Your wedding is supposed to be the most important day of your life. Then why is it so stressful to plan one? One of the hardest parts of planning nuptials is finding accommodations for your wedding party. It’s become custom now to search for hotels in the area and reserve a block of rooms at a fixed price for your guests. But what if there was an easier way? The best way to arrange accommodations for your loved ones during Smith Mountain Lake weddings is by renting a gorgeous home from Premier Vacation Rentals!

Most people planning Smith Mountain Lake weddings don’t have the time to field questions about the best restaurants and places to visit in the area. With our free Vacation Guide, you won’t have to! We’ve listed the best places to eat, museums, historic sites, spas, and hiking trails in the area. Your guests will appreciate this easy-to-ready guide listing the best-of-the-best near Smith Mountain Lake. Download our free Vacation Guide today!

Where to Stay When Planning Smith Mountain Lake Weddings

While it may be common to reserve a block of hotel rooms for your wedding party, there are so many problems that arise from that custom. Often guests are unhappy with the choice of hotel. If members of your wedding party have children, it can be a struggle getting them to feel comfortable in such a strange environment. It seems that no matter how many times you ask, hotels never book your rooms close to each other. Most importantly, it’s uncomfortable for a bridge to get ready in a cramped hotel room.

Book a Rental Home for Your Wedding Party

Rental properties help with all of those problems. Premier Vacation Rentals has a great selection of homes nestled in the lakefront. We offer rentals that can accommodate up to 10 guests with plenty of room. If you have a large wedding party, consider booking one home for the bride’s party and one for the groom’s. Your bridal group will love being able to get ready together in luxurious accommodations in the view of beautiful Smith Mountain Lake! Our estates are a wedding photographer’s dream. There’s nothing like the gorgeous natural light for wedding photos, and we’ve got plenty of that at Smith Mountain Lake!

Book Now with Premier Vacation Rentals

When it comes to housing groups for Smith Mountain Lake weddings, the choice is clear. Book a property with Premier Vacation Rentals and enjoy the comfort and amenities of a luxurious home with a view that can’t be beaten! We even offer dog-friendly rentals, in case a member of your wedding party happens to walk on four legs. If you know how many members are in your party, you can start sorting through our homes by max occupancy. If you’re not quite sure how many people you’ll have joining you, you can just search through our full catalog.

Remember Premier Vacation Rentals when it comes to booking accommodations for your big day! We look forward to having you.