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As the months fly by at rates of speed generally only reached by rockets shooting into space, we tend to get a little afraid to look at the calendar. No one is ever ready for the big holidays to take place, and that includes Thanksgiving! Stressful, busy, and expensive, the holiday designated for being thankful often leaves us anything but—the good news is we think we have a solution. We would like to invite you to the tranquil and peaceful landscape of Smith Mountain Lake for your 2019 Thanksgiving celebration, and this guide to planning your Smith Mountain Lake getaway will help ensure that every minute is filled with smiles, happiness, and thankfulness!

Family Memories

Being able to spend time dedicated to what you and your immediate family want to do is the first thing you’ll notice that is different about this special getaway. Sleep in late and allow family members to wander outside to enjoy the exquisite views of Smith Mountain Lake and the mountains. If you can tear your eyes away from the lake long enough to form words, the conversations had on this spot will be the ones you will be thankful for long after you’ve returned home. Just remember, it could be chilly, so grab a jacket or blanket to wrap around you! Many of our rentals also feature fire pits which make the perfect spot to sit around outside.

Feast with the Family

Just because you are traveling during this holiday doesn’t mean you won’t be able to enjoy the traditional Thanksgiving feast. As a matter of fact, your options are pretty much the same as they would be at home, only with more peace and less stress! Create a meal from scratch in our fully equipped kitchens and discover the relaxation that comes from doing something you love on your own terms. If cooking is not your favorite thing to do, pick up a fully prepared dinner from any of the local grocery stores and enjoy the fruits of someone else’s labor without getting out of your pajamas! And finally, when you’re craving a feast that is served to you, many restaurants in the area offer buffets and brunches that will make your heart sing. The Landing in Moneta is one of our favorites!

Black Friday Deals

The time-honored tradition of Black Friday shopping is alive and well in the Smith Mountain Lake area. Some stores open at midnight on Thanksgiving night, others wait until early on Saturday to show off their impressive deals, but no matter when you decide to go, bargains will be found all around! Find gifts for your family back home or a present for that special someone; their joy will be yet another reason to be thankful you spent this holiday in Smith Mountain Lake!

Spend Your Thanksgiving by the Lake

What could be better than a Smith Mountain Lake getaway for Thanksgiving? Contact us today to plan your stay and enjoy the beauty of a fall holiday getaway in an equally wonderful vacation home!

Don’t forget to check out our amazing rental, the Log Cabin Retreat!

We get it, you don’t come to Smith Mountain Lake for the museums, the nightlife, or even the shopping. You visit our piece of paradise for the flamboyant sunsets, the serene water views, and the beauty of our natural landscape! Outdoors is best in this area, and these outdoor Smith Mountain Lake activities are designed to ensure you get to enjoy every second of your getaway!

Charter a Fishing Expedition

There’s no better way to worship the great outdoors in Smith Mountain Lake than with a pole in hand, and if your vacation home has its own dock (many do!), grab a lawn chair, a cooler, and your fishing gear and spend as much time as you can with your line in the water. If you want to go a different direction, however, chartering a fishing expedition through South Valley Anglers is another great option! Located at 7449 Fernway Drive in nearby Roanoke, they are passionate about fishing and eager to share their experience and knowledge with everyone.

Smith Mountain Lake Hiking

When it’s time to strap on a backpack and slip into your favorite Smith Mountain Lake hiking shoes, Smith Mountain Lake Park is the direction your feet should take you. Offering scenic views and clearly marked trails, your hike will be a memorable one! Open every day of the week from 8:15 AM until dusk and located 1235 State Park Road in Huddleston, it offers 13 trails for hikers of all skill levels, as well as the opportunity to visit a beach for some swimming or other water activities during warmer seasons. This park is going to be your new favorite way of getting outdoors and enjoying the beauty of Virginia!

Alpacas on Parade

Zoos are wonderful places to experience the excitement of wildlife, but when have you or your family ever had the chance to get up close and personal with an alpaca? If your answer is never, your luck is about to change during your stay in Smith Mountain Lake when you visit the Alpacas of Smith Mountain Lake Farm, located at 169-463 Morewood Road in nearby Hardy. Visitors can feed, touch, hug, and take selfies with these furry creatures gifted with cute and almost quirky faces when they reserve a tour of the farm.

