Congratulations to the vacation rental team at Smith mountain Lake.

The team was Composed of owners from a luxury rental  home in the inventory,  and the owner of the company, Leslie.  These owners decided to get the owner of Premier Vacation Rentals @ Smith Mountain Lake inc , running again… so after no competitions for 15 years, and 2 weeks of training – this mixed team did come in 3rd overall. So thank you to those owners, that got me out again from behind the desk.. Next year we aiming to  win our division! The Smith Mountain triathlon is every year and the first weekend of May .

The Smith Mountain Lake Triathlon has become a popular destination for triathletes, mainly because of the location and temperate climate. The swimming portion of the competition starts and finishes at the Smith Mountain Lake State Park public beach, where water temperatures hover around the upper 60’s during the springtime (wetsuits are not mandatory, but recommended.) Both the 20K bike ride and the 5K run include a combination of rolling hills and flat terrain, providing a competitive experience for beginners and advanced athletes.

We will return to this event next year as well, so please come stay with us also in our vacation rental inventory at Smith Mountain Lake .

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