If you want to experience down-home fun in Appalachia, a visit to the 46th annual Blue Ridge Folk Festival is a must. Here you get to experience great food, local musicians, dancing, tractor viewing, moonshiners and lots of other activities that are reminiscent of the life and culture of the Blue Ridge region. This Blue Ridge Music Festival is a great way to truly experience the culture of the locals as they share their livelihoods and traditions. This festival is the largest event of its kind in Virginia, and you certainly won’t find another festival quite like it anywhere in the area. With local artists, food vendors, performers and other participants offering their own special experience of the Blue Ridge, most of the activities, events and even foods are something you won’t experience any place else.

Events Galore of Blue Ridge Folk Festival

Held on the Ferrum College campus, this festival offers a day filled with various events. There are several music stages featuring music from local and regional performers covering genres from Bluegrass to gospel. There are also a number of livestock and animal events such as the team horse and mule log skidding contest, the horse pulling contest, classes on sheep herding and much more. Make sure to check out the tractor shows featuring both antique and the latest tractors. You’ll enjoy learning about moonshine, canning fruits and vegetables and participating in an assortment of crafts at the various workshops. There will also be tons of activities for the little ones at the Blue Ridge Farm Museum.

Come to what was described by the NY Times as one of the most “authentic” festivals around. The Blue Ridge Music Festival offers you the opportunity to learn more about the Blue Ridge region and thoroughly enjoy the rich local culture and traditions. The admission is affordable, there is plenty of free parking, and tons of good food and activities to keep you thoroughly engaged. Click here to browse through our amazing vacation rentals, and learn more about us!

October 26, 2019
Ferrum College campus
10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Rain or shine)
Admission: $5-$10, Kids five and under are free