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Dog Lover’s Journey to Smith Mountain Lake

If you are a dog lover that is planning a trip to Smith Mountain Lake, have no fear. There are plenty of pet-friendly places and activities that you can enjoy. The natural terrain of Smith Mountain Lake makes it one of the most pet-friendly areas in the region. Whether you’re looking to just enjoy some time in a park or take a more adventurous approach to sightseeing, you’ll definitely be able to find something that you can enjoy with man’s best friend.

Man’s Best Friend & the Great Outdoors

If you are vacationing or just simply visiting Smith Mountain Lake with your dog, rest assured that there are plenty of places that will look out for man’s best friend. Many of the trails throughout Smith Mountain Lake are pet-friendly, and you can enjoy various Smith Mountain Lake dog-friendly activities. Carvins Cove Natural Reserve consists of over 12,000 acres of land as well as a 630-acre reservoir. While the reservoir is off-limits to dogs as its water supply, there are over 40 miles of trails that your dog can travel on with you. Whether you are enjoying the trails for walking, running or biking, you have the comfort of knowing that your trusted furry friend can tag along. Smith Mountain Lake State Park is another place where dogs are readily welcome. Here you get access to the water for fishing and the land for a variety of uses. There are 13 Smith Mountain Lake dog-friendly trails that you and your dog will enjoy trekking while in the park. Click here to check out some of these hiking trails.

Keeping Fido Happy

If you plan on visiting Mountain Lake with your dog, it is important that you know of all the places that you can get the necessary items that your dog will need. Poofy Pets Boutique offers an assortment of pet supplies as well as grooming and spa services for your dog. The Moneta Farm & Home Center has a dedicated Pet and Equine Center that is fully-stocked with the all the pet essentials for your dog. When traveling with your dog, it’s always important to know about the local pet store and their stock.

Dining with Man’s Best Friend- Smith Mountain Lake Dog-Friendly Eateries

One of the hardest things about traveling with your dog is finding a place where both you and your dog are welcome. There are several Smith Mountain Lake dog-friendly eateries that allow dogs to be on the premises at the outside tables or patio. Waller’s is a restaurant that has a diverse menu with everything from steamed shrimp to bacon cheeseburger quesadillas and steamed shrimp. At Waller’s, your dog gets a bowl of cold water to enjoy while you enjoy your meal. Another popular dog-friendly restaurant is Jake’s, which serves up such foods as barbecue, nachos, and wings. Dogs are allowed on the lower deck, and they are also provided with a bowl of cold water to drink.

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