Fishing just does not get much better than what it is at Smith Mountain Lake. Each year Smith Mountain Lake is frequented by amateur and professional anglers looking to make their biggest catch yet. Smith Mountain Lake is so popular with fishing due to its location and incredible fishing conditions year round. However, having Smith Mountain Lake ranked as one of the top 100 lakes in the country for fishing by Bassmaster Magazine does not hurt either!

The Best Fishing Ranking to Have

We are not tooting our own horn when saying we have some of the best fishing in the country. Bassmaster Magazine continues to provide in-depth knowledge and info to help professional and amateur fishermen alike, and their top 100 lakes rankings take frequent reviews and visits by professional fishermen who get to know the area into account. When we say that Bassmaster Magazine knows fishing, we mean it.

Smith Mountain Lake – Popular Fishing

Bassmaster Magazine continues to be impressed with Smith Mountain Lake due to its topography and inviting landscape. Smith Mountain Lake has been operating its bass fishing since the 1960s. Since then the lake has developed various beaches, boat ramps, campgrounds, picnic areas, and more. This not only invites the professional fishers but also the casual vacationers looking to make their catch too. Smith Mountain Lake features largemouth bass and other fish throughout the area. While many anglers report a denser area for the bass upstream, you will have an easier time in the lower section of the lake.

Tips from Bassmaster Magazine and the Pros

Learn from the pros on how you too can reel in your big catch at Smith Mountain Lake. Professionals recommend trying your hand at fishing during the spring and early summer seasons at the lake. During this time the bass will stick to shallow waters, making it easier for you to reel them in. From later summer to the fall the bass will dive further down in the lake. Make sure to use spinnerbait lures and Rat-L-Trap lures for best results.

Smith Mountain Lake is Waiting

Get ready for your next fishing excursion to Smith Mountain Lake this year. Our vacation rentals will keep you comfortable between every fishing trip out onto the lake. Let us help find the perfect vacation rental for your next getaway to Smith Mountain Lake.

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