When the rain begins to fall on your Smith Mountain Lake vacation, you may start to worry that the good times have ended, but we are here to tell you the fun is just beginning! Rainy days are just nature’s way of encouraging you to take a look at all the fun you can have indoors, and sometimes it can be a way of making you slow down and truly relax. This guide to rainy day activities in Smith Mountain Lake will ensure that your getaway includes everything you need to make it one you wish would never end.

The Past Comes Alive

There is no better time to explore the local museums than on a dark and rainy day, and there are more than a few options in the area. The Bedford Boys Tribute Center located in Bedford pays homage to those we lost in World War II and is the perfect option for families with military buffs. Poplar Forest in nearby Forest was once the retreat of Thomas Jefferson and offers a beautiful peek into the history of the area, as well as the history of our country! And the Bedford Museum & Genealogical Museum, also in Bedford, offers a complete history of the area and as you lose yourself in the exhibits of the past, you may not even notice that the rain outside has stopped; it is that engrossing!

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Take Some Time for You

The sky is gray, the ground is soaked, and you have not had a massage in far too long, making a spa visit the next thing on your to do list! You deserve to take some time for you, and True Organics Spa has the bundles, packages, and journeys that will make you wonder how you have gone this long without taking a spa day. The Journey to Nirvana is our favorite spa journey, offering four different services for your relaxation enjoyment!

A Good Meal

Sometimes the only thing that can bring a smile to your face on a rainy day is a good meal, something Liberty Station is especially talented at doing. Housed in a historic railroad station, the ambience is as fascinating as the food they serve is delicious, including everyone’s favorite comfort meals. The Harvest Pork is made with hand cut pork tenderloins perched atop homemade stuffing and then served with a thick and creamy sawmill gravy poured over the top; this dish will instantly transport you back to your childhood and the meals your grandmother used to make!

Enjoy True Comfort

Although all these activities are guaranteed to be fun, the comforts offered in our vacation homes may make you just want to stay home and relax, and we are perfectly ok with that decision! Reserve your Smith Mountain Lake vacation escape today and spend your rainy days feeling warm, dry, and cozy!