As the last couple of months have shown us all just how important it is to be able to do things freely and without restrictions, by now you’re probably champing at the bit to get out from under the roof of your home sweet home. And although planning your vacation to Smith Mountain Lake has been an activity that has kept your mind off your troubles, you may not know the area well enough to find all the fun that can be had—especially the outdoor fun you’ve been craving! Our guide to outdoor activities for you to enjoy during your stay in one of our Smith Mountain Lake properties is designed to give you the vacation you’ve been dreaming of and the peace of mind you have been seeking.

Amuse Yourself With These Smith Mountain Lake Activities

Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of daily life, we forget about the simpler adventures that used to bring us so much joy, but at Hot Shots (13360 Booker T Washington Highway in Moneta) it suddenly becomes easier to remember! This family amusement center offers miniature golf and bumper boats, and hamster balls and canon blasts for your outdoor enjoyment. Hamster balls, you ask? Of course, we’re talking about the human-sized versions that are fun to play in on the water during a long summer’s day!

Play at the Park

Outdoor adventures are that much more fun at a park, and the Smith Mountain Lake State Park, located at 1235 Rd 888 in Huddleston, is one of our favorite places on the list of Smith Mountain Lake activities to play! Offering hiking trails, picnic spots, and a public beach that is perfect for tanning, reading, or taking a quick nap, a day spent at this beautiful park is guaranteed to be the highlight of your already spectacular Virginia getaway!

That Small-Town Charm

This part of Virginia doesn’t offer big city glitz, but we can promise you won’t miss it at all when you visit any of the small towns that make up the region. The small-town charm of Bedford, for example, will quiet your mind and bring a smile to your heart as you explore the center of town. Historic and unique, spending a few hours exploring the shops, restaurants, and entertainment will be amongst the best of your entire trip. And even though you will be wandering in and out of the business of Main Street, be sure to stop at the Dairy Queen, 1502 Longwood Avenue, for the quintessential summer treat.

Coming Home to Our Homes

Every day will be filled with fun, love, and laughter, but the good times won’t end at the door of your summer escape. Offering warmth, comfort, and style we all love, your moments spent with us will be memorable ones. Reserve your stay today! Be sure to learn more about us now.