Book Your Smith Mountain Lake Escape

Reserve your stay today in one of our vacation rentals and experience outdoor adventures of the smaller kind from the comfort of our back decks; it’s almost time for the beautiful colors of fall to take hold, and you won’t want to miss it!

Don’t forget to check out our amazing rental, the Log Cabin Retreat!

D-Day was a day that the entire world will remember throughout eternity, including right here in our small town of Bedford, where 20 of the 32 soldiers fighting lost their lives on the beaches of Normandy. This year marks the 75th anniversary of that horrible time, and what better place to commemorate the sacrifices and the heroism of our American soldiers than at Bedford’s National D-Day Memorial? Constructed in 2001, over 24,000 people attended the opening dedication, and we think the five-day commemoration ceremony taking place on June 5th through June 10th of this year will greatly surpass those numbers. This Final Salute is probably going to be the last milestone celebration featuring veterans from that the last World War, as even the youngest soldiers from that time are now in their 90s.

Time Marches On

We will never forget the significance of D-Day and the sacrifices made, and this event promises to be grand and emotional, featuring book signings and plaque dedications, parades filing through the streets of Bedford, WWII fighter plane flyovers in the skies, and stories told by survivors that will bring the past to life. Watch powerful, colorful, and emotion-filled screenings of Tuesday Mourning, which portrays our story and part in the war, as well as screenings of Saving Private Ryan, one of the most realistic portrayals of that awful point in time. There will also be USO shows performed by the Enduring Freedom Band, concerts, and chapel services. The list of activities is long and varied, and if you can make it, it will be well worth visiting the Memorial every day of this event.

The Profiles of Honor Mobile Museum is destined to be a favorite, filled with artifacts, exhibits, and mementos, not just from D-Day but from the entire war. Dignitaries from all over the world will be giving speeches in honor of those brave heroes we lost and the brave heroes that remain standing today. The Veteran’s Roll Call, held on June 6th, also promises to be an emotional moment that should not be skipped, and the reunions between surviving veterans will have even the most stalwart of participants breaking down in tears. Theirs is a bond that can never be broken.

With Full Hearts at Final Salute

As the sun sets each day of this emotional Final Salute, our guests have the comfort of knowing they are heading home to a vacation property designed to offer comfort; our Premier Vacation Rentals family escapes are designed for you. Reserve yours today!

As the beautiful summer days lengthen and the temperatures rise, you might find yourself looking for ways to keep cool in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Fortunately, the jewel of this region is also one of the best ways to enjoy your vacation, and keep cool in the process. This summer don’t miss out on the incredible Smith Mountain Lake activities available you and your family on – and in – the sparkling blue waters.

Watersports Galore

Want to look cool while staying cool? Try the hottest watersport on the lake this summer with wakeboarding lessons from Smith Mountain Wake Company. Strap yourself in to a high-tech wakeboard and hold on for dear life as you careen across the waves behind your powerboat-ride, grabbing air and enjoying the scenic shoreline. Perfect for the adventurous regardless of age, if you get good enough you can even enter one of the many competitions held throughout the summer. If the high-speed antics of wakeboarding are not for you, you can always enjoy a refreshing swim in the lake’s idyllic waters.

A Day at the Beach at Smith Mountain Lake State Park

Smith Mountain Lake State Park features a family-friendly beach that boasts plenty of sand, excellent swimming, and plenty of shady spots for a picnic. The kids will love alternating between the epic playground and the cooling waters of the beach area, and those who prefer something more active can enjoy shaded hikes through the woods, fishing, guided nature walks, and even nightly stargazing programs.

Smith Mountain Lake Community Park is great for those with kids young and old. Located on the Franklin County side of the lake, it features plenty of swimming spots and water activities as well as a fishing pier, a massive playground, and a lovely sandy beach perfect for lounging by the cool waters of this popular mountain lake.

