected every aspect of life in 2020. And even as things are slowly returning to normal, many of us are still working remotely and our children are returning to an online program at school, something we tend to think of as a mixed blessing. We at Premier Vacation Rentals Smith Mountain Lake, however, think you may be overlooking the brightest spot of this new work-from-home world: the realization that you can work from ANY home means it might be time to start planning that Smith Mountain Lake getaway you’ve been dreaming about!

Workcation is the Word of the Day

When you choose one of our Smith Mountain Lake vacation escapes for your much needed workcation, the benefits to your peace of mind are endless! Falling asleep in soft beds every night, then waking not so early for your commute from the bedroom to the space you’ve claimed as your office is relaxing and comfortable. And because the internet works from anywhere, you’re not limited to the dining room table as a working space! Sip coffee on the deck as you Zoom with your coworkers, watching the envy in their faces as they spot the idyllic setting from which you are laboring. Phone meetings conducted from the bedroom with the windows wide open allow you views of Smith Mountain Lake. Lunch breaks taken on the dock will allow the peaceful sounds of the lake to lull you into a happy trance. Finishing off reports in front of a roaring fire on a rainy day will be just another moment that makes this getaway one you will never forget.

When booking your home, be sure to look for our lodging with “Premium” Wi-Fi/internet to ensure you’ll have the best connection! These homes have upgraded service and will help you get your work done right. While all of our homes do have internet, some still have slower connections, so double check when you book!

Logging Off for the Day

When the end of your workday arrives, you will happily put away your papers, close up your laptop, and turn off your phone, knowing the best part of your day is here! Spend your free hours watching the sunset, playing on the lake, or exploring the small towns that make up the Smith Mountain Lake area. Every day will be a new adventure when you choose Premier Vacation Rentals Smith Mountain Lake for your Virginia workcation. Reserve your stay with us today!

With all the goings on of the last few months, you need this Smith Mountain Lake vacation more than ever before. But because you’ve learned all too well the rules of self-quarantining and social distancing, you may be wondering if this is a good time to travel anywhere! Well, we’re here to tell you, that now is the PERFECT time for a getaway, and when your journey brings you to Smith Mountain Lake, this guide to isolated activities in Smith Mountain Lake you can participate in will make this vacation one better than you dreamed it could be!

Experience Lake Life to Its Fullest With These Activities in Smith Mountain Lake

Anyone who has ever spent much time on the water has probably experienced a moment or two of pure glee. Sitting on a boat in the middle of the lake, listening to the quiet slap of the waves against the bow, the sounds of the birds flying overhead, and possibly, off in the far distance, the buzz of a wave runner and the happy laughter of its rider. But even these sounds will fade away, leaving you enjoy the peace and quiet of almost total isolation as you feel the lake breezes kiss your cheeks and the sun gently beating down on your shoulders. Find a secluded cove and drop a line to catch the night’s dinner and revel in the joy that accompanies this getaway in paradise!

Sunday Drives on a Monday

Remember how tortuous we used to think Sunday drives were when we were children? Our parents would drive for years (or so it seemed!) with no particular destination in mind, only stopping when car sickness would overtake us or one of our siblings! Today, however, we cherish those memories and long to recreate them with our own children, and the roads that go through the Smith Mountain Lake area are the perfect ones to take. Offering breathtaking views of the forests that run alongside the roads and scenic spots to stop and enjoy a picnic, there are no wrong turns on these Virginia highways and byways, just delicious detours you will never be able to get enough of!

Why Leave?

Our vacation properties are designed to spoil and pamper, so if you should choose to take a day to do nothing more than enjoy their charms, no one will judge! Sleep in late, simmer in the bubbles of the hot tub on the deck or practice your cannon balls into the lake. These homes are not conducive to hard work and chores, but they will definitely make you fall in love. Reserve yours today! Learn more about us.

As 4th of July draws ever closer, we can all begin to start breathing easier. Restrictions are lifting, places are reopening, and vacations are being taken once again. It’s been a long couple of months, but we are open and ready to help ensure that your Virginia vacation is as close to perfect as possible, starting with this guide to all the Smith Mountain Lake things to do. Even if there aren’t any fireworks this year, your patriotic celebration is guaranteed to be better than you dreamed it could be!

