Vacationing in Smith Mountain Lake can be filled with surprises, as you spend your days fishing, swimming, or just enjoying views of the lake from the deck of your vacation sanctuary and spend your nights exploring the restaurants and nightlife. We are a quiet community, and although you won’t find Broadway shows or charity soirees, the entertainment you seek can be easily found, especially when you stop by Bottles and Bites, a one-stop entertainment, dining, and shopping spot located at Mariner’s Landing!

Located at 2641 Lake Retreat Road in Huddleston

Wine isn’t just a drink, it is a way of life, and Bottles and Bites truly understands that we don’t always want to sit around with our pinky out, sipping expensive beverages and discussing its legs or lack of them. Sometimes, we just want a glass to enjoy while munching on nachos and listening to a talented piano man play the tunes we grew up with. Bottles and Bites doesn’t believe in pretensions, and they also don’t believe in following all the rules. They know not everyone enjoys a glass of the grape, and when your beer drinking wife wants a beer as she sits out on the patio with Fido at her feet, (yes, Bottles and Bites invites your fur children to join in the fun out on the patio!) she can sip her favorite brew while you sip yours! Bruno’s Lake Lager is the latest summer beer on tap right now and every sip tastes like your favorite season!

Also offering trivia nights, (where are all our Jeopardy fans?) the fun that will be had at Bottles and Bites is ever changing, but the sense of camaraderie and companionship never falters. Looking to sample a new wine but aren’t sure where to start? Friday night wine tastings have been a success, offering local wines and, of course, nights filled with laughter that you will never forget! Also featuring grab and go foods to be enjoyed at a picnic by the lake or in the dining room of your vacation escape, plus an intimate selection of wine related gifts, this one shop stop offers a perfect way to enjoy the laid-back lifestyle of the lake.

Lake Life Perfected

Even if your home away from home for the week isn’t located on the lake, our Smith Mountain Lake getaways all offer that lake life vibe. Reserve yours today!