The Best Asked Questions Concerning Our Smith Mountain Cabins


Sorry, No, the maximum occupancy for each home is determined by the county regulations for short term vacation rentals. We cannot make any exceptions, as per the law. Any party exceeding this number can be evicted without a refund. Bedford County is any occupant over the age of 2 (each home is licensed with a permit corresponding to their septic allowance) Franklin County is any occupant over the age of 5.

Children over the age of 2 are considered in the total occupancy as per the Bedford County regulations and laws. Children over 5 count as per Franklin County laws established.

Sorry, no parties are allowed at any of the homes. Only weddings with a fee and family reunions with an additional fee. Also no more than stated occupants per home can be allowed for these events, as per County Laws, homes are not zoned commercial- therefore the fees to have a day event are substantial.

There is a limit to the number of cars that you can bring to single family homes, all cars must be parked off street, in accordance with local, and state fire laws. So please ask about space limitations when making your reservation.

Each home varies, you must ask about each specific one. We do allow later check outs in fall, winter and spring with a late checkout fee. Winter is the most flexible time;however our hot-tub homes have been back to back at times. Best to call and before booking and make any arrangements at time of booking.

Best to call in to book, ASAP. We take anywhere from 5 to 30 reservations a day across the board on all homes 7 days a week. We have had people miss out by just 30 minutes on a home they wanted.

On-line booking is also available at this time, as well and whoever books first gets the home

Check-in is at each home, we can meet you there. We are the only company on the lake that provides this service. This is for your convenience.

Each year our homes in the summer are back to back, we ask that you refrain from checking in early, so that our inspection team, hot-tub personnel, and cleaning crew can have adequate time to perform their duties, cleanings and inspections. There is an early check in fee during spring, winter and fall. There is an early check in fee in fall, winter and spring. There is also a late check out fee as well in fall, winter and spring.

Each home is individual and we will provide specific lists once booked. Please see our Pre-Trip List for more information and each home for specifics.

Some of our homes provide high speed service, sort thru the list, by checking off the Internet option. Some Internet service is limited, and you may incur more charges. Other homes have the opportunity to offer unlimited. Please review and check off exactly what you need before you book the home

At Limited high speed homes, you cannot stream movies, videos or games without incurring a substantial charge, due to the providers at the lake. Homes with limited high speed at this time are due to the carriers and location of the homes and NOT what the owner is selecting.

Verizon, At&T Hot spot and Sprint Phone HotSpots also work here, at all of our locations, in various capacities.

The Virginia Games and Inland Fisheries website is a great source for boating regulations and safety.

There are several marinas on the lake that rent pontoons, jet skis, and ski boats. Please see our activity page for more information. Our company has a private boat company that once you are booked with us – we give out the phone number to have a pick up and drop off right at your private dock.

Yes, we have several dog friendly homes. There is a dog fee that varies per home. Sorry we do not accept cats, birds or any other type of animal, except for dogs, at specific homes. Some homes are 1-2 dogs only.

You must have a fire pit provided by the owner, in order to have any fires on the land.  You are not allowed to bring one. All fires in fire pit are generally after 4pm.. All wood must be bought locally for fire pit. NO home provides wood for the fire pit.

There may be a time/ weeks when No fires are allowed on the land in accordance with the VA state fire bans. This does occur, so you must check with us upon check in or go to our web site to see if there are any fire bans in place. Even if there is a fire pit, you may not burn during a fire ban.  The local fire stations also have this in writing outside of their stations.

Some of our homes have a private beach, so please call us for those, or use the sort filter beach on our web site. Smith Mountain Lake State Park located on Smith Mountain Lake Parkway has a beach and playground as well as hiking and biking trails.Generally,this is about 5 miles from any of our homes.

Please make every effort to leave the home the way you found it and observe the following, so that you do not incur extra charges:

  • Make sure you remove all of your belongings including food. We are not responsible for items left behind.
  • Make sure you leave any items that belong in the house.
  • Take garbage to the dump or to the on-site garbage containers, but do not leave outside of the container. There will be deductions to the security deposit for trash left at the property. Note: some of our homes provide trash pickup for your convenience, only occurs once a week. The home owner pays for this service and we are limited to the only trash provider at this lake-which only picks up once a week on a defined day by service provider.
  • Clean the grill.
  • Wash and put away dishes
  • Wipe the refrig or oven of any spills that may have occurred.
  • Put furniture back the way you found it, including patio furniture.
  • Please make sure all dog feces is disposed of properly, if a dog is allowed at the property, for the next family and so that the dog friendly homes can remain dog friendly.

The Home, Yard and Hot-Tub will be inspected after your stay, as well as before your stay and thecleaners and hot-tub service personal will arrive within 5-15 minutes after departure time.