As you begin planning your amazing vacation to the Smith Mountain Lake area, you may already be compiling a list of activities to participate in, even if your vacation won’t take place until the summer months. Your excitement is well founded, and we at Premier Vacation Rentals Smith Mountain Lake think we have something to add to your list, something unique, unusual, and probably something you never would have dreamed possible: a ski trip to Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre, where the most popular winter sport in the world can take place during every season under the sun thanks to an engineering miracle created by Britton Engineering. This guide to the fun you can have at Liberty Mountain will make your getaway shine even brighter!


What Is Snowflex?


Located at Candlers Mountain Road in nearby Lynchburg, Liberty Mountain offers an artificially designed snow that can simulate the snow that falls gently to the ground in the winter, and as it pads the surface beneath your skis, it allows you to shoosh down the slope, wearing your favorite tee instead of being all bundled up in your winter’s warmest. A padded cushion helps protect your areas that may not be as nicely padded during falls! Perfect for snowboarding or skiing, Liberty Mountain offers even more ways to play, including trampolines, equestrian rides, climbing walls, and even a bowling alley; the fun never ends during your visit to Liberty Mountain! Also offering special events that take place regularly over the year, including stargazing, mountain biking, and hiking events, all destined to add to your vacation fun, you may find yourself wishing you had a place like this near your own hometown. But don’t be sad that you don’t; it just means you get to come back to Smith Mountain Lake more frequently and enjoy all the comforts and warmth of our Premier Vacation Rentals Smith Mountain Lake vacation sanctuaries!


Find Your Joy


The good times don’t end with the taking off of your skis when you choose Premier Vacation Rentals Smith Mountain Lake for your vacation home away from home! Spend your days exploring the adventures offered by Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre and your evenings and nights enjoying all the comforts our exciting vacation rentals offer. Reserve your favorite today and discover the difference a vacation property designed to meet all the needs of today’s travelers can make in your vacation experience!