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Smith Mountain Lake Vacation in Winter

While many people venture to Smith Mountain Lake to experience the beauty and the versatility of the water and the surrounding nature, even during the colder winter months, Smith Mountain Lake still offers several engaging experiences. Whether you are looking to enjoy nature or simply partake in the seasonal winter events, you are sure to be just as entertained and delighted by your winter Smith Mountain Lake vacation.

Blue Ridge Parkway

The Blue Ridge Parkway offers over 469 miles of beautiful, natural scenery that you can explore via foot on the trails or via vehicle. Those considering a visit to this particular parkway are encouraged to download the Blue Ridge Parkway travel planner mobile app in order to get the latest updates on trail conditions and the best sightseeing in the area. The parkway is a jewel for anyone that enjoys walking and hiking through nature and viewing wildlife.

Spring Valley Farms and Cabins

During your Smith Mountain Lake vacation, head over to Spring Valley Farms and Cabins to visit the animal farm. This farm is specifically known for its horse riding. They have a number of patient professionals onsite to assist those that are interested in riding a horse along the trails. Children can even ride on a pony around the lake with the assistance of an instructor. If you would rather sit back and enjoy the horse ride, the farm does offer carriage rides as well.

Smith Mountain Lake Entertainment at the Harvester Performance Center

With the winter season comes a host of events and activities that you can partake in at the Harvester Performance Center. This performance center is quite intimate holding just 475 seats. You’ll enjoy visiting to experience a wide variety of musical and Smith Mountain Lake entertainment acts. A complete schedule of upcoming events and a full lineup of acts are available on the company’s website. If you are interested in seeing a particular performance, make sure to check the company’s website regularly for updates.

Experience a Smith Mountain Lake Vacation in Winter

Smith Mountain Lake is just as enjoyable in the winter as any other time of the year. Whether you are looking to experience the fullness of nature during winter time or you’re looking for a Winter Wonderland getaway, Smith Mountain Lake is a great vacation spot. Allow Premier Smith Mountain Lake Rentals to set up your vacation rental. We’ll make sure that you have the perfect lodging to go along your perfect Smith Mountain Lake vacation. To book your vacation rental, contact us at (540) 797-0460 or browse our website today!