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Stuff to Do at Smith Mountain Lake for a Girls’ Getaway

Sometimes girls just need to get away and have a little fun. With all the stressors of being a mother, daughter, sister, professional, and everything else in between, a little relaxing time away from it all is always a good idea. If you are considering a girls’ getaway, Smith Mountain Lake is an excellent destination. Here you’ll find an assortment of things to keep you and your fellow gal pals occupied while getting the much-needed away time desired. The following are some ideas for stuff to do at Smith Mountain Lake to consider for your girls’ getaway.


A proper girls’ getaway is not complete without a trip to the spa. Smith Mountain Lake is home to several luxurious day spas that offer a number of relaxing, rejuvenating services. You and the girls will enjoy massages, salt scrubs and other services such as facials and eyebrow extensions. Westlake Salon and Spa is a full-service spa that offers everything from the traditional spa services such as massages and body wraps to makeovers and hair styling. If you’re looking for a more natural experience, why not make your way to some of the natural hot springs located not too far from Smith Mountain Lake. These hot springs have been used by natives for many years for their replenishing and healing effects.

Smith Mountain Lake Wineries

What’s a girls’ trip without a visit to a local winery? Well, the area offers not just one but several local Smith Mountain Lake wineries and vineyards to visit. One of the more popular vineyards is Romulus Ridge which just recently opened in 2013. They offer a variety of sweet, red and white wines, and they also sell specialty cigars which the pair with specific wines. If you’re looking for a complete dining experience that also includes quality wine, why not head over to Chateau Morrisette. Since 1978, this winery continues to offer delicious flavorful wines. One of the main features of Chateau Morrisette is its seasonal restaurant offering classic French cuisine. So not only will you and the girls get to have high quality wine, but you also get to experience the taste of France right in the heart of Smith Mountain Lake.


A trip to Smith Mountain Lake is not complete without taking in some of nature. Depending on everyone’s comfort level, you may just want to go to Smith Mountain Lake Park where you can enjoy times with your girls with a picnic in front of the lake. If you and the girls are looking for something a bit more adventurous, you could always go exploring on the Appalachian Trail or visit one of the nearby caves.

To ensure that your girls’ trip is everything you want it to be, allow Premier Smith Mountain Lake Rentals to set up your vacation rental from start to finish. We provide a number of vacation rentals from small apartments to large estates to suit your accommodation needs. Contact us directly to book your next rental and to learn more about stuff to do at Smith Mountain Lake.

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