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Every vacation home has a story to tell, and today we would like to take a few minutes of your time and tell you the story of our Lakeland Escape property. This is a smaller unit, a condo that offers just one bedroom and one bath, but the adventures you will experience in your intimate getaway to Smith Mountain Lake will be large! Located just steps away from the lake, your personal story will be enriched when you begin a new chapter under Lakeland Escape’s roof.

Lake Life Has Its Own Pace

If this is your first experience with a lakeside vacation rental, we have a feeling it will not be your last! You’re sure to fall in love with the casual vibes and the slower pace. Our Lakeland Escape sanctuary is designed to make the most of its place on the lake. Walk inside to a space that is light, bright, and welcoming, and immediately feel at home. Offering a simple décor that lets the lake be the star, each room is quietly elegant and happily comfortable, starting with the heart of the home. The fully equipped kitchen is open to the rest of the property, featuring stainless steel appliances, updated countertops, and custom cabinets in which everything you need to create a meal (minus the food) are contained. The sink in this space looks out over the living and dining areas, and just beyond both, you can see the lake sparkling through oversized glass sliding doors. With this view, doing dishes suddenly doesn’t seem so bad!

The living area features an overstuffed sofa and loveseat facing the fireplace that add to the romance of the space, and a smart television that hangs against the tongue and groove shiplap wall is placed at an angle, making it an interesting focal point as you snuggle with your favorite traveling partner. The dining area, dominated by a charming wood table and four chairs, is surrounded by glass doors and also looks off onto the lake; slide open the doors and let the sounds of the lake be the music to your romantic dinner a deux!

The bedroom, decorated in shades of tan and blue, is a bright and comfortable space that has its own entrance to the patio. You will spend many of your vacation minutes sitting in the rocking chairs found out here, sipping wine and enjoying the sights and sounds of life on the lake. Enjoy access to the community amenities such as boat docks, tennis courts, and walking paths that allow for romantic walks as the sun sets over the lake.

Every Moment Will Be Memorable

When your personal love story needs a little boost, your Virginia vacation in our Lakeland Escape condo will give you what you need. Reserve your stay in this lovely abode today!

Every day is guaranteed to be the best adventure yet when you spend your vacation hours exploring the beauty of Smith Mountain Lake, but for some of our guests, the thought of exploring a place they have never visited before can be troubling. Fortunately, we have always felt that the best way to get to know a new area is by taking a tour, and this guide to the top tours to experience in the towns and villages that edge up to Smith Mountain Lake will help anyone get over their fears of the unknown!

Ahoy There!

Our towns were built on the peace, tranquility, and beauty of Smith Mountain Lake, so the best way to get to know the area is by taking a tour of the lake itself with Virginia Dare Cruises! Offering sightseeing cruises led by the most knowledgeable captains in the region, the Virginia Dare is a replica of 19th-century paddleboats, giving elegance to the tour. Get comfortable as you cruise by islands big and small, osprey nests, and an old tobacco barn that is rumored to be one of the oldest in the region. Obviously, you will see more than that on your two-hour tour, but you have to admit it’s a great start!

Wine Is Always the Right Answer

Not all tours have to involve historical facts and a guide filled with infinite knowledge of what’s being toured. As a matter of fact, the best tours often involve many sips of your new favorite wines, and the Bedford Wine Trail, which is entirely self-guided, is one of our favorites. Download the map found here and start an adventure of good taste you will never want to end! We recommend spreading the tour out over a few days, as there are six wineries and a large selection of wines to sip.

When History and the Present Collide

This part of the country is where much of our nation’s history began, and Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest is all the proof you need! Built to be a retreat for one of our more famous presidents, it is a perfect example of the upscale lifestyles of the affluent leaders at that time. Located in nearby Forest, Virginia, when you take a tour of this magnificent manse, you will discover a world in which history and the present collide.

At Home with Vacation Rentals Smith Mountain Lake

The comfort we offer in our vacation escapes will help ease any discomfort you may feel about visiting someplace new. Reserve your stay with us today!