With so much to do at Smith Mountain Lake, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Do you want to go for a sail, rent a powerboat, or hop aboard a jet ski for a spirited ride across the lake? The options for ways to keep cool and enjoy this beautiful lake are endless. Fortunately, deciding where to stay is much easier, thanks to the incredible selection of high-end luxury vacation homes from Premier Vacation Rentals. You can easily browse our beautiful lake homes and charming cabins, and then make your reservations online with ease. And while you will enjoy the included air-conditioning in our premier properties, we suspect you’ll find the lake a much more fun way to stay cool this summer. See you out there!

While there is plenty of beauty and relaxation to be had when you stay on the shores of the beautiful Smith Mountain Lake, you may want to take a trip to nearby Roanoke for a day of fun. There are so many great things to do in Roanoke, VA, from taking a food tour to visiting some of the great educational facilities. Discover three of our favorite activities in the area!

If you’re looking for more things to do in Roanoke, VA, download our free Vacation Guide! We’ve listed great area restaurants, hiking spots, museums, and historic sites, both in downtown Roanoke and near Smith Mountain Lake. You’ll also find our recommendations for fantastic wineries near Smith Mountain Lake, like Hickory Hill Winery and Ramulose Ridge Vineyards.

Don’t Miss These Fun Things to Do in Roanoke, VA

Explore the City on a Food and Wine Tour

Tour Roanoke has two fantastic food tours available. The first and most popular is the Downtown Roanoke Food & Cultural Tour. This tour lasts approximately three hours and will take you to seven tasting locations in the downtown area. During and between the samples, you’ll learn the history of Roanoke and how this has shaped its modern food scene. The other tour is the Sunday Brunch Tour. Like the Food and Cultural Tour, it lasts three hours. You’ll visit six restaurants, each with a delicious brunch sample. These tours tend to fill up quickly so book ahead of time!

Visit the Taubman Museum of Art

The Taubman Museum of Art is a must for any art lovers visiting the area. This is a great day trip for couples or families visiting together. Aside from the exhibits, there are plenty of fun programs and events that take place at the museum. Check out the calendar before your visit.

Visit the Mill Mountain Park and Zoo

Located off of the Blue Ridge Parkway, VA, Mill Mountain Park is considered an icon in town. It houses the famous Roanoke Star and the Mill Mountain Zoo. This 568-acre park offers plenty of recreation opportunities, from hiking to explore the Mill Mountain Wildflower Garden to enjoying a picnic. The Mill Mountain Zoo is always worth a visit.

Stay on Smith Mountain Lake

After you’ve explored these great things to do in Roanoke, VA, return to the peace, privacy, and quiet of Smith Mountain Lake. The “Jewel of the Blue Ridge” is the perfect destination for a relaxing vacation. We have a wide selection of properties available, from luxurious to budget-friendly cabins. There is even a selection of homes that are dog-friendly, so the whole family can come on vacation!

Consider renting Villa de Loch, a stunning five-bedroom, four-bathroom estate. It features a fire-pit, European stained-glass windows, and a pub room. That’s right, a pub room! On the upper level of the home, you’ll also find a theater room which boasts a 106-inch viewing screen. The kitchen is gorgeous: it features two propane ovens, quartz and granite countertops, and a bar counter with stools. The dining room is also incredible. It’s nearly surrounded by a large set of windows which overlook the lake, giving you the best view of the lake.

Check the rest of our rentals and book today! We look forward to having you.

Wine lovers should not miss the opportunity to explore the famous Bedford Wine Trail during their stay on the shores of Smith Mountain Lake! This is a great opportunity to get to know the area, explore the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains and getting a taste of some great wineries near Bedford, VA. Plus, when you visit all six wineries on the trail, you can get a free gift from the Bedford Welcome Center. Where else can you be rewarded for sampling incredible wines? This is definitely one of the best wine tours near Smith Mountain Lake and should not be missed.

