Is enjoying year-round skiing, snowboarding, and tubing near Smith Mountain Lake really possible? It’s true! Just over an hour away from our beautiful lake is the Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre, a premier attraction for winter sports in every season. The center is part of Liberty University, a private Christian college in Lynchburg. Find out everything you need to know about this fun attraction!

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Visit the Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre

The Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre was first designed in 2005 to give students of the university a unique sporting experience while using the college’s mountain property. The ski and snowboard slope is made out of “snowflex,” a unique dryslope material.

The center offers tubing, skiing, snowboarding, and bag jumping.

What is Snowflex Made Out Of?

Liberty University has an informative description on its website, but to summarize: it’s layers of soil, gravel, cushioning, and the Snowflex material. These layers create a snow-like experience. It’s both slippery and has grip. This surface stays consistent all year-round, so no need to worry about it getting iced over in the winter.

Go Back to School

It shouldn’t be a surprise that there are plenty of great lessons available at Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre. After all, it’s part of Liberty University! The center offers ski and snowboarding lessons. The Snowflex mountain is a more comfortable surface on which to learn. It’s padded, making it easier to fall without injury, and it’s consistent. You won’t have to worry about the quality or type of snow. The Snowflex surface is always ideal!

Choose from the Standard Lesson Package or the Next Level Package, both of which can be tailored to beginner, intermediate, and advanced students.

If you’re visiting Smith Mountain Lake during the summer, consider signing up for the Next Level Summer Overnight Camp! This camp is offered to any East Coast skiers, snowboarders, or skateboarders looking to improve their skills. There are two weeks offered. The first week in 2018 is June 18 to 23, and the second is June 25 to 30. Registration ends early 2018 so sign up soon!

If you don’t have a whole week to dedicate to the camps, there are summer day camps offered as well. The day camps are aimed at elementary school children who want to learn how to snowboard or ski. The session includes a morning coaching session, a lunch, afternoon activities, and a freeride session. Registration for the 2018 camps end early in the year, so be sure to sign up soon!

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