As you start seeking out adventures for you and your valentine to enjoy together during the most romantic day of the year, a visit to Smith Mountain Lake should be at the top of your list! Offering quiet moments that will linger in your memories for a lifetime, sweet surprises around every corner, and wintry sunsets that will take your breath away, this guide to romantic activities will ensure your sweetheart will remain yours! When you add in a stay in one of our cozy properties, this getaway will be absolutely perfect for Valentine’s Day in Virginia!

Keep It Simple

Sometimes the most impactful experiences are the simplest, and a walk along the shores of Smith Mountain Lake can be the most romantic activity of all! The quiet of a winter evening, the feeling of his hand in yours, and the sight of that Virginia sun setting over the water are the moments you’ll never want to forget.

A Toast to Your Love

You know how lucky you are to have found the one who makes your heart smile. She looks so beautiful as the sun shines down on her and he gets so much more handsome with each year that passes; drink a toast to your love with a wine tasting at Hickory Hill Vineyards in Moneta! Voted one of the best winery’s in the area for six years, Hickory Hills offers an award-winning selection of wines, most of which have been created from grapes grown right on the property. The charming farmhouse holds the wine tasting room and celebrates the history of the family that owns the vineyard and the region in which it is located.

Sunset and Candlelight Meal

The time-honored tradition of a romantic meal for Valentine’s Day stays popular for a reason—it really works! The Landing Restaurant in Moneta is one of our favorite places for a romantic dinner, offering candlelight at the tables and a view of the sunset over Smith Mountain Lake through the windows. The menu is sophisticated and tasty and changes with the season; their Lomo Saltado (Peruvian beef stir fry) brings warmth to your soul as it fills your stomach. And, of course, as you raise another toast to your love, you’ll never forget this moment right now. Isn’t it amazing how it just keeps getting better between you?

Romantic Ambience and Valentine’s Day in Virginia

The romantic ambience continues after the sun has set when you come home to one of our cozy and warm vacation rentals. Reserve yours today!