When you think about your Thanksgiving celebrations over the last few years, what stands out the most? Do you have warm and fuzzy memories of happy family members, great food, and an overall feeling of well-being? Or do you remember working for weeks to get the house clean, spending a small fortune and hours of preparation on a feast that is demolished within minutes of being finished, and ending the day with a sigh of total exhaustion after the last guest left and then realizing you still have a mess to clean in the kitchen? If the latter is what you remember best, why not make a new Thanksgiving tradition and head to the hills—Smith Mountain Lake to be more precise—for a peaceful, relaxing, and fun-filled day? A trip to the Blue Ridge area of Virginia will change the way you look at Thanksgiving forever. Read on to discover all the things to do in Smith Mountain Lake, VA

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The Quiet is Blissful

Waking up to another quiet day on the lake, the only sounds you will hear will be the ones that nature provides: the trees whispering in the wind, the quiet splash of the lake as the waves crash against the docket, perhaps even the mournful call of birds who haven’t yet migrated south for the winter. Grab a throw blanket off the sofa, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and walk out to the porch for a quiet moment of reflection as you prepare for a different kind of Thanksgiving—one that revolves around your wants and needs.

Take a Hike

By now, the colorful leaves have mostly fallen to the ground, leaving behind a landscape of stark beauty, allowing you to see what foliage has hidden until now. Put on your hiking shoes, grab your camera phone, and take some time to explore the beauties of this Virginia treasure; Smith Mountain Lake is a haven of peace and tranquility and you want to make sure you never forget this walk.

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Enjoy a Thanksgiving Meal Prepared and Served by Others

Although your vacation rental is located in a quiet community, your choices for a Thanksgiving meal are numerous. A short trip by car leads you to Roanoke and a Thanksgiving Buffet of good old-fashioned comfort food at restaurants like 419 West, Maw & Paw’s Diner, or Billy’s. For those looking for a more traditional Thanksgiving meal, The Swinging Bridge Restaurant offers a turkey dinner in front of a roaring fire. And if you are a daring sort, why not try a meal completely unlike any Thanksgiving feast you have tried before? Cedar’s Lebanese Restaurant and Taaza Indian Cuisine are both open for the holiday and promise to offer a taste experience that will tantalize your taste buds and bring a smile to your stomach.

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The Choice is Simple

Reserve your Smith Mountain Lake vacation rental today and spend your Thanksgiving holiday the way it should be spent: counting your blessings as you spend time with the ones you love more than all others!