As the calendar pages begin to flip towards the spring months, another holiday, the last holiday for a while, suddenly looms large on their pages. Easter is held on April 17th this year and although it is not normally considered a traveling holiday, many of you will be combining your spring break with the holiday and joining us in our idyllic Smith Mountain Lake town! Offering peace, harmony, and an extra bunny hop towards happiness, our Vacation Rentals Smith Mountain Lake will bring you all the comforts of home, while this guide to all the fun you can have while you are here will ensure that every minute of your Easter in Virginia celebration will be filled with happiness and excitement!

Hiking at Sunrise

Easter is always a busy day and although you may not be enjoying a sunrise service on your vacation, a sunrise hike is our favorite way of greeting a new day! Make your way to Smith Mountain Lake State Park in Huddleston and start your morning on one of their hiking trails and watch the world come awake as the sky lightens from inky black to gray, pink, and finally that beautiful blue that can only be found in a Virginia town! After the sun has risen, keep your phone camera handy as some of the sights you come across the trails found at this park deserve to be immortalized forever!

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An Easter Dinner to Remember

Of course, not everyone has an abundance of energy to burn while on vacation, so maybe your family just wants to enjoy the day and then chow down on a dinner filled with all your favorite foods cooked by an expert chef. The Landing, 1217 Graves Harbor Trail in Huddleston opens on April 1st and may even offer a special Easter themed dinner for the holiday! Their regular menu never fails to satisfy, offering luxury dishes that include pork duet, flash fried calamari, and foie gras fried rice that will satisfy every appetite!

Vacation Rentals Smith Mountain Lake Homes are Made for Celebrations

Of course, you may have so much fun staying home and enjoying all the amenities of our holiday hideaways you may not want to leave! Prepare your own hearty feast in fully equipped kitchens, hide colorful eggs in the yard, or sit and watch the sun rise on comfortable decks that offer views you will never forget! However, you choose to spend your Easter holiday, spending it with us promises to be an experience of a lifetime! Reserve your favorite today!