When it’s time to shake off the stress of daily demands and responsibilities and enjoy a vacation far from the grind, picking a place that speaks to your interests and inspiration is key to success. For some, creating an unforgettable adventure begins with booking a trip where the mountain slopes beckon and adrenaline-pumping fun is always a top priority. For others, there’s nothing more appealing than a tropical paradise where emerald waters and sugar-white sands collide seamlessly. While both destinations hold undeniable value, for the traveler that can’t wait to immerse themselves in mountain beauty while staying close to lakeside fun at all times, a trip to Huddleston, Virginia promises to be the ideal getaway choice!

Between the scenery, charm, on-the-water fun, and unique attractions that await, Huddleston promises to be a place that will have you returning time and again to make the most of it all. While this is generally considered a year-round destination to enjoy, those who pack up and hit the roads and skies in pursuit of time well-spent in Huddleston in the summer and fall are in for a treat! Huddleston is only a short distanced from iconic Smith Mountain Lake which sits at the foot of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and comes with plenty of lush, surrounding terrain to inspire the mind and senses. A stay in Huddleston puts you in proximity to an impressive 500 miles of Smith Mountain Lake shoreline and a whopping 20,000 acres of water just waiting to be explored!

For the summer and fall traveler that can’t get enough of time in the great outdoors, Huddleston is a place that allows you to trek, discover, and explore your way through a stay that features some of Mother Nature’s finest work. For those that can’t wait to capture the essence of their vacation through dining, shopping, and entertainment—Huddleston has plenty of that too. While every trip to Huddleston is easy to customize according to travel preference thanks to the abundance of options for fun, the following are a few activities, stops, and attractions you won’t want to miss out on when you’re making your way to Huddleston this year.

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Things to Do While You’re in Town: From State Parks to Sensational Wineries

If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in Huddleston in the summer or fall, you’ll quickly realize that the weather is on your side when you’re in the mood to make the most of outdoor fun. Not to worry, this area offers up scenery in abundance and one of the best places to make a comprehensive moment of the best of it all is Smith Mountain Lake State Park. This sprawling oasis of outdoor fun spans an impressive 1,148 acres of land—plenty of space to indulge in the fresh air and discover something new while you’re here. Smith Mountain Lake State Park is located at 1235 Road 888 in Huddleston right in the heart of Bedford County snuggled along the inspiring shoreline of Smith Mountain Lake itself.

Smith Mountain Lake State Park is conveniently open daily in the summer and fall between 8:00 am and dusk, making it a flexible add-on your itinerary whenever you’re ready to get out and enjoy nature at its best. Many visitors come to Smith Mountain Lake State Park to enjoy a picnic with family alongside the water. That said, this park encompasses the second largest freshwater lake in Virginia—so it comes as no surprise that many visitors also head this way during the summer and fall to take advantage of time on the water! Smith Mountain Lake State Park is the perfect place to enjoy a day of fishing from the pier, rent a boat and enjoy time on the waves, or put on a swimsuit and take a dip in the fresh waters which have clearly designated swim areas.

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Additionally, Smith Mountain Lake State Park is the perfect place to spend time with the entire family, particularly if your traveling crew is inclined to lace up their hiking boots and hit the trails. This state park features a fantastic maze of pathways that cater to hikers of all ages and abilities as well as special summer programming led by rangers that introduces guests to the incredibly complex ecosystems that allow this area to thrive.

For all of the outdoor fun and adventure that’s waiting to be enjoyed in Huddleston, a summer or fall trip this way can also include a luxurious and savory touch when you make time to visit some of the area’s most delightful wineries. Perfect for the visitor that can’t wait to indulge in local flavors, Huddleston is home to a few great stops that shouldn’t be missed. Among the best to add to the list is Seven Doors Winery.

Located at 5800 Johnson Mountain Road in Huddleston, Seven Doors Winery is a one-of-a-kind experience that’s sure to be a highlight of any Huddleston adventure. Those interested in a tasting session will find a scenic location waiting to greet them as well as an abundance of options when it comes to flavors. Seven Doors Winery sets itself apart with its firm focus on creating both organic and biodynamic wines produced using sustainable and spiritual practices too. When you arrive at Seven Doors Winery, the flavor and processes revolve around a sense of tranquility that’s undeniable. The combination makes this stop popular amongst guests looking to enjoy a tasting experience as well as those booking weddings, parties, and special events.

Beyond wine tasting, Seven Doors Winery is a place where you can spend some time seeking balance and internal reflection. This one-of-a-kind Huddleston location offers guests the chance to book yoga classes within their pristine setting, as well as wine meditation experiences and even fire celebrations! All of these are designed to help visitors access purpose and meaning within a beautiful life.