There are vacations spent rushing from attraction to attraction, sampling international cuisines, and checking off bucket list items that include visiting historic monuments, seeing famous artwork, and exploring palaces that have existed for centuries. And then there’s a Smith Mountain Lake vacation, spent enjoying the simple comforts of one of our most popular 4-bedroom, 2.5-bath cottages, offering no plans and no hidden agenda, just long lazy days where our families and the lake are the primary focus. If this idea of a getaway is your idea of paradise, this guide to our Cottage at the Lake property will help get you started!

Make Your Vacation Dreams Come True

Bearing a striking resemblance to a classic New England cottage on the Cape, the charms of Cottage at the Lake will burrow their way into your heart from first glance. Built of wood, brick, and glass, seafoam green clapboards and white wood storm doors invite you to come on in and look around. As the door swings open revealing floors of golden hardwood and high ceilings clad in tongue and groove painted wood planks, you will feel the cares of the world disappear from your shoulders, even as you take a moment to sit on the rocker under the front porch listening to pine cones drop onto the tin roof. After a minute or so, you find yourself opening the door and following the path of those wooden floors to rooms filled with simple treasures.

A crisp white painted country kitchen is open to the rest of the home, while a dining space dominated by a farmer’s table offers the perfect space to play games, build puzzles, or enjoy family meals with the entire family. A sitting area filled with white painted wicker furnishings stares out an oversized picture window onto a deck filled with inviting places to sit and eat; beyond that, of course, is the lake itself. A family room with comfortable places to sit and nap, bookshelves filled with books, and a smart television at its center is where movie nights can be held on rainy Wednesday nights. An attic perch in which the red felt topped pool table is the centerpiece will be a favorite space of yours, but more book shelves filled with books and board games offer alternate entertainment options. Bedrooms designed with a farmhouse cottage décor and containing super soft beds topped with country quilts and bedding complete the tour of the inside, but the best is yet to come!

This Is the Life

A deck that takes up real estate along the back half of the property is where you will find yourself gravitating towards morning, noon, and night, offering a gas grill for family barbecues, patio furnishings that are comfortable and inviting, and views of the lake that will make you fall in love with your new reality. A fire pit guards against chills, and a dock with an army green canoe stored on its planks is where those who want to relax can sit in Adirondack chairs watching the goings-on of lake life. This is the life you have always dreamed of and now is the time to make your vacation dreams come true. Reserve Cottage at the Lake today!

As you begin to plan your early summer vacation in Smith Mountain Lake, you may begin to wonder just how you are going to fill your precious vacation minutes. We are here to tell you that is not going to be a problem! Once you discover just how much there is to do in our paradise, you may begin to think about expanding your vacation time. This guide to all the fun you can have during your early summer Virginia getaway will help you fill those minutes, and if you run out of time before you run out of fun, that’s ok; there’s always next summer’s vacation to begin planning!

Family-Friendly Fun

Not all vacation spots offer entertainment options for all ages, but Smith Mountain Lake is guaranteed to be a family-friendly vacation! Spend a few hours avoiding obstacles on the 18-hole course at Harbortown Miniature Golf in Moneta. Built on boat docks on Smith Mountain Lake, visitors can enjoy lake life and a version of their favorite sport at the same time! For those who prefer the “grown-up” version of mini-golf, the Mariner’s Club Golf Course is a local favorite, offering a course that is challenging without being intimidating, making it perfect for golfers of all skill levels. Located in Huddleston and designed by Robert Trent Jones Senior, the course hosts a high-level mid-summer junior golf tournament and is well regarded throughout the United States. Vacations are about doing something you rarely do in real life, however, and if you’re looking to try something new, perhaps a trail ride through the Virginia landscape offered by Spring Valley Farms in Moneta will be the experience that you will talk about for years to come! Offering a petting zoo and pony rides for the youngest members of your family, one-hour trail rides are available for visitors 8 years of age and older and only cost $30 per person!

