Not every traveler takes their annual vacation in the summer; some prefer the feel of a winter day on the lake as they hike, play, or sit and enjoy the views from the porch—bundled up, of course! Winter fun, however, can bring on a mighty appetite, and if you are traveling to the Smith Mountain Lake for your seasonal getaway, we have a feeling you will appreciate this guide to the best places to get a hot winter meal near your escape on the lake!

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Jake’s Place, 1041 Harbour Inn Lane in Moneta

Everywhere we go in life, we tend to gravitate toward restaurants that make us feel welcomed, accepted, and well-fed, and Jake’s Place in Moneta is one of those places! Open for dine-in and curbside pick-up, its spot on Smith Mountain Lake makes it popular any season of the year, but in winter its hearty servings of everyone’s favorite comfort foods makes it the hottest spot on the lake! Offering a Sunday breakfast menu as well, we admit to loving every dish they serve, but for some of us, it is their drunken sirloin that has us coming back time and time again! Created with a thick and juicy steak that has been marinating the perfect amount of time, we like to add sauteed mushrooms and onions, and on the coldest days, the addition of grilled shrimp makes this dish the perfect winter meal.

Vinnie’s Italian Grill & Pizzeria, 16547 Moneta Road in Moneta

Nothing warms up a cold night faster than a hot slice of pizza accompanied by your favorite glass of red wine, and Vinnie’s Italian Grill & Pizzeria offers both, as well as an expansive menu of your favorite classic Italian dishes! Open for dine-in, curbside pick-up, and delivery which gives you more ways to enjoy that lasagna you crave, their calzones will change your life! Try the Original filled with mozzarella, ham, and ricotta, or the Chicken Florentine Calzone created with mozzarella, juicy chunks of sauteed chicken breast, ham, spinach, and fresh mushrooms. Although they have a large dessert menu, if you pass up the cannoli, you will never forgive yourself!

A Plethora of Choices for Winter Fun

No matter which of the many restaurants you choose, coming home each evening to the vacation home of your dreams promises to make your first choice the best choice! Contact us to reserve yours today!