What is it about a lake vacation that makes even the most ordinary of experiences turn extraordinary? Could it be long days spent playing at shore’s edge or frolicking in the waters? Could it be the sunsets that set the sky on fire every night? Or could it just be the opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of real life as you fill your vacation seconds, minutes, and hours with family, fun, and laughter? Whatever your answer is, as Easter draws even closer, maybe it’s time to start thinking about planning a special holiday in the place where the word family is always capitalized; Easter 2020 in Smith Mountain Lake could be exactly what your family needs! This guide will ensure that every minute of your stay is perfect.

When Easter and Halloween Collide

While traditions are important, there is always room for a change, and the trick or treat style Easter Egg Hunt offered by the town of Moneta offers a way to ensure no child is slighted in their egg counts! Many of the stores downtown will offer a basket of eggs, allowing every child to choose one from each stop. Everyone gets the same amount of eggs, so need for younger siblings to steal from older siblings’ basket, and one special egg will even contain a $100 bill! Will your child be the lucky one?

Feasting with Family

Easter Brunch is our second favorite part of the holiday, and there’s plenty of opportunities to explore the culinary map of Smith Mountain Lake, especially if you want a dining experience right on the water! The Virginia Dare offers sightseeing and specialty cruises on the lake, and we guarantee you won’t forget the beautiful views and tasty dishes this unique experience has to offer. For those seeking a meal a little closer to your holiday rental property, Peaks of Otter at 85554 Blue Ridge Pkwy in Bedford is famed the world over for their Easter brunch! Offering your favorite dishes (and some new ones you’ll love forevermore!), their dessert table is as close to heaven as we have ever been!

Stay in and Play

Our vacation escapes offer all the comforts of home, plus a little extra touch of convenience and luxury! Reserve yours today and discover the family Easter of your dreams! Learn more about us now.