When it comes to planning a vacation, booking your temporary home away from home usually evokes one of two emotions: excitement or frustration.

On one hand, sifting through lovely photos of freshly made beds and waterfront sunsets complement the fantasy vacation that you’ve been dreaming about. On the other hand, getting lost in a sea of listings from budget travel sites can cause your eyes to glaze over in exhaustion. (Plus falling down a rabbit hole of angry 1-star testimonials from travelers complaining about everything from a flat pillow to a stray cat is fun for about three minutes.)

With so many options for choosing the best vacation accommodations, how do you know if you’re making the right decision? After all, if you’re investing a sizeable chunk of your vacation budget to lodging (which, aside from travel, is usually the largest expense), then you want to make sure that you’re making the right choice.

For your consideration, here’s a short list of things to consider when booking your Smith Mountain Lake vacation rental:

Who am I renting from? Booking through a reputable vacation rentals business, such as Premier Vacation Rentals, typically yields better results than if you book through an ad off of a social media or discount budget site. There are rules and regulations when it comes to vacation lodging, and an experienced property management company is going to abide by these restrictions. You’ll also want to make sure that you have a local point of contact to be able to help you with any unforeseen issues.

What is included with my rental? If you’ve never stayed in a vacation rental before, then take the time to see what is provided with your unit. At Premier Vacation Rentals we provide both a Pre-Trip Checklist as well as an FAQ to help you plan for your trip.

Is Wi-Fi available? Even though we live in a digital age, don’t assume that Wi-Fi is included with your rental, especially if you’re staying in a rural area. Premier Vacation Rentals allows guests to choose rentals that have both limited and unlimited Wi-Fi as an amenity option.

Can I bring my dog to my vacation rental? You should always check to see if pets are allowed within your vacation rental instead of assuming that they are approved to tag along. Dog-friendly properties are listed as an amenity option at Premier Vacation Rentals, so our guests may choose from cabins and properties that welcome your friendly, furry companion. However, that doesn’t mean that you’re not liable if your pet damages the property. Make sure that you carefully read over all of your paperwork before choosing your unit.

Booking a Smith Mountain vacation rental is both convenient and exciting through www.VacationRentalsSmithMountainLake.com. We provide lots of information on each of our rentals, including amenities, reviews, and photos. We have over 16 years of experience in rental property management and provide exemplary customer service and attention to detail. Learn more about Smith Mountain Lake’s most reputable vacation rental company by calling 540-797-0460 or book directly from our website.