Firecracker Pancakes

As we stated above, chances are there will be no organized fireworks displays this year, but this recipe for firecracker pancakes will take away some of the sting and is easy to make in the fully equipped kitchen of our holiday hideaways! Whisk together 2 cups of Bisquick mix, 1 cup of milk, 2 eggs, and 1 teaspoon of vanilla to make the pancake batter, then drop about a ¼ cup full into a heated and oiled skillet for each pancake. Cook on one side for approximately 30 seconds, then flip and cook the other side until your pancake is golden brown. Next, you’re going to create a patriotic glaze to drizzle over the pancakes by mixing together 1 cup powdered sugar, ¼ cup milk and red and blue food coloring. Divide into 3 different serving bowls, leaving 1 bowl untouched, adding red food coloring to the second bowl, and blue food coloring to the 3rd bowl, then drizzle over your stack of pancakes!

Celebrate from a Social Distance

We’re all trying to stay away from crowds today, and when you rent one of our lakefront escapes, you won’t mind staying home with the family! Spend the day fishing off the dock, paddle boarding around the lake, playing games in the game room, and an all-American barbecue on the back deck! And if you’re thinking the only thing that can make this holiday more perfect is with a moonlit simmer in a hot tub, well, we agree wholeheartedly, and most of our properties include hot tubs so you can do just that!

Bring Smith Mountain Lake Things to Do Inside

As the moon rises higher in the night sky, it doesn’t mean the fun has to end when you choose us for your holiday lodging. Watch a recap of the previous 4th of July fireworks displays on large screen televisions, tell ghost stories in front of a roaring fire, and work on that puzzle you brought along until you can’t put off climbing into our comfy beds another second longer! Contact us today to learn more about all of the Smith Mountain Lake things to do waiting for you and to book your perfect rental. Be sure to learn more about us!

Sometimes the name of a place can tell you everything you need to know. A small village with the name of Washington Courthouse was named for the charming architecture of the courthouse in the center of town. A park named Eagle’s Roost got its moniker from the eagles that make their home there. What sort of wonders await in our stunning property titled Hickory Hill Cottage? You just know to expect quiet times and happy moments spent with those you love best! Hickory Hill Cottage is another of our lakefront properties, one that is designed to give you a vacation you will never forget! Our walkthrough of this sweet cottage will paint a picture that won’t be complete until it’s your family sitting on the oversized tweed sofa in front of the impressive stone fireplace!

What You May Not Expect in Our Smith Mountain Lake Cottage Rental

When you hear the term cottage, you may expect a bungalow filled with country charm and possibly low ceilings and dark rooms. Hickory Hill Cottage is not your typical cottage, however, offering a midcentury modern ambience combined with rustic cabin charm. The A Frame design allows for soaring ceilings and a wall of windows let’s the outside in while keeping the unwanted out. The cozy kitchen, however, does have the appearance of a country cottage, offering creamy cabinets, stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. The single window that looks out over the landscape of Smith Mountain Lake is perfectly placed above the sink. A dining area with a drum style lamp shining down on table is tucked under the slanting tongue and groove wood planked ceiling.

The aforementioned tweed sofa offers a comfortable complement to the living area across the room. Two slightly egg shaped chairs complete the midcentury modern feel, as the fireplace they are placed in front of add warmth and romance to the coolest of nights. A loft area with more seating and a telescope allows for children to have a separate area to congregate and the fluffy rug on the floor may be the spot where your teens lounge as they scroll through their favorite social network sites. Bedrooms with bunk beds for the children and queen-sized beds for everyone are the perfect place to retreat to at the end of every fun filled day. Quiet, serene, and designed for slumber, guests sleep so deep in these spaces they never remember their dreams!

The Fun Continues Outside

A wraparound deck containing a propane grill, multiple seating areas, and a hot tub ensures the fun doesn’t stop at the doors of the property. Leading down to the dock, you’ll also find a firepit with colorful Adirondack chairs placed around its perimeter; this spot just begs for ghost stories to be told and s’mores to be created and consumed. Kayaks are provided for guests use as well and a slide is placed at dock’s edge. This sweet Smith Mountain Lake cottage rental was built to be the perfect summer getaway!

