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Adventure Seeker’s Journey

If you are seeking some adventure in your life, you may want to consider a visit to Smith Mountain Lake. With the beautiful nature and varying terrain, there really is so much to see and do while in Smith Mountain Lake. The wonders of nature offer not only amazing sightseeing opportunities but also the chance to take a walk on the wild side. The following are some interesting activities in Smith Mountain Lake for the risk taker and adventure seeker.


A visit to Smith Mountain Lake is not complete without a visit to the assorted natural caves. Caverns are a must see while visiting Smith Mountain Lake. These natural cavernous structures descend more than 34-feet and are filled with tons of twists and turns to explore. There is a cost for admission, and various caverns are open seasonally from March through November. Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing also offers a number of outdoor climbing activities for solo or group adventures.

Aerial Smith Mountain Lake Tours

Why not experience the beauty of the lake from up high with an aerial Smith Mountain Lake tour? There are several companies that offer aerial tours in the Smith Mountain Lake region. With an aerial tour, you can combine your love of nature with a unique flying experience. Bedford Landings Air Tours offers 30-minute aerial tours for up to three people at one time at a maximum weight of 500 pounds. Another aerial tour provider, Star Flight Training, offers an hour-long tour of Smith Mountain Lake. For the best scenic views, consider an aerial tour during sunrise or sunset or even during leaf peeping fall season.


What is Smith Mountain Lake without a little fun in the water? The lake is a perfect backdrop for all types of water activities in Smith Mountain Lake. If you are looking to experience something a bit different beyond the usual boating and fishing, consider Black Water Junction Wakeboarding. This company is a cable park that offers a variety of drops and elevations for those that love to wakeboard. They also offer private lessons for beginners and those looking to increase their wakeboarding skills.

The Best of Adventurous Hiking in Smith Mountain Lake

While on the water fun and sky-high adventures that provide for unsurpassed views of the beautiful terrain are bound to please, Smith Mountain Lake is a destination where outdoor adventurers can always find more to enjoy in the way of hiking as well! Whether you’re a novice trekker or someone who has indulged a lifelong passion for getting out on the trails and connecting with nature, this area has a variety of routes that are worth checking out. The following are just a few to help you round out your adventurous itinerary to Smith Mountain Lake.

Turtle Island Trail

When a scenic view is a top priority and you’re looking for a hiking route that’s suitable for travelers of all ages, Turtle Island Trail is the place to start. This inviting pathway meanders along eye-catching waterways and through lush foliage but is an easy enough path that everyone in the family will enjoy it. Dogs are allowed on the Turtle Island Trail as long as their leashed and you’ll want to be sure to set aside enough time to make the most of the entire 1.2-mile loop that’s waiting for you!

Buck Run Trail

For a bit more of a challenge in the great outdoors, Buck Run Trail is a moderately difficult pathway that’s sure to please hikers who are excited to get out and explore during their Smith Mountain Lake adventure. The trial is accessible near Huddleston and is a 2.5-mile that boasts an elevation gain of 242 feet in total. As long as they’re leashed, dogs are more than welcome on the scenic Buck Run Trail which is just as popular with hikers as it is with enthusiastic mountain bikers.

Interpretive Trail Loop

When you’re the type of hiker that loves to combine the challenge of a trek with great options for wildlife watching and bird spotting, then the Interpretive Trail Loop is a great choice for you. This enticing trail extends just over 3.5 miles providing plenty of terrain to explore as well as options for encountering some incredible creatures along the way. This loop enjoys an elevation gain of 331 feet and is just as popular for walking as it is amongst trail runners. Leashed dogs are more than welcome to enjoy the trail alongside their owners and those who love to bird spot will find a variety of local and migratory species to observe—so make sure to have your binoculars in hand!

If you are interested in experiencing the more daring side of Smith Mountain Lake, make sure that you have the necessary lodging accommodations in place. At Premier Vacation Rentals, we’ll make sure that you have a comfortable, luxurious place to relax after a day of thrill-seeking at Smith Mountain Lake. To book your vacation rental and to learn more about activities in Smith Mountain Lake, contact us today!

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