As the months fly by at rates of speed generally only reached by rockets shooting into space, we tend to get a little afraid to look at the calendar. No one is ever ready for the big holidays to take place, and that includes Thanksgiving! Stressful, busy, and expensive, the holiday designated for being thankful often leaves us anything but—the good news is we think we have a solution. We would like to invite you to the tranquil and peaceful landscape of Smith Mountain Lake for your 2019 Thanksgiving celebration, and this guide to planning your Smith Mountain Lake getaway will help ensure that every minute is filled with smiles, happiness, and thankfulness!

Family Memories

Being able to spend time dedicated to what you and your immediate family want to do is the first thing you’ll notice that is different about this special getaway. Sleep in late and allow family members to wander outside to enjoy the exquisite views of Smith Mountain Lake and the mountains. If you can tear your eyes away from the lake long enough to form words, the conversations had on this spot will be the ones you will be thankful for long after you’ve returned home. Just remember, it could be chilly, so grab a jacket or blanket to wrap around you! Many of our rentals also feature fire pits which make the perfect spot to sit around outside.

Feast with the Family

Just because you are traveling during this holiday doesn’t mean you won’t be able to enjoy the traditional Thanksgiving feast. As a matter of fact, your options are pretty much the same as they would be at home, only with more peace and less stress! Create a meal from scratch in our fully equipped kitchens and discover the relaxation that comes from doing something you love on your own terms. If cooking is not your favorite thing to do, pick up a fully prepared dinner from any of the local grocery stores and enjoy the fruits of someone else’s labor without getting out of your pajamas! And finally, when you’re craving a feast that is served to you, many restaurants in the area offer buffets and brunches that will make your heart sing. The Landing in Moneta is one of our favorites!

Black Friday Deals

The time-honored tradition of Black Friday shopping is alive and well in the Smith Mountain Lake area. Some stores open at midnight on Thanksgiving night, others wait until early on Saturday to show off their impressive deals, but no matter when you decide to go, bargains will be found all around! Find gifts for your family back home or a present for that special someone; their joy will be yet another reason to be thankful you spent this holiday in Smith Mountain Lake!

Spend Your Thanksgiving by the Lake

What could be better than a Smith Mountain Lake getaway for Thanksgiving? Contact us today to plan your stay and enjoy the beauty of a fall holiday getaway in an equally wonderful vacation home!

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