You’ve Had Plenty of Time to Plan

Hickory Hill Cottage won’t be available forever. Reserve it today and plan for a vacation filled with fun and excitement! Learn more about us.

We’re fortunate in that all of our properties feature that something extra that makes you feel at home from the moment you first walk in the door. Maybe it’s that overstuffed chair by the window that allows you to read comfortably in one, or the premium mattresses that invite you to slumber deep and long in another, or maybe it’s the views of the lake in still others. In any case, we love sharing the details of our properties with potential guests, and as most of us are still sheltering in place staring at the same four walls, we thought it would be nice to present an even more detailed picture of one of our special homes with a walkthrough of All Decked Out.

Stunning Lake Views Are Just the Start at this Smith Mountain Lake Vacation Home

As you pull up in front of this unique property, it won’t be difficult to discern where its name came from, as the featured highlight of this space is the wood deck that wraps around the home and leads down to the spacious deck built onto the lake. This special feature, however, is not all you have to look forward to in this stunning property. On the first level, it’s a farm style kitchen with custom cabinets painted in a creamy white, granite countertops, and high-end appliances that make cooking easy. Wood floors in the kitchen and dining area are polished to a warm glow and the long farm-style table encourages all members of the family to gather round and stay awhile.

Multiple living areas on multiple levels of the home offer the perfect spaces to play games, watch television, or in at least one of the living spaces, sit in front of a roaring fire and enjoy the peace and quiet of a night on Smith Mountain Lake. Offering 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, All Decked Out is the perfect Smith Mountain Lake vacation home for multiple families traveling together. Gather in the public spaces then retreat to the private spaces of tranquil bedrooms at the end of the day to relax and recharge in peace and quiet. A game room with a ping pong table provides endless hours of entertainment, as does the board game table tucked away in the corner; oversized Checkers fill the space at the moment, but feel free to bring your own board game to play in its place. Bathrooms that are updated and sparkling clean and a full-size washer and dryer tucked away in one of the bathrooms finish the tour of the inside of this country gem.

Back to the Deck

But the fun doesn’t end at the walls of All Decked Out; that deck we mentioned earlier offers hours of entertainment as well! A swing on one end fits two comfortably, allowing for quiet evenings of conversation, and a barbecue grill on the other end makes the perfect spot to grill your catch of the day. The deck leads down to the spacious dock containing lounge chairs for sunning yourself on a lazy summer day or taking a nap as you are lulled to sleep by the sound of the lake that surrounds you. Every spot in the home on the lake is designed to be your favorite, but we won’t be surprised to discover that this deck is where you have spent much of your days!

Waiting for You

Now’s the time to stop dreaming and start doing. Reserve All Decked Out today! Learn more about us now.

As the last couple of months have shown us all just how important it is to be able to do things freely and without restrictions, by now you’re probably champing at the bit to get out from under the roof of your home sweet home. And although planning your vacation to Smith Mountain Lake has been an activity that has kept your mind off your troubles, you may not know the area well enough to find all the fun that can be had—especially the outdoor fun you’ve been craving! Our guide to outdoor activities for you to enjoy during your stay in one of our Smith Mountain Lake properties is designed to give you the vacation you’ve been dreaming of and the peace of mind you have been seeking.

Amuse Yourself With These Smith Mountain Lake Activities

Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of daily life, we forget about the simpler adventures that used to bring us so much joy, but at Hot Shots (13360 Booker T Washington Highway in Moneta) it suddenly becomes easier to remember! This family amusement center offers miniature golf and bumper boats, and hamster balls and canon blasts for your outdoor enjoyment. Hamster balls, you ask? Of course, we’re talking about the human-sized versions that are fun to play in on the water during a long summer’s day!

Play at the Park

Outdoor adventures are that much more fun at a park, and the Smith Mountain Lake State Park, located at 1235 Rd 888 in Huddleston, is one of our favorite places on the list of Smith Mountain Lake activities to play! Offering hiking trails, picnic spots, and a public beach that is perfect for tanning, reading, or taking a quick nap, a day spent at this beautiful park is guaranteed to be the highlight of your already spectacular Virginia getaway!

