As we move deeper into the coldest season of the year, many of us begin to feel a restlessness, a sense of needing something but not understanding what that vague need is all about. And then the answer dawns clear: Their itchy feet are telling them it’s time to travel! For those who understand the romance involved in a stormy lake under a gloomy sky, or the sight of their breath fogging the air, to Smith Mountain Lake getaway in the winter is the solution they’ve been waiting for all their lives!

Cozy and Warm

The first order of business, of course, is finding a place to stay, and our wonderful winter escapes are the only place you’ll want to look! Offering spaces that are cozy and warm, especially when you choose one with a fireplace, our properties will be the highlight of your getaway, with fully equipped kitchens that are cheerful and bright and dining areas that serve as spaces to eat dinner or spots to play board games and put together puzzles. When was the last time you played a game of Monopoly with the family? Your Virginia winter getaway is the perfect time to change that! Tranquil bedrooms, bathrooms with jetted tubs, and backyards with fire pits for those brave enough to sit out after dark; every home we feature offers something special and unique!

Winter Adventures

Hiking in the snowy woods is a popular winter activity around here, but there is still so much more to do! Many of the vineyards and wineries in the area stay open throughout the winter, and a tasting of a winter red at Hickory Hill Vineyards in Moneta always goes down smooth. Families vacationing with younger children will appreciate the energy-burning activities available at the Lucky Duck Entertainment Center. Offering carnival games and climbing walls, the bungee trampoline is the star of the show. As children spend a few hours climbing, jumping, and running from activity to activity, parents can allow themselves a small smile of satisfaction as they realize that later that night, they will have plenty of alone time as their offspring sleep like rocks!

Reserve Yours Today and Plan a Smith Mountain Lake getaway

Experience the wonderland of winter in Smith Mountain Lake with a stay in one of our comfortable winter escapes. Our homes are as magical as the landscape!

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