After months of research, you’ve finally decided on your ultimate vacation destination: Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia. You’ve put in your time-off request from work, booked a pet sitter, and pulled out last season’s swimsuits to make sure that your summer fashion savvy is still on point. All that’s left to do is figure out where you’re going to stay.

When booking your accommodations for your trip, many of us default to a hotel or resort. Maybe there’s an assumption that hotels provide the best value, or that vacation rentals have few, if any, guest amenities (neither of which are true, by the way.) And while every location has a preferred lodging style that’s unique to the destination, when it comes to Smith Mountain Lake, a Smith Mountain Lake rental is by far the way to go. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Vacation Rentals Are More Comfortable. Let’s face it, unless you’re renting a penthouse in the top floor of a swanky resort, your hotel room is not going to be incredibly spacious. A vacation rental typically has far more square footage than your standard double-occupancy hotel room, which usually includes multiple bedrooms, a living area, and at least one full bathroom, if not more.
  2. You Get a Full Kitchen. If you’re going to be staying for longer than a couple of nights, then opting for accommodations with a full kitchen is worth it. Going out for every meal not only adds up, but it also means that you have to stop whatever it is you’re doing (i.e. boating, jet skiing, sleeping) to shower and put on real clothes.
  3. You’ll Have More Privacy. In a hotel or resort, you’re fighting every guest for a spot in the hot tub, pool, and parking garage. At a vacation rental, you and your guests have all of the included amenities to yourselves. At Premier Vacation Rentals, our guests have the option to book accommodations with a private beach, hot tub, spa, fire pit, and more.

If you never stayed in a vacation rental before, then head over to and check out all of our Smith Mountain Lake VA rental options complete with photo galleries, reviews, and full list of available amenities. You’ll quickly see that staying in a private, lakefront cabin with a full menu of amenities is the best way to vacation at Smith Mountain Lake.