When booking vacation rentals, you may have noticed that each unit specifies the maximum number of allowed occupants. For example, a larger cabin may state that it “sleeps 4” whereas a smaller rental may only provide accommodations for one or two people.

As you scroll through the photos, you may think to yourself, “I can definitely stick so and so on that couch,” or “if we sleep two to a bed, we can bring a few extra guests and cut down on costs.” It’s a tempting thought, but it’s actually against the law.

Homes are not zoned as commercial properties, and county laws restrict how many occupants can be allowed within a residence. By having more than the posted number of occupants, you’re violating county laws and potentially creating an unsafe environment for your guests. Each county has its own set of regulations for short-term rentals, so it’s important to know the laws of your specific area.

These regulations also carry over to events, such as family reunions and weddings. There are specific permits and fees associated with hosting day events, and failure to abide by these regulations could get you in a lot of trouble. If you’re unsure about what is allowed, then you should always ask your rental company.

At Premier Vacation Rentals, we provide all of our guests with an FAQ concerning vacation rental rules and regulations within our properties. We strongly encourage all of our guests to familiarize themselves with the county laws and restrictions for both Bedford County and Franklin County. If you have any questions about planning your Smith Mountain Lake vacation, call 540-797-0460 and speak to one of our experienced vacation rentals specialists.

The bottom line is this: obey the rules. It keeps you out of trouble and keeps your guests out of harm’s way.