There’s a lot to fall in love with when you visit Smith Mountain Lake for the first time. From the tranquil beauty of the water to the verdant green of the countryside surrounding it, our breathtaking natural landscape is one of the top reasons we spend so much of our downtime outside. But it’s more than that. It’s the crispness of the morning air when hiking along the Peaks of Otter. It’s the bobbing of your boat in the waters of the lake. And it’s the take no prisoners award-winning Carvins Cove Mountain biking trails that make Roanoke and the surrounding areas the #1 East Coast Mountain Biking Capital you’re never going to want to leave!

12,000+ Acres of Paradise

Located just about an hour’s drive away from Smith Mountain Lake, Carvins Cove may not be an area you are familiar with, but in just a little while, you’re going to fall in love—especially all the mountain bike aficionados out there! And with Roanoke offering 4 out of the 10 most epic trails in the Blue Ridge Mountains, our guests could spend their entire getaway riding and never hit the same trail twice (unless they wanted to, of course!).

Some of the top Carvins Cove Mountain biking trails include the 2-mile-long downhill Gauntlet, the 1.5-mile-long up, down, and all-around Hi-Dee-Hoe, and the rough and ready Rattlin’ Run that lasts 2.8 bone-jarring miles. OG Line has the best jumps and Songbird is the fastest; these five are fun, but the good times don’t end here! Roanoke is home to the Mill Mountain Full Pull, Dragon’s Back/North Mountain, and the Rockstar Trail Bike Packing Route, which begins in Harrisonburg and ends 280 miles later right here in Roanoke. The last one is recommended for experienced bikers only, but if you have the skills, this route will be the one you remember for the rest of your life.

Planning a mountain biking expedition to the East Coast Mountain Biking Capital was the best idea the biker in your life ever conceived, and no one will hate you if you decide once is definitely not enough!

Experience Carvins Cove Mountain Biking Trails

The sweetest sight after a long day on the mountain bike trails will be the front door of your vacation home from Premier Vacation Rentals at Smith Mountain Lake Inc cheerfully greeting you and inviting you inside to relax, recharge, and re-energize. Your Virginia escape just keeps getting better and better—reserve your vacation rental today!