A More Mature Getaway

Not all vacations are family ones, and for adults looking for more mature options, a visit to Hickory Hills Vineyards in Moneta will make you happy! They offer a fantastic selection of wines, and because they also offer a website, you can continue to purchase your favorite flavors long after you return to real life.

Whether you’re looking for an early summer escape with the family or just want to get away from the everyday stresses of your routine, Smith Mountain Lake is a great place to be! Reserve your early summer escape today.

As you trudge through the gray and rainy streets of your hometown feeling the cold that seeps into your bones, you may feel like you will never be warm again. One gray day merges into another gray day, and the unrelenting cold and damp never seems to lessen, but if you take a moment to look at the calendar you will soon discover a glimmer of hope as you realize that Memorial Day Weekend is just a few short weeks away! Now is the perfect time to start planning your all-American getaway to an area rich in American history and beauty. Smith Mountain Lake is ready to give you the fun-filled weekend you deserve!

Welcome to Wow!

Our sweet holiday homes offer more than just comfort and a serene place to lay your head at night. These homes welcome you to a lifestyle you will love! Walk into kitchens that are the heart of the home and start preparing all the ingredients for an old-fashioned barbecue; the grills on our back deck allow you to take the fun outside into almost perfect pre-summer weather! Living rooms with comfy couches may be the spots you choose to nap in any other season, but gentle breezes and plush outdoor furniture may convince you that outside is where you want to be this holiday weekend! Offering the opportunity for picnics on private docks, boat rides across the stunning Smith Mountain Lake, and when the sun sets over the horizon, it doesn’t mean your fun is going to end as many of our lakeside homes offer fire pits to gather round on the cooler nights of the season! Tell ghost stories, lame dad jokes, or simply sit in the chairs enjoying the night sounds of Smith Mountain Lake. These quiet moments will be the ones you dream about when you head back into the house, ready to slip between the sheets of beds so comfortable that sleep will come easy!

Every Day Is Better Than the Last

Whether you decide to explore the history of the area with a visit to Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest or simply spend all your time on the sandy beaches of Smith Mountain Lake, every day is guaranteed to be better than the last when you choose Smith Mountain Lake for your holiday hideaway. Reserve your stay with us today!

The days, weeks, and months of our lives pass far too quickly as we fill the hours with work, school, chores, and traffic, and when it’s time to take a break, to get away and let the fresh air fill your lungs and the warmth and charm of your favorite vacation rental fill your heart, it’s time to see what Smith Mountain Lake has to offer! Easter is just a few short weeks away, and we think you’ve been working too hard. Drop what you’re doing and start your holiday journey to Smith Mountain Lake, and for just a few days leave all your worries behind!

Welcome Home!

 Although this isn’t your forever home, you will feel at home from the first moment you walk inside our holiday escapes! Kitchens that are bright and airy bring the joy back to cooking as you prepare an Easter feast, boil eggs for decorating and hunting, or simply sip on your coffee as you peer out the window over the sink, delighted by views that calm. Dining rooms are dominated by tables built for families, large enough for all the members of your traveling party to sit comfortably but not so large that they have to yell to be heard as you enjoy a family meal.

In the living rooms, there are plenty of spaces to places for Easter baskets and Easter decorations, and if this holiday is cool or wet, a fire in the fireplaces will warm you immediately! Families traveling with children will find plenty of places to hide eggs, allowing the annual egg hunt tradition to continue even if you are thousands of miles from home. And when the sun sets on another perfect holiday, retreating to cozy bedrooms that are warm and peaceful will be another highlight in a day filled with special moments. Our houses become homes when your family sleeps peacefully under their roofs, and we are grateful that you chose to spend your Easter with us!

Every Moment Is Worth Celebrating

The comforts of home are made special when you get to spend many of them sitting on the decks of your Easter hideaway watching the sun set, listening to your children laugh as they play on the lawn, and sharing quiet conversations with your favorite traveling partner. Every moment is worth celebrating when with family, and our homes will make those moments even more special. Reserve your stay today!

