The world we wake up in today is vastly different from the one we experienced just a few short months ago, and with each newscast we watch and every news article we read, it changes even more, leaving us confused and more than a little frightened. Feeling as if we’re living in science fiction movie, we all feel unsure and alone, but the truth is we have never been more connected with people all over the world as they suffer through the same experiences. Whether they are sitting on their balcony enjoying views of the mountains of North Italy, a family room in Ohio helping their child struggle through math problems, or on the dock of a Smith Mountain Lake property listening to the unusual quietness of the evening, people all over the world are feeling the same way you do. And knowing you are not alone helps, if only a little bit, don’t you think? Here are some tips for COVID-19.

Tips For COVID-19 – Taking the Time to Do Our Part

To be honest, we’ve all asked for some time at home, but we doubt that any of us imagined it could happen this way! We are all doing our part to flatten the curve. We wash our hands, singing along to our favorite Beyoncé song to ensure we stay at the sink long enough. We wear a mask when we go out in public, and we worry whether our 8-pack of toilet paper will last till the shelves are filled again.

We are taking this time to rethink our properties. Are they comfortable enough? Bright enough? These properties that are used to the laughter and chatter of happy guests are feeling lonely, but that’s ok; the time we spend separate will be used to make them brighter and better than ever! Just as our own homes are cleaner and more organized than they have ever been before, we can take the time to do the same with our rental properties, ensuring that when the good times return, and they will, our Smith Mountain Lake getaways will sparkle and shine with a new life!

We Miss You

But we know that we will see you again soon. In the meantime, be safe, stay healthy, and hug your family tighter. These moments of togetherness won’t last forever!