As 2020 careens towards the end, many of us have not made any plans for Christmas, as we just did not know what was going to happen. Fortunately, things are starting to calm down just a bit, and after spending so much of the year at home, we are looking forward to getting out and exploring the world once more! If your journey brings you to the festive shores of Smith Mountain Lake and stars a stay in one of our holiday homes, this guide to merry making will ensure that this Christmas at Smith Mountain Lake will be one over which you can rejoice!

Let the Celebrating Begin!

A Christmas getaway doesn’t always have to take place during the holiday; this special celebration requires at least a month of festivities, allowing travelers to enjoy the season beforehand and stay home where the heart is on the actual day. The annual Christmas Parade in Bedford, for example, takes place on December 5th, and if you sign up in time, you and your family can actually be a part of the parade! Glitz up your car and head to your assigned location in Liberty Lake Park and prepare to feel festive.

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Santa’s Helpers for a Christmas at Smith Mountain Lake

Shopping trips are anything but ordinary when you are shopping for Christmas gifts, and The Nested Magpie at 132 W Main Street in Bedford ensures that your part time job as Santa’s Helper will be an absolute success! Offering everything from apple décor to warm throws that will help you enjoy your zzzz’s on the sofa, this fun spot is one of our favorite spots in the entire Smith Mountain Lake region.

The Magic of Christmas

Of course, the beauty of our holiday hideaways may convince you that you do not want to be anywhere else for Christmas, and that’s ok! Our homes are designed to embrace weary travelers any time of year, but the magic of Christmas offers an extra sparkle to their shine. Hang stockings over the fireplace (the Nested Magpie might have a few if you have come unprepared), sip hot cocoa you made from scratch and gather round the television for a night of Christmas movies and general wellbeing. This holiday, more than any other, is made even more magical when spent with family and our family vacation homes make it easy to feel festive. Reserve yours today!