There are plenty of reasons to pack your bags and head central Virginia, but for those who have a passion for history, politics and beautiful scenery, Poplar Forest is often reason enough. This meaningful local situated at 1542 Bateman Bridge Road in Forest, Virginia was once the primary retreat home for Thomas Jefferson. In a life lived very much in the public eye, Jefferson required a place away from the crowds where he could relax, unwind and enjoy time spent indulging a variety of hobbies in a beautiful setting. He set about constructing Poplar Forest in light of this need and today, the home, grounds, and gardens remain intact for visitors to come browse, visit and enjoy. A stop at Smith Mountain Poplar Forest is always educational, but there’s something particularly special about taking part in Garden Day. Integrated into the greater Lynchburg Garden Day Itinerary, this event is one designed to inspire gardeners and historians everywhere.

Garden Day Specifics – Smith Mountain Poplar Forest

The first Garden Day of 2020 will be hosted on April 21st between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm. This event falls during the Garden Club of Virginia’s Historic Garden Week, meaning participants will have the opportunity to mix and mingle with many other gardening enthusiasts looking to be inspired by the sights. At Poplar Forest, Garden Day means the opportunity to explore Jefferson’s many ornamental gardens on-site as well as the octagonal villa. Jefferson was an avid gardener who put thought, passion and design into gardens that have stood the test of time. Experiencing these gardens up close is a great way to take a step back in time and understand Jefferson on a new level. European landscapes and one of a kind designs are both present within the gardens and are often great conversation starters for participants looking to unearth Jefferson’s passions.

Today, the Garden Club of Virginia is charged with the restoration and care of these gardens and takes great pride in their commitment to authenticity. Participants on the Lynchburg Garden Itinerary will enjoy access to Poplar Forest on Garden Day but in the event you’re not part of that specific tour, general admission to Poplar Forest is an alternative route to enjoying Garden Day events as well as making time to view the rest of the area, home and grounds.

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