Are you looking for more incredible wineries like the ones found on the Bedford Wine Trail? Download our free Vacation Guide! We’ve listed all the best wineries near Smith Mountain Lake, as well as local breweries. You’ll also find out about great annual events, like the WIne Festival in Smith Mountain Lake! It’s never been easier to plan your stay in Smith Mountain Lake!

Explore the Bedford Wine Trails

The first step to exploring the Bedford Wine Trail is printing out the map.This will serve as a helpful visual tool as well as proof that you’ve visited the vineyards. Simply ask an employee of the vineyard to stamp the map once you’re there. When you’ve gathered all six stamps, return to the Bedford Area Welcome Center to receive your free gift!

Hickory Hill Vineyards, Moneta, VA

The owners of Hickory Hill Vineyards turned their hobby into their profession when they planted a 250-vine vineyard on the banks of Smith Mountain Lake. Visit their tasting room and ask if you can get a tour of the facility! Be sure to visit the gift shop to bring a bottle home with you.

Leo Grande Vineyards & Winery, Goode, VA

Leo Grande Vineyards & Winery is the furthest from Smith Mountain Lake but is definitely worth the trip. This facility specializes in Italian varietals, though they say there is something for everyone here!

Peaks of Otter Winery, Bedford, VA

Peaks of Otter is the oldest Bedford, PA winery. They create quirky fruit wines, like the Cherry Cheese Cake or the Blueberry Muffin.

Ramulose Ridge Vineyards, Moneta, VA

Ramulose Ridge Vineyards started as a passion project for the owners and has since morphed into a successful and respected winery! They specialize in pairing their wines with cigars, which are available to purchase in the tasting room.

Seven Doors Winery, Huddleston, VA

Seven Doors Winery strives to provide organic and biodynamic wines to the public. Their selection has been curated to reflect the owner’s personal ethics. This is a must for anyone looking to expand their tastes!

White Rock Vineyards & Winery, Goodview, VA

White Rock Vineyards & Winery has a little bit of everything. From beers to wines to fun events, you’ll have plenty to do, see, and taste when you visit.

Stay with Premier Vacation Rentals

After you’ve visited the sites on the Bedford Wine trail and have collected your free gift, return to the luxury of a gorgeous home from Premier Vacation Rentals. We have a wide selection of homes, from luxury collection to cozy cabins. No matter your preference, we will have the perfect place for you to stay during your Smith Mountain Lake Vacation.

Take a look at our properties and book today! We look forward to having you.

Are you searching for an incredible romantic getaway in the VA mountains? Or are you looking for a lakeside cabin in which to spend a romantic weekend? When you stay in a Premier Vacation Rentals in Smith Mountain Lake, you won’t have to choose. You can have that perfect Virginia romantic weekend getaway with a gorgeous view of the Blue Ridge Mountains while staying in luxury home or cabin on the lake’s edge. Enjoy the best of both worlds with Premier Vacation Rentals!

It’s easy to plan your romantic getaway in the VA mountains when you download our free Vacation Guide. We’ve listed our favorite restaurants, shops, outdoor attractions, and historic sites in the area. No matter what type of romantic trip you’re planning, we can help. Plus, you’ll get a look at the best hot tub cabins and secluded cabin rentals in Virginia! Spend less time planning your trip and more time enjoying it with our free Vacation Guide!

Plan Your Romantic Getaway in the VA Mountains

Tour Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest

This historic site, once Thomas Jefferson’s private retreat, has been meticulously reconstructed and maintained since its opening. From the gorgeous home to the surrounding land, you’ll love exploring Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest. Take one of the many tours during your visit to learn everything you need to know about the man and the land. Make sure to check the events page before your visit to see if you can attend any special presentations or celebrations.

Catch a Show at Opera Roanoke

Is there anything more romantic than opera? This passionate art form has been a classic date night for centuries. Continue this tradition by seeing a show at Opera Roanoke. From classic operas to more modern musicals, Opera Roanoke always features amazing talent. 