As we juggle work, school, friends, family, and whatever else life throws at us, we have a tendency to push those closest to us to the bottom of our to-do lists. They have to know you love them, right? And of course, they love you too. But even the tightest of bonds can loosen a little and your Smith Mountain Lake getaway is the perfect time to put a double knot on your relationship. This guide to date night hot spots near Smith Mountain Lake will ensure the fires of your love will burn hot and bright—no cold embers for guests who stay in our Vacation Rentals Smith Mountain Lake honeymoon hideaways!

Take a Cruise

The main reason you are here is to explore the beauty of the Smith Mountain Lake area, and a Virginia Dare cruise, located out of Moneta, is the perfect way to do so! Costing only $40 per person (This price includes food; it is only $25 if you don’t want to eat!), the cruise takes you on a tour of Smith Mountain Lake and includes visits to an antique carousel, island stops, and views of the osprey nests. Romantic and breathtaking, this beautiful cruise may be the highlight of your vacation!

Dining Out

We all know that the quickest route to any man’s heart is through his stomach and enjoying a delicious Italian meal from Vinny’s Italian Grill & Pizzeria will tell him you know what makes him happy! Food is the international language of love and a huge slice of handmade lasagna proves the love you feel is enormous. Located at 16547 Moneta Road in Moneta, this special restaurant is one of our favorites.

Dockside Parking Available

Many of our guests bring their own boats (or rent one while here) and spend their hours exploring all the wonders Smith Mountain Lake has to offer. If that’s your plan, we are sure you will be thrilled to learn you don’t have to go home when hunger pangs strike; Mango’s Bar & Grill, 16430 Booker T Washington Highway in Moneta, offers boat docks where you can park and head in for a meal, some refreshments, or during the summer months, some live entertainment guaranteed to get your feet tapping!

There’s No Place Hotter

It doesn’t get any more romantic than your vacation escape on Smith Mountain Lake! Reserve yours today and discover the joys of staying in with your favorite traveling partner.

We are so proud of the vacation rentals we offer to guests who fly in from all over the world, and that excitement shows in the way we present our homes to you. We love getting you just as excited about a particular home—in this case, our Log Cabin Retreat property—and we just have to talk to you about a little more than we normally would! This walkthrough of a very special space will help you decide if it has everything you need for your Smith Mountain Lake vacation getaway.

Charming and Spacious

A log cabin, any log cabin, offers a unique vacation experience, but this space has something extra that will make you never want to leave. From the red barn wood frame exterior surrounded by decks to the charming interior décor, guests know they are walking into something special from the start. The kitchen features a vintage porcelain sink, red cabinets, and a tongue and groove ceiling; all the elements combine to create a farmhouse kitchen that is the heart of the home. The dining area with its own fireplace and wood floors offers the perfect space in which to play games, put together puzzles, or enjoy a family feast. Located mere steps from the kitchen, its convenient location will make it one of your favorite spaces.

The warmth of the living room surrounded by windows and sliding glass doors—which allow you to look out on the Virginia scenery while keeping cozy inside—is enhanced with a stone fireplace, plush furnishings, and a colorful throw or two. Walk out onto the covered and screened-in deck on one side or the wide-open deck on the other and prepare to be awed; this lakeside cabin offers million-dollar views you won’t ever forget, and the dock at the end of the wood walkway is where hours of summer fun can be had! The three bedrooms include a master bedroom with king bed and a television to enjoy for a few minutes before you fall into a deep sleep. The other two bedrooms are spacious and bright, decorated with the same touches of red that can be found throughout the house.

Fire Pits, Hot Tubs, and Games for the Entire Family

Lake life is an experience with which you will fall in love, and our cozy cabin has all the extras to make it even more special. Simmer in the hot tub under the stars, gather round the firepit and tell ghost stories, or spend countless hours playing games that include checkers and pool with your ENTIRE family. This space is pet friendly (for an additional fee) so Fido does not have to be left behind. Reserve your time in our Log Cabin Retreat today!

