When planning a vacation on the lake, the second most important part of that getaway is the home that you will be sleeping in every night of your stay. If it is too far from the lake, you will miss out on the night noises that help lull you to sleep, and if it is on the lake, but doesn’t offer a dock to tie your boat to, hammocks to relax in, and a fire pit to gather around on a cool summer night, can you really consider that you are living your best life? The Lodge at Smith Mountain Lake has all the above listed amenities, plus so many more, and this guide will give you a quick peek as to how wonderful your Smith Mountain Lake vacation can be!

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Tons of Space & Great Views

The open concept floor plan of the Lodge gives you your first hint that this getaway will be different, offering room to spread out and play while still managing to keep you included in everyone’s activities. Bookshelves filled with books and games line the walls of the space, leading you to the living room with its plush gray sectional, stone fireplace, and television, as well as floor-to-ceiling views of the lake outside. Here is where you will nap on a quiet Thursday afternoon, watch the big game on a Saturday night with the fire crackling merrily, and sit and read by those windows on a rainy Monday, not minding at all that the weather has put a damper on your lake activities. The dining room and its focal point, the large picnic table-esque located in its center, is another multipurpose space where games will be played, meals will be devoured, and coffee will be sipped with the rising sun. The kitchen, located just steps beyond, offers glass-fronted cabinets, a generously sized breakfast bar, and updated appliances that will help keep your vacation budget in line as you toss together meals that are quick, healthy, and delicious! A second living area offers more seating, another stone fireplace, and a full-sized pool table for hours of entertainment, and each of the bedrooms are comfortable, tranquil spaces designed to make you fall asleep easily and stay asleep the whole night through.

Lake Life for the Win

It is the outside areas that will burrow into your heart, as you sip wine with the setting sun on the deck that takes up the entire back of the house. Follow the concrete path to a secondary sitting area offering wood Adirondack chairs surrounding a fire pit and spend your evenings telling stories as you roast marshmallows over the flames. Continue your way down to the supersized deck where more seating can be found, including hammocks that are even more conducive to a good nap when the breeze off the lake hits you just right! Keeping the boat you rented tied to the dock will lead to impromptu forays on Smith Mountain Lake, zipping across the water, waiting for new views to open up around every bend.

Your Time with Us

Your time on Smith Mountain Lake will be brief but will leave an indelible impression on your heart when you choose the Lodge at Smith Mountain Lake for your vacation sanctuary—reserve it today!