Take a Cruise from Virginia Dare

Do you want to experience Smith Mountain Lake but you don’t want to rent a boat? Then take a cruise from Virginia Dare Cruises! This is a great way to tour the beauty of Smith Mountain Lake from the people who know it the best. You’ll start near Smith Mountain Lake Park and finish at the Smith Mountain Lake Dam. You can also enjoy a meal during the Lunch, Dinner, Sunday Luncheon, or Hawaiian Cruises.

Visit a Smith Mountain Lake Winery

We are so fortunate to have some incredible wineries near Smith Mountain Lake, VA. Spend an afternoon touring the vineyards and sampling the wine at one of the nearby wineries. Chateau Morrisette is a great option. It features an incredible on-site restaurant that’s been called one of the most scenic in America.

Stay in a Premier Vacation Rentals Cabin or Luxury Home

When you’re picking your luxury cabin for your romantic getaway in the VA mountains, choose from Premier Vacation Rentals incredible selection. Consider renting Lakeside Cabin, a rustic, cozy cabin hideaway that’s nestled on the shore of Smith Mountain Lake near the Blue Ridge Mountains. This two-bedroom, one-bathroom home is perfect for a private weekend escape. You’ll love relaxing by the stone fireplace or in the screened porch among the canopy of trees. Make sure to take advantage of the luxurious hot tub on site. Browse the rest of our rentals and book your room today! We look forward to having you.

Every September, the waters of Smith Mountain Lake fill with classic and antique boats. No, it’s not a film set or a strange flashback. It’s the Annual SML Chapter ACBS Antique Boat Festival & Show! Or, as locals refer to it, the Smith Mountain Lake Boat Show. For years, boat enthusiasts have been coming to the lake to show off their vessels and admire other beauties. Don’t miss this unique event, only at Smith Mountain Lake!

Looking for other great annual events, just like the Smith Mountain Lake Boat Show? Download our Vacation Guide. Inside, you’ll find a list of yearly festivals, like the Wine Festival in Smith Mountain Lake or Smith Mountain Lake Oktoberfest. You’ll also find our recommendations for restaurants, historic sites, and boat rentals near the lake. Planning your trip to Smith Mountain Lake is easy with our free Vacation Guide!

About the Smith Mountain Lake Boat Show

Every year in mid-September, boaters and boat enthusiasts gather at Mariners Landing for the Smith Mountain Lake Boat Show. If you have a boat you would like to bring, you can as a participant. There, you can choose whether you’d like to simply display your boat on the water or have it judged by the Smith Mountain Lake Chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society, who throw this great event every year. There is also a Youth Judging Event, where young boat enthusiasts aged 7 to 11 can choose the boat they feel most deserves a special award. This event aims to encourage the next generation of sailors to learn about the hobby and help preserve the legacy of classic and antique boats. The young judges will be given a crash-course on judging a boat before making their decision.

Register Today!

Aside from the opportunity to display one’s boat and have it judged, registrants participate in an exclusive pre-show event. It allows participants to take a look at the other boats on display and enjoy a meal. Registrants can also choose whether they’d like to take a post-show cruise. This is a great opportunity for visitors to Smith Mountain Lake to get a feel of The Jewel of the Blue Ridge.

Attend the Smith Mountain Lake Boat Show

The event, which typically takes place on a Saturday, is free to attend and runs all day. Aside from admiring the incredible vessels, you can also browse through the vendors! They’re selling the latest and greatest in boat supplies and safety gear. Whether you’re an experienced sailor or just starting out, this is a great opportunity to learn about cutting-edge technology in the world of boating.

Stay with Premier Vacation Rentals

When you attend the Smith Mountain Lake Boat Show, make sure you’re staying in one of Premier Vacation Rentals’ beautiful nearby properties. The Lake House, our beautiful four-bedroom, two-bathroom cabin, is located just 10 minutes away from Mariner’s Landing. This stunning waterfront home comes complete with a hot tub, fire pit, and an incredible surround-sound theater. You’ll enjoy beautiful sunsets from your dock on the lake, perfect for hitching your antique or classic boat! This home is also pet-friendly, so the whole family can join you on your incredible Smith Mountain Lake vacation. Browse the rest of our properties and book your stay today! We look forward to having you.