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Health and Wellness Journey to Smith Mountain Lake

Smith Mountain Lake is a perfect place to visit if you are seeking some time away to focus on your own health and wellness. The simplicity of the natural landscape, as well as the serenity that is offered by being close to nature, makes it a perfect choice for anyone that is looking for a low-key getaway where you can focus on yourself. The following are some suggestions for those considering a health and wellness journey to Smith Mountain Lake.

Get Active on your SML Vacation

A visit to Smith Mountain Lake (SML) is not complete without enjoying nature. Getting outside and becoming active is one of the best ways to ensure that you are living optimally. Your SML Vacation provides a host of natural resources for you to enjoy and improve your overall health. Whether you choose to take a run along the many trails located throughout Smith Mountain Lake State Park or Jefferson Poplar Forest, there is plenty of space here for you to make your physical well-being a priority. Let’s not forget the public and private beaches that are at your disposal for some sunrise or sunset meditation and yoga sessions. Make it a mission while you are here on your SML Vacation to become one with nature at Smith Mountain Lake.

Centering with Yoga

If you happen to be in Smith Mountain Lake and you’re looking for a yoga studio, there are several in the area. The Centre at VitaZen is a popular yoga studio that offers yoga classes for level one beginners all the way up to the advanced level four practitioners. This studio also offers yoga workshops to help you learn more about the holistic benefits of yoga. If you would prefer to practice your asanas solo, you can always go to one of the public beaches or one of the parks and perform your yoga practice outside with the grounding energy of nature.

Getting Out on the Water and Casting a Line

You might not have time during your getaway to find a meditation center where you can enjoy a tranquil moment led by a certified instructor– but that doesn’t mean Zen isn’t achievable during your Smith Mountain Lake Journey. In fact, time on the water has shown to be its own form of meditation for many people and accessing beautiful waves to enjoy during your stay is never difficult in this area! Whether you rent a boat for the day, join up with a guided tour, or plan to spend time casting a line from a pier, making the most of these reflective moments is enhanced by the watery view. Making the experience even better is often the fact you can enjoy these quiet moments on the water settled in next to the people you love most! When you want to get out on the water but definitely want to avoid anything that’s fast, consider booking a canoe or kayak for the day. The structure of these vessels guarantees you’ll be focused on the journey and will leave any moments of stress far behind.

Rent a Bike and Hit the Trails

The many trails that weave their way through scenic Smith Mountain Lake State Park are ideal for hiking your way to wellness, but many are also suitable for those that prefer to enjoy the journey on two wheels. You don’t have to look far to find bike rental services in this area. The team at the on-site visitor center is happy to help get you set up with bikes that can be rented by the hour or for the day depending on how much exploration you’re looking to fit into your itinerary. Both paved and dirt pathways are part of the Smith Mountain Lake State Park terrain, and many pass by idyllic spots for stopping and enjoying a peaceful picnic lunch with your fellow cyclists.

Improve Mental Health with a Focus on History and Art

It’s easy to fall into the assumption that health and wellness focus on the body, but making time to cater to the mind is just as important! Visiting inspiring museums is a good way to immerse yourself in new knowledge and find reasons to be inspired by new topics and subjects along the way. Head over to nearby Roanoke when you’re looking to spend a day museum-hopping in style. This destination has many inviting stops to choose from including the Taubman Museum of Art and the one of a kind Roanoke Pinball Museum!

Staying Healthy at Smith Mountain Lake

When traveling, it can be hard to stay on track as it relates to your health and wellness. During your SML Vacation, you can visit several natural food stores to ensure that you always have healthy snacks and other products that you need. Head over to the VitaZen Natural Food Store where you will find a host of supplements as well as other natural products such as essential oils, natural skincare and haircare products, and much more. You’ll be pleased to discover that VitaZen carries many of the popular health and wellness name brands that you are accustomed to such as Aura Cacia, Nature’s Way, Nature’s Alchemy and J.R. Watkins