With all the goings on of the last few months, you need this Smith Mountain Lake vacation more than ever before. But because you’ve learned all too well the rules of self-quarantining and social distancing, you may be wondering if this is a good time to travel anywhere! Well, we’re here to tell you, that now is the PERFECT time for a getaway, and when your journey brings you to Smith Mountain Lake, this guide to isolated activities in Smith Mountain Lake you can participate in will make this vacation one better than you dreamed it could be!

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Experience Lake Life to Its Fullest With These Activities in Smith Mountain Lake

Anyone who has ever spent much time on the water has probably experienced a moment or two of pure glee. Sitting on a boat in the middle of the lake, listening to the quiet slap of the waves against the bow, the sounds of the birds flying overhead, and possibly, off in the far distance, the buzz of a wave runner and the happy laughter of its rider. But even these sounds will fade away, leaving you enjoy the peace and quiet of almost total isolation as you feel the lake breezes kiss your cheeks and the sun gently beating down on your shoulders. Find a secluded cove and drop a line to catch the night’s dinner and revel in the joy that accompanies this getaway in paradise!

Sunday Drives on a Monday

Remember how tortuous we used to think Sunday drives were when we were children? Our parents would drive for years (or so it seemed!) with no particular destination in mind, only stopping when car sickness would overtake us or one of our siblings! Today, however, we cherish those memories and long to recreate them with our own children, and the roads that go through the Smith Mountain Lake area are the perfect ones to take. Offering breathtaking views of the forests that run alongside the roads and scenic spots to stop and enjoy a picnic, there are no wrong turns on these Virginia highways and byways, just delicious detours you will never be able to get enough of!

Why Leave?

Our vacation properties are designed to spoil and pamper, so if you should choose to take a day to do nothing more than enjoy their charms, no one will judge! Sleep in late, simmer in the bubbles of the hot tub on the deck or practice your cannon balls into the lake. These homes are not conducive to hard work and chores, but they will definitely make you fall in love. Reserve yours today! Learn more about us.