Smith Mountain Lake Wineries

Places to Shop and Explore in Unique Fashion

When summer is winding down and fall is rolling around, there’s really no better time to combine shopping options with savory delights when you’re visiting Huddleston. The best place to begin your shopping adventures that come with a delicious twist is Buffy’s Blueberries. Located at 1038 Capital Hill Road in Huddleston, Buffy’s Blueberries is a fully-functioning farm featuring no less than four acres of blueberries that are available for purchase in over 12 varieties! Blueberries thrive in growth during the latter part of summer and can continue to be available through the end of September in prime growing years. If you find yourself in Huddleston in the middle of summer, July is the best time to pick blackberries from the Buffy’s Blueberries fields. When you’re done picking berries, guests will want to take time to catch up with the farm’s Emu who goes by the name Harvey. Buffy’s Blueberries also hosts chickens and farm-fresh eggs are available for purchase year-round. Summer visitors will be privy to the freshly picked vegetables grown on this farm which include everything from squash and cucumbers to enticing tomatoes too! If you’re a planner, take note that self-picked berries are available for $4 per pound. In the event you prefer on-site staff to pick berries for you, the price increased to $6 per pound. Whether you jump into the field yourself or are excited to see what’s picked on your behalf, time at Buffy’s Blueberries is bound to be an amazing and insightful experience—not to mention delicious.

When you’re looking to expand your shopping and exploring adventures a bit beyond Huddleston’s scenic parameters, you won’t have to go far to find something truly unique. Head over to Hardy and enjoy an afternoon at the Smith Mountain Lake Alpaca Farm for an experience that’s one-of-a-kind and endlessly inspiring! Much as the name indicates, this alpaca farm is home to a herd of fluffy alpacas that are waiting to be enjoyed and admired by guests. Tours of the farm are readily available upon request, but perhaps the most interesting aspect of this farm is the on-site store they host. Here, visitors can shop a variety of products, items, and apparel that are made from the soft alpaca wool fibers. Pick up some incredible souvenirs and spend time learning about sustainable agriculture and these amazing creatures when you put the Alpaca Farm on your itinerary.

Get Golfing in Huddleston Style

For many travelers, it’s hard to imagine a getaway of any type without at least some time set aside to enjoy a round of golf or two. For these folks, time on the greens is the greatest way to enjoy a vacation and if you fall into this category, booking a tee time at the Mariner’s Landing Golf and Country Club is essential when your summer or fall plans bring you this way. Located at 2052 Lake Retreat Road in Huddleston, the Mariner’s Landing Gold and Country Club is a premier golf destination amongst those who find their stride on the fairways.

Those that value a scenic round of golf will find plenty to be pleased about when they book a round at Mariner’s Landing Golf and Country Club. Mariner’s Landing encompasses 1,000 acres of rolling Bedford County terrain that’s both lush and picturesque, providing just the right scene for a game of golf quite unlike any other.

The Mariner’s Landing Golf and Country Club is open daily between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm and comes complete with a pro-shop, club amenities, and on-site dining options that are sure to satisfy.

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Restaurants to Enjoy

One of the joys of travel is often finding those eateries that stand out from the crowd. When you’re planning things to do Huddleston in the summer or fall, exploring local restaurants is likely to top your list of to-dos as well. While there are many savory options to choose from, there’s something special about a meal enjoyed at The Landing. Situated at 1217 Graves Harbor Trail, The Landing is an iconic stop with good reason. Here, amazing lake views and stylish décor are paired with sensational New American fare selections on the menu. Service is impeccably friendly, and The Landing proves to be a place just as well suited for a romantic night out as it is for dinner planned with family and friends. While sandwiches, pasta, and soup options are readily available at The Landing, main course selections range from Chilean seabass and sweet and spicy shrimp to Pittsburg Filet and rotisserie-style chicken! There’s something for everyone at The Landing, and when a mouthwatering meal is paired with a waterfront view, it’s easy to want to return once again.

If you’re willing to make a 15-minute drive from central Huddleston to enjoy live music, a high-energy atmosphere, and the seafood selections made to match, a dinner enjoyed at Drifter’s in nearby Moneta promises to please. Drifters is located at 1617 Crystal Shores Drive and is a family-friendly stop that serves up sensational burgers, pizza, seafood, and pasta options waterside. Feel free to pair your plate with the perfect handcrafted cocktail as live music fills the surrounding space and the sun sets over the water. It’s a moment you won’t soon forget.

Places to Stay in Huddleston

Planning a fall or summer getaway to Huddleston comes with plenty of options for getting out and making the most of the fun, but knowing you have accommodations booked that keep you close to the heart of the action and living comfortably when you aren’t out exploring can truly elevate the experience!

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