The last ornament has been packed away and the final sip of champagne has been drained, while the new year stretches out before us like a field of freshly fallen snow. As often happens at this time of year, the winter blues begin to take over, but the best way to cure those blues is by making plans—plans to explore, plans to travel, and because Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday this year, plans to show the love of your life that the romance will never die! If your plans include a visit to Smith Mountain Lake and a stay in one of our vacation love nests, this guide to romantic activities will be all your Valentine needs to stay convinced you will love him or her forever!

Simply Beautiful

2020 was a rough year, yet your love stayed the course and will continue to with a little pre-planning during your Virginia getaway. A beautiful bouquet of flowers ordered from Smith Mountain Flowers in Moneta, her favorite pastry picked up in advance from My Way Bakery, and a fresh cup of coffee easily brewed in one of our fully equipped kitchens. Following these simple steps will make this Smith Mountain Lake romantic escape one that neither of you will soon forget!

The Couple Who Spas Together

Taking time for a little pampering is always a good idea, and on Valentine’s Day a couple’s massage offered by True Organics Spa at 130 Scruggs Road #104 in Moneta is the perfect way to do so! Offering a variety of packages for two, including a Spa Date Night that features rock and soul feet retreats, facials, and hot stone massages, this special activity will ensure that your Valentine’s Day starts (or ends!) on the right note.

Bonfire Under the Stars

The luxury amenities that come with many of our properties offer new ways to show your love. Sipp wine on the deck as the sun sets over the lake, share a moment in the hot tub in the cool night air, or cuddle together around a roaring fire, either in the fireplace inside or the fire pit next to the lake. Our homes are designed to spoil and pamper, and you and your Valentine deserve both. Reserve your Valentine’s Day hideaway today and fall in love all over again!

Not every traveler takes their annual vacation in the summer; some prefer the feel of a winter day on the lake as they hike, play, or sit and enjoy the views from the porch—bundled up, of course! Winter fun, however, can bring on a mighty appetite, and if you are traveling to the Smith Mountain Lake for your seasonal getaway, we have a feeling you will appreciate this guide to the best places to get a hot winter meal near your escape on the lake!

Jake’s Place, 1041 Harbour Inn Lane in Moneta

Everywhere we go in life, we tend to gravitate toward restaurants that make us feel welcomed, accepted, and well-fed, and Jake’s Place in Moneta is one of those places! Open for dine-in and curbside pick-up, its spot on Smith Mountain Lake makes it popular any season of the year, but in winter its hearty servings of everyone’s favorite comfort foods makes it the hottest spot on the lake! Offering a Sunday breakfast menu as well, we admit to loving every dish they serve, but for some of us, it is their drunken sirloin that has us coming back time and time again! Created with a thick and juicy steak that has been marinating the perfect amount of time, we like to add sauteed mushrooms and onions, and on the coldest days, the addition of grilled shrimp makes this dish the perfect winter meal.

Vinnie’s Italian Grill & Pizzeria, 16547 Moneta Road in Moneta

Nothing warms up a cold night faster than a hot slice of pizza accompanied by your favorite glass of red wine, and Vinnie’s Italian Grill & Pizzeria offers both, as well as an expansive menu of your favorite classic Italian dishes! Open for dine-in, curbside pick-up, and delivery which gives you more ways to enjoy that lasagna you crave, their calzones will change your life! Try the Original filled with mozzarella, ham, and ricotta, or the Chicken Florentine Calzone created with mozzarella, juicy chunks of sauteed chicken breast, ham, spinach, and fresh mushrooms. Although they have a large dessert menu, if you pass up the cannoli, you will never forgive yourself!

A Plethora of Choices for Winter Fun

No matter which of the many restaurants you choose, coming home each evening to the vacation home of your dreams promises to make your first choice the best choice! Contact us to reserve yours today!