That Small-Town Charm

This part of Virginia doesn’t offer big city glitz, but we can promise you won’t miss it at all when you visit any of the small towns that make up the region. The small-town charm of Bedford, for example, will quiet your mind and bring a smile to your heart as you explore the center of town. Historic and unique, spending a few hours exploring the shops, restaurants, and entertainment will be amongst the best of your entire trip. And even though you will be wandering in and out of the business of Main Street, be sure to stop at the Dairy Queen, 1502 Longwood Avenue, for the quintessential summer treat.

Coming Home to Our Homes

Every day will be filled with fun, love, and laughter, but the good times won’t end at the door of your summer escape. Offering warmth, comfort, and style we all love, your moments spent with us will be memorable ones. Reserve your stay today! Be sure to learn more about us now.

The easy living of summer days is a treat we look forward to all year long as we plan our days off, choose our vacation destinations, and best of all, purchase plane tickets and make the final decision on where we will sleep every night of our getaway! If your travels lead you to the Smith Mountain Lake area, perhaps we can entice you with a stay in one of our stylish and comfortable summer rentals? Offering everything you need for an amazing vacation escape, each property has that something extra that makes you feel pampered and treasured as you take part in the exciting summer Smith Mountain Lake activities we have listed below.

Hit the Links

For many of our visitors, a golf vacation is the closest thing to paradise, and the Mariners Landing Golf and Country Club, located at 2052 Lake Retreat Road in Huddleston, offers one of the best courses in the country! Challenging greens offer a test to those with the lowest handicaps without intimidating players who aren’t as gifted, and of course, the “19th hole” is designed for players of all skill levels!

Discover the History With These Smith Mountain Lake Activities

When the summer heat gets to be a little much, a visit to the air-conditioned Bedford Museum & Genealogical Library will keep guests cool and entertained! Housed in the area’s former Masonic Hall and located at 201 East Main Street in Bedford, the exhibits found inside the massive red brick estate cover the history of the area, beginning with Early Native American displays.

Lake Adventures

You’ve come all this way, it sure would be a shame to miss out on the main reason you chose this area for your vacation escape! Spending time at Smith Mountain Lake is one of our favorite parts of the season, as is visiting the Smith Mountain Lake State Park. Enjoy a day of swimming, boating, fishing, or just lying on the banks working on your summer tan. However you spend your time at the park, this adventure will surely be the highlight of your Virginia journey!

Exploring the Amenities of Our Properties

Of course, some of your favorite adventures will be found within the four walls of your summer hideaway! Sleeping late in soft beds, reading on the screened-in porches, or napping in front of state of the art televisions are just some of the summer activities that will linger in your mind long after you have returned to the harsh realities of everyday life. Reserve your stay with us today! Be sure to learn more about us.

Some vacations are filled with action and adventure as you rush from activity to attraction to restaurant, and everything in between; every minute of every day is jam packed with excitement and the buzz of crowds of people doing the same thing. And then there are vacations in Smith Mountain Lake filled with long lazy days that seem to stretch out endlessly in front of you, many naps, and quiet walks along the shore as you recharge your soul. Maybe you spend a lot of time on the lake, fishing or frolicking in the waters and maybe you choose to take long drives through the scenic towns and villages that make up this charming region of Virginia. However you choose to fill your minutes, we can guarantee that although you won’t want to cook every meal or comb your hair and put on make-up for an evening out, you’ll still be hungry and these restaurants offer carry-out near Smith Mountain Lake to fill the empty hole in your stomach. And the best part is you can eat all you want without having to wear your pants!

Lago Pizza, 14897 Moneta Road, Moneta

The only thing better than enjoying a large pizza in your favorite restaurant is enjoying a large pizza in the comfort of your Vacation Rentals Smith Mountain Lake quiet escape! Inexpensive and topped with the toppings you love most, Lago Pizza offers the perfect meal for those nights when you just want to stay in and chill!

Blackwater Café, 4730 Scruggs Road, Moneta

As more and more Americans discover the joys of staying in, we are also learning that most any restaurant can be a carry out one and that includes the Blackwater Café! Offering a sophisticated menu that would succeed in any big city, the meals served here can also be carried home to enjoy on the back deck of your Virginia hideaway!

