The days, weeks, and months of our lives pass far too quickly as we fill the hours with work, school, chores, and traffic, and when it’s time to take a break, to get away and let the fresh air fill your lungs and the warmth and charm of your favorite vacation rental fill your heart, it’s time to see what Smith Mountain Lake has to offer! Easter is just a few short weeks away, and we think you’ve been working too hard. Drop what you’re doing and start your holiday journey to Smith Mountain Lake, and for just a few days leave all your worries behind!

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Welcome Home!

 Although this isn’t your forever home, you will feel at home from the first moment you walk inside our holiday escapes! Kitchens that are bright and airy bring the joy back to cooking as you prepare an Easter feast, boil eggs for decorating and hunting, or simply sip on your coffee as you peer out the window over the sink, delighted by views that calm. Dining rooms are dominated by tables built for families, large enough for all the members of your traveling party to sit comfortably but not so large that they have to yell to be heard as you enjoy a family meal.

In the living rooms, there are plenty of spaces to places for Easter baskets and Easter decorations, and if this holiday is cool or wet, a fire in the fireplaces will warm you immediately! Families traveling with children will find plenty of places to hide eggs, allowing the annual egg hunt tradition to continue even if you are thousands of miles from home. And when the sun sets on another perfect holiday, retreating to cozy bedrooms that are warm and peaceful will be another highlight in a day filled with special moments. Our houses become homes when your family sleeps peacefully under their roofs, and we are grateful that you chose to spend your Easter with us!

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Every Moment Is Worth Celebrating

The comforts of home are made special when you get to spend many of them sitting on the decks of your Easter hideaway watching the sun set, listening to your children laugh as they play on the lawn, and sharing quiet conversations with your favorite traveling partner. Every moment is worth celebrating when with family, and our homes will make those moments even more special. Reserve your stay today!