Chances are you haven’t done much traveling this year and your travel journal offers page after page of blankness. The pandemic has affected every aspect of life in 2020. And even as things are slowly returning to normal, many of us are still working remotely and our children are returning to an online program at school, something we tend to think of as a mixed blessing. We at Premier Vacation Rentals Smith Mountain Lake, however, think you may be overlooking the brightest spot of this new work-from-home world: the realization that you can work from ANY home means it might be time to start planning that Smith Mountain Lake getaway you’ve been dreaming about!

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Workcation is the Word of the Day

When you choose one of our Smith Mountain Lake vacation escapes for your much needed workcation, the benefits to your peace of mind are endless! Falling asleep in soft beds every night, then waking not so early for your commute from the bedroom to the space you’ve claimed as your office is relaxing and comfortable. And because the internet works from anywhere, you’re not limited to the dining room table as a working space! Sip coffee on the deck as you Zoom with your coworkers, watching the envy in their faces as they spot the idyllic setting from which you are laboring. Phone meetings conducted from the bedroom with the windows wide open allow you views of Smith Mountain Lake. Lunch breaks taken on the dock will allow the peaceful sounds of the lake to lull you into a happy trance. Finishing off reports in front of a roaring fire on a rainy day will be just another moment that makes this getaway one you will never forget.

When booking your home, be sure to look for our lodging with “Premium” Wi-Fi/internet to ensure you’ll have the best connection! These homes have upgraded service and will help you get your work done right. While all of our homes do have internet, some still have slower connections, so double check when you book!

Logging Off for the Day

When the end of your workday arrives, you will happily put away your papers, close up your laptop, and turn off your phone, knowing the best part of your day is here! Spend your free hours watching the sunset, playing on the lake, or exploring the small towns that make up the Smith Mountain Lake area. Every day will be a new adventure when you choose Premier Vacation Rentals Smith Mountain Lake for your Virginia workcation. Reserve your stay with us today!