After the wishbone has been snapped in two, the last present has been opened, and the final sip of champagne has been swallowed, we often find ourselves in a funk that seems to go on forever. With nothing to look forward to, we go back to school, back to our jobs, and back to the humdrum life where nothing exciting ever happens—which is exactly why this time of the year, the early months of the new decade, is the perfect time to plan your visit to Smith Mountain Lake! Offering something to look forward to as well as a chance to recuperate from the holidays with peace and tranquility, this year your funk will vanish within seconds of opening the door to your comfortable Smith Mountain Lake getaway.

It’s Ok to Do Absolutely Nothing!

After the hustle and bustle of the last three months, you may be forgiven for wanting to do absolutely nothing. Sleeping late in soft beds, reading a book in front of a roaring fire, or watching the sun set over the chilly waters of Smith Mountain Lake is just the right amount of vacation activity! Perhaps you’ve chosen one of our luxury properties and you are excited to experience the luxury amenities that accompany your home away from home. Soak in the hot tub on a cold winter’s night, feeling the bubbles soothe tired muscles as you stare up at the stars; how did you not know there was so much light in the night sky in the winter? When was the last time you took a moment or 20 to appreciate its beauty? An afternoon nap, an evening of mindless entertainment in front of the television, or even an hour or two spent working on that puzzle you bought for the family are great ways to relax during your Smith Mountain Lake getaway!

But If You Want to Get Out and Play

The cold beauty of Smith Mountain Lake in the winter is a sight to behold. Take a hike around the lake and through the Blue Ridge Mountains to explore the beauty of the Smith Mountain Lake region. For a more sedentary experience, a visit to the Hickory Hill Vineyards in Moneta for a taste of their product will lead to a peaceful afternoon!

Don’t Wait Any Longer for Your Smith Mountain Lake Getaway

Reserve your Smith Mountain Lake winter escape today; if you wait too much longer, summer will be here, and you will miss out on the tranquil beauty and incredible views of Smith Mountain Lake in the winter! Reserve your Smith Mountain Lake getaway today!