The Dam Grill

The Dam Grill is a new restaurant in Huddleston which offers a great selection of dishes sure to satisfy any craving. Start with some Witcher Creek Wings—flavors include garlic parmesan, blackberry BBQ, and Witcher Creek Crazy Hot! They offer a variety of salads, sandwiches, pizza, burgers, and some specialty entrees such as shrimp and grits, beef and vegetarian stroganoff, and more! They will even deliver liquor, a great option for our guests in Huddleston and Moneta looking for a complete meal experience at home.

Staying In is the New Going Out

Quiet evenings spent watching the sun set over Smith Mountain Lake, lazy mornings spent sleeping in, and long days filled with the quiet sounds of nature—this vacation promises to be the one that soothes your soul as these meals fill your stomachs, and there is no place better to enjoy the moments than in one of our Smith Mountain Lake secluded sanctuaries. Reserve yours today! Be sure to learn more about us.

The world we wake up in today is vastly different from the one we experienced just a few short months ago, and with each newscast we watch and every news article we read, it changes even more, leaving us confused and more than a little frightened. Feeling as if we’re living in science fiction movie, we all feel unsure and alone, but the truth is we have never been more connected with people all over the world as they suffer through the same experiences. Whether they are sitting on their balcony enjoying views of the mountains of North Italy, a family room in Ohio helping their child struggle through math problems, or on the dock of a Smith Mountain Lake property listening to the unusual quietness of the evening, people all over the world are feeling the same way you do. And knowing you are not alone helps, if only a little bit, don’t you think? Here are some tips for COVID-19.

Tips For COVID-19 – Taking the Time to Do Our Part

To be honest, we’ve all asked for some time at home, but we doubt that any of us imagined it could happen this way! We are all doing our part to flatten the curve. We wash our hands, singing along to our favorite Beyoncé song to ensure we stay at the sink long enough. We wear a mask when we go out in public, and we worry whether our 8-pack of toilet paper will last till the shelves are filled again.

We are taking this time to rethink our properties. Are they comfortable enough? Bright enough? These properties that are used to the laughter and chatter of happy guests are feeling lonely, but that’s ok; the time we spend separate will be used to make them brighter and better than ever! Just as our own homes are cleaner and more organized than they have ever been before, we can take the time to do the same with our rental properties, ensuring that when the good times return, and they will, our Smith Mountain Lake getaways will sparkle and shine with a new life!

We Miss You

But we know that we will see you again soon. In the meantime, be safe, stay healthy, and hug your family tighter. These moments of togetherness won’t last forever!

What is it about a lake vacation that makes even the most ordinary of experiences turn extraordinary? Could it be long days spent playing at shore’s edge or frolicking in the waters? Could it be the sunsets that set the sky on fire every night? Or could it just be the opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of real life as you fill your vacation seconds, minutes, and hours with family, fun, and laughter? Whatever your answer is, as Easter draws even closer, maybe it’s time to start thinking about planning a special holiday in the place where the word family is always capitalized; Easter 2020 in Smith Mountain Lake could be exactly what your family needs! This guide will ensure that every minute of your stay is perfect.

When Easter and Halloween Collide

While traditions are important, there is always room for a change, and the trick or treat style Easter Egg Hunt offered by the town of Moneta offers a way to ensure no child is slighted in their egg counts! Many of the stores downtown will offer a basket of eggs, allowing every child to choose one from each stop. Everyone gets the same amount of eggs, so need for younger siblings to steal from older siblings’ basket, and one special egg will even contain a $100 bill! Will your child be the lucky one?

Feasting with Family

Easter Brunch is our second favorite part of the holiday, and there’s plenty of opportunities to explore the culinary map of Smith Mountain Lake, especially if you want a dining experience right on the water! The Virginia Dare offers sightseeing and specialty cruises on the lake, and we guarantee you won’t forget the beautiful views and tasty dishes this unique experience has to offer. For those seeking a meal a little closer to your holiday rental property, Peaks of Otter at 85554 Blue Ridge Pkwy in Bedford is famed the world over for their Easter brunch! Offering your favorite dishes (and some new ones you’ll love forevermore!), their dessert table is as close to heaven as we have ever been!

Stay in and Play

Our vacation escapes offer all the comforts of home, plus a little extra touch of convenience and luxury! Reserve yours today and discover the family Easter of your dreams! Learn more about us now.